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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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P**** B*** 76 Lewis H**** Edmeston Otsego
Alexander B**** 78 ****** ***** [4] Otsego
Isaac B***** *6
[4] Otsego
M******* B******* ** ****** ***** [4] Otsego
Jemima Babb 83 Benjamin Elliott Danby Tompkins Elliot; Eliot
Joy Babbett 73 Joy Babbett City of Rochester First Ward Monroe
Mary Babbett 78 Harry Babbett Orangeville Genessee
Caleb Babcock 86 L. B****** Middlefield Otsego
Robert Babcock 82 Stanton Denison German Flats Herkimer Dennison
Jonathan Babcock 78 Benjamin Packer Elery** Chatauque*
Jonas Babcock 76 Jonas Babcock Westford Otsego
Elisha Babcock 78 Elisha Babcock New Berlin Chenango
George Babcock 77 George Babcock Arcadia Wayne
Jonathan Babcock 76 Harvey Babcock Lincklaen Chenango
Jason Babcock 85 Benjamin Babcock Petersburg Rensselaer
Reuben Babcock 82 Reuben Babcock Sandlake Rensselaer
Lucy Baccus 88 William Baccus Stark Herkimer
Joseph Bachellor 77 Joseph Bachellor Lebanon Madison Batchelor, Batchellor
Elisha Back 75 Henry Back Lowville Lewis
Moses Bacon 52
Gaines Orleans
Lemuel Bacon 77 William Bacon Elery** Chatauque*
Elijah Bacon 79 Peter Hanmer Reading Steuben
William Bacon 82 William Bacon Litchfield Herkimer
Jonathan Bacon 81 Jonathan Bacon Openheim Fulton
Ebenezer Bailey 79 Ebenezer Bailey Moriah Essex Baily; Bayley
Daniel Bailey 82
Walkill Orange Baily; Bayley
Joshua Bailey 70
Bethlehem Albany Baily; Bayley
Bethia Bailey 88
Minisink Orange Baily; Bayley
Bertheany Baily 85 John Baily Phillipstown Putnam Bailey; Bayley
James Baily 86 John S. Baily Otsego Otsego Bailey; Bayley
Enoch Baily 81 Enoch Baily Tully Onondaga Bailey; Bayley
Amaziah Baily 90 Asa Upham Nassau Rensselaer Bailey; Bayley
Abijah Baird 83 David Baird Harpersfield Delaware
Judah Baker 77 Judah Baker Enfield Tompkins
Waterman Baker 77 Waterman Baker Berkshire Tioga
Joshua Baker 81 Joshua Baker Greenville Green
Seth Baker 78 Seth Baker Poland Chatauque*
Joshua Baker 77 J. Baker Colesville Broome
Robert Baker 78 Robert Baker Livonia Livingston
Ezekiel Baker 75 Anson Baker Marcellus Onondaga
Jonathan Baker 78 Jonathan Baker Marcellus Onondaga
Lois Baker 73 William Baker Marcellus Onondaga
Timothy Baker 80 Timothy Baker Livonia Livingston
John Baker 84 John Baker Fort Ann Washington
Abel Baker 64 T. C. Ashton Alexander Genessee
Joseph Balch 80 Joseph Balch Johnstown Fulton
John Balch 80 John Balch Marcellus Onondaga
Josiah Baldwin 83 J. Baldwin Mentz Cayuga
Cornelius Baldwin 85 Ezekiel Baldwin Wawarsing Ulster
Aaron Baldwin 7* Aaron Baldwin Westford Otsego
William Ball 76 John Ball Bern Albany
Andrew Balsley 85 James Balsley De Witt Onondaga
Catharine Bancker 82 Garrett Storms Greenburgh Westchester
Charity Banks 79 William Banks Bainbridge Chenango
Daniel Banks 83 Daniel Banks City of NY, 11th ward

Angelica Banta 72 John Hartley Broadalbin Fulton
Job Barber 86 Erastus Whiting Marcellus Onondaga
Sarah Barber 93 Sarah Barber Hamden Delaware
David Barber 73 Hiram Barber Queensbury Warren
Josiah Barce 84 William Roe Webster Monroe
Peter Barga 84 L. Widick Sandy Creek Oswego
Jerome Barhydt 75 Jerome Barhydt Schenectady City--3d ward Schenectady
James Barhyte 78 James Barhyte Saratoga Springs Saratoga
Daniel Barker 84 Aram Beardsley Batavia Genessee
Elizabeth Barker 80 Elizabeth Barker Madison Madison
Oliver Barker 78 Oliver Barker Essex Essex
Sarah Barker 75 Sarah Barker Pomfret Chatauque*
Abner Barlow 89 J. G. Haskins Canandaigua Ontario
Marshal Barmore 84
Williamson Wayne
William Barnard 75
Milford Otsego
Lucy Barnes 82 James Burgess Marathon Cortland Barns
Reuben Barnes 84 Reuben Barnes Butler Wayne Barns
Sarah Barnes 74 Joseph Eggleston Lawrence St. Lawrence Barns
Jonathan Barnes 80 David S. Grilley Florence Oneida Barns
Nathaniel Barnett 86 Nathaniel Barnett Hoosick Rensselaer
Luther Barney 83 Luther Barney Elery** Chatauque*
Asa Barney 83 Throop Barney Kingsbury Washington
Mary Barney 74 John Barney Rutland Jefferson
Daniel Barnham 78 Daniel Barnham Westfield Chatauque* Barnum
David Barnhart -- David Barnhart Grafton Rensselaer
John Barns 80 Ebner Townsend Neversink Sullivan Barnes
Calvin Barns 74 Calvin Barns Portland Chatauque* Barnes
Reuben Barns 84 Dennis Barns Hanover Chatauque* Barnes
Daniel Barns 76 Daniel Barns Portland Chatauque* Barnes
Samuel Barnum 81 Anna H. King Milton Saratoga
Joel Barr 81 Joel Burr Galway Saratoga
Jacob Barret 76 Jacob Barret, Jr. Locke Cayuga Barrett
Elizabeth Barret 80 Chesterfield Persons Orleans Jefferson Barrett
Samuel Barrett 90 Joseph Barrett Bedford Westchester Barret
Abraham Barrett 90 Abraham Barrett Bedford Westchester Barret
Annah Barrett 76 L. Bartholomew White Hall Washington Barret
Benjamin Barrett 80 B. Barrett Aurelius Cayuga Barret
Oliver Barrett 79 Salsbury Barrett Louisville St. Lawrence Barret
David Barrett 47 David Barrett Reading Steuben Barret
William Barrit 92 William Barrit Kent Putnam Barret; Barrett
Joseph Barron 77 J. Barron Aurelius Cayuga
Lemuel Barrows 78 Ezekiel Baker, Jr. Marcellus Onondaga
Samuel Barrows 73 John Kelsey Russell St. Lawrence
Daniel Bartholomew 85 Daniel Bartholowmew Bradford Steuben
Isaac Bartholomew 78 Charles D. Bartholomew Madrid St. Lawrence
Charles Bartholomew 81 Charles Bartholomew Kirkland Oneida
Stephen Barthwick 83 Stephen Barthwick Perry Genessee
David Bartlett 47 David Bartlett Cato Cayuga Bartlet
Abraham Bartlett 81 John G. Curtis Smithfield Madison Bartlet
Ann Bartlett -- Henry Bartlett Fishkill Dutchess Bartlet
Joanna Bartlett 84
Java Genessee Bartlet
Levi Bartlett 80 Luman Cohoon Sidney Delaware Bartlet
Benjamin Bartlett 77 Harry Ferris Ira Cayuga Bartlet
Timothy S. Barton 81 Perley Barton Bolton Warren
Prudence Barton 77 Prudence Barton Lansingburg Rensselaer
James Basford 80 James Basford Bainbridge Chenango
Lydia Bassett 76 Lydia Bassett West Half Cortland Cortland
Abel Bassett 80 Abel Bassett Adams Jefferson
Zadiack Bateman 78 Zadiack Bateman Venice Cayuga
Barnabas Bates 79 Dewitt Bates Milford Otsego
Elias Bates 80 Elias Bates Prattsville Green
John Bates 86 Joseph Putney Bolton Warren
William Bates 79 William Bates Benton Yates
James Battles 81 Samuel Cruckshank City of Utica-2d Ward Oneida
Frederick Baum 78 Jacob F. Baum Openheim Fulton
Nathan Baxter 79 Nathan Baxter Lewiston Niagara
John Baxter 79
Friendship Allegany
John Baxter 88
Brownville Jefferson
Morris Baxter 75 Morris Baxter Beekman Dutchess
Elias Bayless 88 John Bayless Union Broome
John Beach 76 Samuel P. Rhoades Skaneateles Onondaga Beech, Rhodes
Adnah Beach 81 Adnah Beach Lexington Green Beech
Asa Beach 78 Asa Beach Milton Saratoga Beech
Charles Beakley 82 Christian Beakley City of NY, 9th ward

John Beal 81 John Beal Jerusalem Yates
Henry Beal 87 Joseph Brown Cornwall Orange
David Beard 85 David Beard Pompey Onondaga
William Bearsly 77 William Bearsly Providence Saratoga
Joseph Beaty 83 Maria Beaty New Windsor Orange Beatty
Dan. Beaumont 77 Dan. Beaumont Champlain Clinton
Martin Becker 81 Martin Becker Charleston Montgomery
Philip Becker 80 Philip Becker Cobleskill Schoharie
Thomas Beckwith 80 Richard Beckwith Batavia Genessee
Job Beckwith 80 Job Beckwich Newfield Tompkins
Lemuel Beckwith 79 Lemuel Beckwith Ulysses Tompkins
Francis Becraft 87 Jacob Becraft Schoharie Schoharie
Asa Beebe 79 Asa Beebe Berlin Rensselaer
Alexander Beebe 81 Asa Beebe Mexico Oswego
Anna Beebee 82 Andrew Lovejoy Chatham Columbia
Ezekiel Beebel 86 Margaret Jerolomon Seneca Seneca
Jedediah Beech 85 Jedediah Beech Springfield Otsego Beach
John P. Beecher 78
Brownville Jefferson
Isaac Beeman 85 Joseph Ashley Chatham Columbia
Samuel Beeman 84 Samuel Beeman Hampton Washington
Charles Belden 79 Norman Belden Johnstown Fulton
****ha Belding 8* ***** Belding Onondaga Onondaga
Ebenezer Belknap 76 Ebenezer Belknap City of NY, 5th ward

William Bell 77 William Bell Berlin Rensselaer
Andrew Bell 84 Ebenezer J. Brown Newstead Erie
Phineas Bell 79 Phineas Bell Westmoreland Oneida
Isaac Bellows 78 Zebulon Bellows Homer Cortland
Margaret Belonga 74 Isaac Abare Chazy Clinton
Nathan Beman 86 Aaron Beman Malone Franklin
Consider Bement 79 Consider Bement Concord Erie
Joseph Bemiss 81 Daniel Davis Greenfield Saratoga
Thomas Benedict 87 Thomas Benedict Groton Tompkins
James Benedict 78 James Benedict Broadalbin Fulton
Amos Benedict 84 Ira Benedict Cambria Niagara
Samuel Benedict 87 William Dean Harmony Chatauque*
Joseph Benedict 90 John Newman Mount Pleasant Westchester
Elisha Benedict 80 N. G. Benedict Jerusalem Yates
Abraham Benedict 94 John T. Benedict Elba Genessee
Bridget Benham 70 Matthew Benham Roxbury Delaware
Samuel Benjamin 79 Samuel Benjamin Warwick Orange
Jesse Benjamin 81 Jesse Benjamin Martinsburg Lewis
Darius Benjamin 82 Varnum M. Burdick Truxton Cortland
Selah B. Benjamin 75 E. Bentley Connocton[4] Steuben
Elias Benjamin 57 Elias Benjamin Truxton Cortland
Ebenezer Benjamin 76 Ebenezer Benjamin Westmoreland Oneida
Henry Bennet 78 H. Bennet Pike Allegany Bennett
Elizabeth Bennet -- Miller Bennet Easthampton Suffolk Bennett
Ebenezer Bennet 88 Ebenezer Bennet Franklin Delaware Bennett
Daniel Bennet 51 Daniel Bennet Van Buren Onondaga Bennett
Nathan Bennet 75 Nathan Bennet Pawlings Dutchess Bennett
Miles Bennet 74 Miles Bennet Camillus Onondaga Bennett, Benet
Benjamin Bennet 84 A. F. Bennet Ripley Chatauque* Bennett
Abigail Bennett 65 Giles C. Van Dyke Northampton Fulton Bennet
Benjamin Bennett 89 Aham Bennett Enfield Tompkins Bennet
John Bennett 75 John Bennett Cato Cayuga Bennet
Louis Bennett 79 Elisha Bennett Johnstown Fulton Bennet
Nthan Bennett 87 Nathan Bennett Greene Chenango Bennet
Ezekiel Bennett 78 Ezekiel Bennett Laurens Otsego Bennet
Daniel Bennett 84 Levi Bennett Barre Orleans Bennet
Martha Bennett 81 John Bennett Huntington Suffolk Bennet
Jesse Bennett 93 H. Bennett Stephentown Rensselaer Bennet
Arnold Bennett 42 Arnold Bennett Warren Herkimer Bennet
Catharine Bennett 76 Samuel Wheeler Oxford Chenango Bennet
David Bensley 85 David Bensley Fairfield Herkimer
Matthew Benson 77
Haverstraw Rockland
Dinah Benson 79 Dinah Benson City of NY, 3d ward

James Bentley 88
Shelden Genessee Bently
Caleb Bentley 74 Caleb Bentley Berlin Rensselaer Bently
Asahel Bently 80 Caleb Sherwood Marathon Cortland Bentley
Jonathan Benton 82 Calvin Killogg Austerlitz Columbia Kellogg
Avery Benton 61 Avery Benton Roxbury Delaware
Susan Benton 81 Moses Cortright Phelps Ontario Cortwright; Cartwright
Peter Bergen 94 Peter Bergen Williamston Oswego
Christopher Bergen 81 Jacob Bergen Mount Morris Livingston
Aaron Berniss 80 Aaron Berniss Galway Saratoga
Sarah Berry 79 John F. Brown Mamakating Sullivan
Seth Berry 75 Seth Berry Randolph Cattaraugus
Barnabas Berry 82 Philemon Berry Westville Franklin
Nicholas Berry 83 Nicholas Berry Fishkill Dutchess
Peter Best 81 Peter Best Greenbush Rensselaer
Isaiah Betts 82 Isaiah Betts Broadalbin Fulton
James Betts 80 James Betts Jordonville Onondaga
Zophar Betts 80 Warren Betts Oxford Chenango
Jacob Bice 81 Jacob Bice Austerlitz Columbia
Samuel Bigelow 77 Benjamin Carpenter Tyrone Steuben
Noah Bigelow 75 Noah Bigelow Leicester Livingston
Samuel Bigford 78 Samuel Bigford Mayfield Fulton
Mary Biggs -- Peter Morriss Lansingburg Rensselaer Morris
Jonathan Bill 85 Joseph Bill Poland Chatauque*
Elisha Bills 91 Elisha Bills Hartwick Otsego
Amable Bilow 72 Joseph K. Bilow Champlain Clinton
Samuel Bingham 87 Obadiah M. Benedict Kirkland Oneida Bennedict
Phebe Birch 81 Isaiah Birch Schodack Rensselaer
Eve Bird 80 Edmund Bird Kendall Orleans
Nathaniel Bird 77 Nathaniel Bird Westfield Chatauque*
Josea Birge 80 Hosea Birge Chatham Columbia
Mary Bishop 75 Lambert Bishop Lansing Tompkins
Abram Bishop 78 Abram Bishop Middlebury Genessee
Joseph Bishop 81 Ira Bishop Marcellus Onondaga
Lewis Bishop 79 Levi Bishop Manlius Onondaga
Isaac Bishop 82 Isaac Bishop Stafford Genessee
Sylvanus Bishop 74 Lewis Bishop Oswego Oswego
Catharine Bishop 88 William Woodcock Greenfield Saratoga
Solomon Bishop 82 Calvin Bishop Verona Oneida
Moses Bishop 83 Moses Bishop Stephentown Rensselaer
John Bishop 83 Harry Garrison Phillipstown Putnam
Sarah Bishop 71 John Bishop Delhi Delaware
Theoda Bissell 75 D. H. Bissell Geneseo Livingston
John Bitely 81 J. L. Bitely Moreau Saratoga
Elizabeth Bivin 83 Benjamin Bivin Schoharie Schoharie
Sampson Bixby 81 Samuel Bixby Campbell Steuben
Daniel Bixby 78 Joel Hickok Chazy Clinton
Enoch Blackman 77 Enoch Blackman Cincinnatus Cortland
Samuel Blackman 78 Horace Morse Sherburne Chenango
Zachariah Blackman 79 Gain R. Blackman Farmersville Cattaraugus
James Blair 85 William Blair Canandaigua Ontario
Robert W. Blair 31 Daniel P. Blair City of Brooklyn-fith ward Kings
Robert Blair 79 Robert Blair Newburg Orange
Seth Blair 80 Seth Blair Madison Madison
Ebenezer Blake 82 Ebenezer Blake Solon Cortland
Rhoda Blakely 71 J. Urgeburger Madison Madison
Harriet Blanch 75
Clarkstown Rockland Blanche
Louis Blanchard 78 Walter Blanchard Hamilton Madison
Martha Blanchard 69 A. Blanchard Peru Clinton
Benj. Blanchard 80 Daniel Green Eaton Madison Greene
John Blanchard 76 John Blanchard Pitcher Chenango
Samuel Blanden 80 Z**** Blanden Burlington Otsego
John J. Blanvette 89 John J. Blanvette Clarkstown Rockland
John G. Blauvelt 81
Orangetown Rockland
Clarissa Blauvelt 78
Orangetown Rockland
Cornelius T. Blauvelt 91 Daniel G. Blauvelt Orangetown Rockland
Leonard Bleeker 84 Leonard Bleeker Newtown Queens
Mary Bleekman 87 Thomas Bleekman Stratford Fulton
Mary Bliven 77 Augustus L. Cross Rennselaerville Albany
Admatha Blodget 81 Admatha Blodget Groton Tompkins Blodgett
Nathan Blodget 83 Enoch Mosely East Half Cortlandville Cortland Blodgett
Ludim Blodgett 76 Joseph Blodgett Gorham Ontario Blodget
Solomon Blodgett 84 Solomon Blodgett Gorham Ontario Blodget
Isaac Blood 80 Constant Cook Connocton[4] Steuben Cooke
David Blood 75 David Blood Perth Fulton
Asa Blood 76 Asa Blood Preble Cortland
John Bloodgood 77 John Bloodgood Richfield Otsego
Peter C. Bloom 73 Peter C. Bloom Monroe Orange
Betsey Bloomfield 77 John W. Bloomfield Rome Oneida
Samuel Bloss 88 Samuel Bloss Western Oneida
Samuel Blowees 78 Alanson Warner Mayfield Fulton
Asher Blunt 81 Palmer Blunt Louisville St. Lawrence
Nicholas Blur 94 Abraham Low Leon Cattaraugus
Mary Bogardus 73 Mary Bogardus Poughkeepsie Dutchess
Henry Bogardus 77 Henry P. Bogardus De Witt Onondaga
Henry Bogardus 88 Jacob Slater New Baltimore Green
John G. Bogart 85
Orangetown Rockland Bogard
John Boldman 74 John Boldman Woodhull Steuben
Adonijah Bond 87 Adonijah Bond Sullivan Madison
Bethuel Bond 77 Bethuel Bond Chatauque* Chatauque*
Azor Bonton 75 John Donehugh Cambridge Washington Donehue; Donahue
James Bookhunt 79 James Bookhunt Pompey Onondaga
Isaac Booth 84 Isaac Booth Canandaigua Ontario
Erastus Booth 80 David Booth Portage Allegany
Martha Bootle 87 Benjamin F. Randall Troy--3d ward Rensselaer Randal
Jacob Boovie 77 Jacob Boovie Hoosick Rensselaer
John Bordwell 83 Samuel Edson Darien Genessee
Martinus Borst 76 Benjamin Borst Middleburgh Schoharie
John Bostwick 78 J. Bostwick Hume Allegany
James Bothell 82 David Bothell Clayton Jefferson
Eleazer Boughton 75 Asahel Boughton V*****[3] Ontario
Moses Boughton 83 Edwin Bouton Lewisboro Westchester
John Boutell 78 John Boutell Otto Cattaraugus
Nicholas M. Bovee 81 Ebenezer Baldwin Pomfret Chatauque*
Abigail Bover 84 Eleazer Brown Otsego Otsego
Edward Bowe 83 Edward Bowe Hartwick Otsego
Zepheniah Bowers 81 Zepheniah Bowers Thompson Sullivan
Joab Bowers 75 Joab Bowers Neversink Sullivan
John Bowker 85 John Bowker Potsdam St. Lawrence
Amy Bowker 70 Abraham Dates Locke Cayuga
George Boyd 78 George Boyd Middlefield Otsego
Mehitable Boyd 83
Minisink Orange
Joseph Boyd 81 Alvin Boyd Elery** Chatauque*
Eunica Brabrook 82 William Brabrook Groton Tompkins
Hezekiah Brackets 78 Hezekiah Brackets Oxford Chenango
Lucy Bradford 79 Elisha Bradford Plattsburg^ Clinton
Daniel Bradish 79 Daniel Bradish Norfolk St. Lawrence
James Bradley 85 James Bradley Cherry Valley Otsego
Lent Bradley 84 Lent Bradley Westfield Chatauque*
Elihu Bradley 84 Elihu Bradley Volney Oswego
David Bradley 81 David Bradley Pierpont St. Lawrence
Samuel Bragden 78 Thomas Bragden Clay Onondaga
Joseph Brant 76 Joseph Conner Holland Erie
Winneson Brasee 79 Winneson Brasee Gallatin Columbia
John Breed 85 Joseph Breed Richland Oswego
Joseph Breed 85 Joseph Breed Lincklaen Chenango
Allen Breed 81 Rufus Breed Spafford Onondaga
Edmond Brett 68 Edmond Brett City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
John Brewer 78 John Brewer Plymouth Chenango
Elisha Brewer 75 Elisa Brewer Virgil Cortland
Joseph Brewster 80 Joseph Brewster Galway Saratoga
Samuel Brewter 85 Samuel Brewster Clifton Park Saratoga
Asa Briggs 88 George Simmon Canton St. Lawrence Brigs
Ephraim Briggs 87 Allen Briggs Sardinia Erie Brigs
Phineas Briggs 91 Daniel Carpenter Russia Herkimer Brigs
Aaron Briggs 85 Aaron Briggs Richmond Ontario Brigs
Patience Briggs 8* Patience Brigg New Lisbon Otsego Brigs
Jonathan Brigham 85 Jonathan Brigham Chatauque* Chatauque*
Stephen Brigham 86 Stephen Brigham Vernon Oneida
Joshua Brigs 87 Austin Brigs Yates Orleans Briggs
George Brink 80 George Brink Catherines~ Chemung
Jacob Brink 96 William J. Brink Kingston Ulster
Moses Brink 76 Wilman R. Brink Candor Tioga
Henry Brink 89 Calvin Pinson Tyre Seneca
Adam Brink 78 Martin Snyder Saugerties Ulster
Margaret Brink 87 James Brink Saugerties Ulster
Seba Brinkerhoff 82 Seba Brinkerhoff City of NY, 15th ward

Eli Bristol 84 Eli Bristol Kirkland Oneida
Nathaniel Bristol 85 J. St. John Brutus Cayuga
Joseph Brittian 84
Schenectady City--2d ward Schenectady
John C. Britton 84 John Conets Van Buren Onondaga
Abijah Britton 84 Robert Thompson Chili Monroe
Martin Brockway 79 Martin Brockway Stockholm St. Lawrence
Samuel Brodhead 82 Ann Cab Plattekill Ulster
Saml. Ten Broeck 95 Leonard W. Ten Broeck Livingston Columbia
Maria Ten Broeck 84 Maria Ville 2d ward Hudson Columbia
John Brooks 81 Michael Calb Orwell Oswego
John Brooks 87 Ira Lane Worcester Otsego
Silas Brooks 78 Silas Brooks Meredith Delaware
Samuel L. Brooks 83 Garry Brooks Penfield Monroe
Daniel Broom 78 L. B. Canfield Homer Cortland
Margaret Brougham 88 John J. Brougham Princetown Schenectady
John C. Brower 80 George Remer Poughkeepsie Dutchess
Rebecca Brower 79 Abram Brower Clarkstown Rockland
James Brown 82 Samuel Ames Scott Cortland Eames
Peter Brown 88
Wilna Jefferson
Samuel Brown 87 Samuel Brown Minisink Orange
Eli Brown 80 John W. D. Heald German Flats Herkimer
David Brown 78 Daniel Brown Hamilton Madison
Asa Brown 92 John Brown South Bristol Ontario
Jonathan Brown 80 Jonathan Brown Granville Washington
Joseph Brown 80 Joseph Brown Northampton Fulton
John Brown 81 John R. Brown Groton Tompkins
William Brown 82 William Brown Springfield Otsego
Sarah Brown 86
Walkill Orange
Levi Brown 59 Levi Brown Elizabethtown Essex
Nathan Brown 75 Nathan Brown Winfield Herkimer
Nehemiah Brown 73 Nehemiah Brown Bolton Warren
Eli Brown 82 Edmond Adams Frankfort Herkimer
John Brown 73 Asher Brown Madison Madison
Matilda Brown 73 David Brown Oxford Chenango
Adam Brown 92 Daniel Brown Conajoharie Montgomery
Esther Brown 79 Asa Brown Amboy Oswego
Elkanah Brown 82
Middlebury Genessee
George Brown 83 George Brown Cornwall Orange
Jonathan Brown 78 Jonathan Brown Thompson Sullivan
Cyrus Brown 76 Amos Brown Maryland Otsego
Ebenezer Brown 87 Ebenezer Brown Lansing Tompkins
Nathaniel Brown 75 Lysander Brown Bethany Genessee
Elijah Brown 84 Ira Brown Norfolk St. Lawrence
Daniel Brown 82 Daniel Brown Benton Yates
Thomas Brown 86 Jacob Shaw South Bristol Ontario
Stephen Brown 80 Stephen Brown Barre Orleans
John Bruce 82 John Bruce Danby Tompkins
Huldah Brunson 71 John D. Gillet Batavia Village Genessee Gillett; Gillette
Ruth Brush 77 Ebenezer Brush Potsdam St. Lawrence
William Bu**ell 55 William B*****l New Lisbon Otsego
William Buchanan 86 William Buchanan Blooming Grove Orange
Isaac Buck 77 Leonard Doran Madrid St. Lawrence
Daniel Buck 77 Jonathan Buck Boonville Oneida
Aaron Buck 78 Stephen M. Tompkins Norway Herkimer
John Buck 76 Samuel Buck Lowville Lewis
As*ph Buck 78 A**ph B*** New Lisbon Otsego
Thos. Buck 79 Joshua Woodard Dansville Steuben
George Buck 80 Austin Carver Stockbridge Madison
Daniel Buckly 82 Ely Platt City of Utica-3d Ward Oneida
Isaac Buell 84 Isaac Buell Lee Oneida
John Buell 91 Erastus Hall Little Falls Herkimer
Timothy Buell 83 Timothy Buell, Jr. East Bloomfield Ontario
George Bugbee 77 George Bugbee Newstead Erie
Benjamin Buley 80
Olive Ulster
Ebenezer Bullock 84 Ebenezer Bullock Attica Genessee
Comfort Bullock 77 Major Bullock Hillsdale Columbia
Moses Bump 79 Moses Bump Eaton Madison
Elizabeth Bundy 67 Elijah Bundy Providence Saratoga
Pehial Bunnel 76 Dennis Bunnel Lima Livingston
Judith Burbank 71 John S. Burbank White Hall Washington
Nathaniel Burchard 78 Lucas Ekerson Tyre Seneca
Robert Burdick 52 Robert Burdick Farmersville Cattaraugus
Adam Burdock 80 Adam Burdock Winfield Herkimer
Lois Burdwin 79 J. R. Burdwin Eaton Madison
Lot Burge 78 Lot Burge Alexander Genessee
Lambert Burget 78 Lambert Burget Painted Post Steuben
Eleanor Burgh 67 David Burgh Schoharie Schoharie
Silas Burke 75 Silas Burke De Witt Onondaga
Nathan Burlingame 78 Nathan Burlingame Sandford Broome
Edward Burlison 75 Edward Burlison Marcy Oneida
Robert Burnet 78 Robert Burnet New Windsor Orange Burnett
John J. H. Burnett 83 John J. H. Burnett Rennselaerville Albany Burnet
Abner Burnham 84 Abner Burnham Madison Madison
Asa Burnham 87 Sherman Smith Ledyard Cayuga
Melinda Burr 72 W. Burr Henrietta Monroe
Hannah Burrite 82 George Steward Paris Oneida
Caleb Burrows 75 Amos Burrows Moreau Saratoga
Joseph Burrows 77 Amos Chappell Penfield Monroe
William Burrows 81 William Burrows Stockholm St. Lawrence
James Burt 77 James Burt Warwick Orange
Edward Burt 68 Edward Burt Machias Cattaraugus
John Burt 78
Cuba Allegany
Selah Burton 79
Brownville Jefferson
Simon Burton 71 Simon Burton Portland Chatauque*
William Burton 77 William Burton Cairo Green
Conrad Bush 84 Conrad Bush Pompey Onondaga
Abijah Bush 85 Abijah Bush Nassau Rensselaer
Sarah Bush 79 Elizabeth Smith Fishkill Dutchess
Frederick Bush 90 Thomas Hallock Hurley Ulster
Stephen Bush 81 Stephen Bush, Jr. Sheridan Chatauque*
Joseph Bush 75 John T. Bush Gallatin Columbia
John Bush 80 John Bush Smithfield Madison
Jason Bushnell 76 Jason Bushnell Rome Oneida
Ephraim Buss 95 Ephraim Buss Marcy Oneida
Lydia Butler 71 Lydia Butler Stockport Columbia Buttler
David Butler 50 David Butler Fort Ann Washington Buttler
Patty Butler 77 Jabez Wakeman Walton Delaware Buttler
Reuben Butler 45 Reuben Butler Pierpont St. Lawrence Buttler
Catharine Butler 77 Elisha Fulham Perinton Monroe Buttler
Allen Butler 86 Allen Butler Bath Steuben Buttler
Oliver Butrick 92
Gainesville Genessee
Rachel Butterfield 78 Samuel Butterfield Tompkins Delaware
Elijah Butterfield 77 Elijah Butterfield Kingsbury Washington
Israel Buttler 80 Israel Buttler South Bristol Ontario Butler
Benj. Button 81 Jacob Hod**s Conajoharie Montgomery Hodges
William Butts 84 Lockwood Butts Barre Orleans
Joshua Buzzel 49 Joshua Buzzel Plattsburg^ Clinton
Lucy Byington 80 Henry Hilliard Madrid St. Lawrence

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
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