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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Ta*** W*** 77
[5] Otsego
M**** W***** 89
[4] Otsego
Darius W**terman 79 Tercius Eels West Half Cortland Cortland Waterman
Sylvester W*rd*n 87 Henry S. W*rden Farmington Ontario Warden; Worden
Edward Wade 87 Edward Wade Richland Oswego
Hezekiah Wadsworth 84 Trueman C. Wadsworth Amity Allegany
Thomas Wadworth 76 Thomas Wadworth Marcy Oneida
Solomon Waggoner 77 Abraham S. Waggoner Danube Herkimer Wagner
George T. Waiger 50 Daniel A. Collamer Milton Saratoga
Pam Wait 85 Stephen Whitford Brookfield Madison Waite
Aelel Wakeley 79 Russel Wakeley Greenville Green
Jabez Wakeman 79 Elijah Beardsley Fallsburg Sullivan
Stephen Wakeman 78 Stephen Wakeman Lockport Niagara
Nathan Walden 75 N. Walden Ogden Monroe
David Waldo 76 David Waldo Sherman Chatauque*
Nathaniel Waldron 82 George D. Rightmyer Danube Herkimer
Richard Walen 80 Hiram Dennison Owego Tioga
Eleazer Wales 84 Solomon Wales Naples Ontario
Hannah Walker 86 Jacob Shill Palatine Montgomery
James Walker 87 James Walker Cincinnatus Cortland
Edward Walker 83 Edward Walker Bainbridge Chenango
Samuel Wallace 80 Samuel Wallace Lisbon St. Lawrence
Jacob Wallace 80
Glenville Schenectady
Ebenezer Wallace 79 Charles Wallace Ellisburg Jefferson
Henry Wallradt 80 Richard J. Casler Little Falls Herkimer
Elijah Walsworth 78 Elijah Walsworth Rodman Jefferson
Christer Walter 81 C. Wa*** Springfield Otsego
John Walter 94 Luman Walter Gorham Ontario
George Walter 84 George Walter Johnstown Fulton
Marlin Walter 90 Isaac Walter Manlius Onondaga
Elijah Walworth 49 Elijah Walworth Providence Saratoga
Sarah Wandle 81 Sarah Wandle Milton Saratoga
Abigail Ward 79 Joel Northrup Warren Herkimer
Henry Ward 49 John H. Brower Gravesend Kings
Jacob Ward 84 Alven Ward Wolcott Wayne
Mary Ward 76 Josiah Ward Floyd Oneida
Daniel A. Ward 80 Joseph Esters Ledyard Cayuga
John Ward 86 John Ward Johnsburg Warren
Israel Ward 89 Nathan Ward Schuyler Herkimer
John Warden 101 John Warden Walkill Orange Worden
Thomas Warden 75 Thomas Warden Essex Essex Worden
Joseph Waring 89 David D. Hemted North Castle Westchester
Eleazar Warner 76 Eleazar Warner Kirkland Oneida Werner
Huldah Warner 83 Thomas A. Warner Hamilton Madison Werner
Israel Warner 72 Israel Warner White Hall Washington Werner
Nathaniel Warner 71 Nathaniel Warner Villanovia*** Chatauque* Werner
Benjamin Warner 83 Samuel Warner Crown Point Essex Werner
Seth Warner 77 Seth Warner Cairo Green Werner
Omer Warner 78 Omer Warner Wales Erie Werner
Joseph Warren 80 Joseph Warren Wethersfield Genessee
Experience Warren 102 Samuel Warren Readfield Oswego
Aaron Warren 78 Aaron Warren Murray Orleans
Caleb Warren 76 Caleb Warren Hampton Washington
Daniel Warren 76 Daniel Warren Trenton Oneida
Uriah Warren 54 ****h W***** New Lisbon Otsego
Lucy Warrener 75 Lucy Warrener Gainesville Genessee
Ahasherus Warwell 81 A. Wardwell Charlton Saratoga
Luther Washburn 83 Freeman Washburn Camden Oneida
William Washburn 72 William Washburn Ellicott Chatauque*
James Wasson 79 James Wasson Sterling Cayuga
Charlotte Waterman 76 Henry Waterman Newport Herkimer
Calvin Waterman 85 Calvin Waterman Van Buren Onondaga
David Waterman 80 David Waterman Hartland Niagara
Olive Waters 75 Amos Waters Milford Otsego
Benjamin Watrous 78 John Watrous Poultney Steuben
Major Watson 93 Daniel Downs De Witt Onondaga
Hannah Watson 80 Hannah Hartshorn Lebanon Madison
David Watter 78 Harry Watter Chesterfield Essex
John H. Wattle 78 Peter Hevener Conajoharie Montgomery
William Wattles 84 William Wattles Locke Cayuga
Martha Watts 80 Stephen Worden Pawlings Dutchess Warden
Asa Way 80 Asa Way Venice Cayuga
Isaac Weatherbee 78 John Weatherbee Saratoga Springs Saratoga
Margaret Weatherstone 70 David Weatherstone Herkimer Herkimer
Lodowich Weaver 77 Denison Weaver Groton Tompkins
Jacob Weaver 83
Lorraine Jefferson
Gate Root Weaver 73 Amasa Weaver Deerfield Oneida
Hannah Webb 78 Daniel Wh**** Walton Delaware
Joseph Webb 80 Joseph Webb Tompkins Delaware
Ebenezer Webb 82 Samuel Webb Bellmont Franklin
Benjamin Webb 84 Hiram Leonard Lafayette Onondaga
Isaac Webb 73 Sally Fish Peru Clinton
John Webb 80 John Webb, Jr. Pembroke Genessee
Abigail Webb 84 John Webb Clinton Dutchess
Elizabeth Webb 81 Elizabeth Webb Watson Lewis
Rinaldo Webber 78 Rinaldo Webber Cazenovia Madison Weber
William Webber 77 William Webber Skaneateles Onondaga Weber
Aaron Webster 87 Samuel Webster Henrietta Monroe
Keziah Webster 74 Keziah Webster Lewisboro Westchester
Benjamin Webster 80
Caneadia Allegany
Allen Webster 75 Hiram Webster Truxton Cortland
Abraham Weed 81 Abraham Weed Greenfield Saratoga
Elnathan Weed 82 Elnathan Weed Poundridge Westchester
Sally Weed 82 Elihu Phillips Richland Oswego Philips
Reuben Weed 77 Reuben Weed Springport Cayuga
Susanna Weed 77 Daniel Weed Walton Delaware
Gilbert Weed 72 Gilbert Weed Springwater Livingston
Samuel Weeks 82 Harry Weeks Granville Washington
Sarah Weeks 66 Sarah Weeks Venice Cayuga
Sailor Weels 79 Sailor Weels Castile Genessee
Roswell Welch 75 H. Cushing Nelson Madison
Thomas Welch 84 Benjamin Welch Oxford Chenango
Nicholas Welch 77 Nicholas Welch Cazenovia Madison
John Welch 77 John Welch Scaghticoke Rensselaer
Joshua Weldon 83 J. Weldon City of Albany-Second ward Albany
Lucinda Weller 78 Lucinda Weller Fort Ann Washington
Frederick Weller 82 Frederick Weller Minden Montgomery
Benjamin F. Wellington 36 S. P. Trimper Mentz Cayuga
Benoni Wellman 75 William Welman Milford Otsego
Sarah Wells 77 Mary Jane Black Seneca Ontario
Asa Wells 71 Daniel Hall Oxford Chenango
Abraham Wells 83 Charles Ellis Russell St. Lawrence
Noah Wells 85 William J. Monteith Broadalbin Fulton
Elisha Wells 82 Ira Wells Trenton Oneida
Elias Wells 78 Matthew Wells De Ruyter Madison
Silas Wells 91 Russell Tennant Rome Oneida
John Wells 46 Stephen Holden Hartwick Otsego
John Wells 81 John Wells Hartwick Otsego
Anne Wells 74 Elizabeth Williams Batavia Village Genessee
Hannah Wendell 86 Jacob Wendell Stark Herkimer
Josiah W. Wentworth 86
City of NY, 10th ward

Samuel Wesner 77 Samuel Wesner Springport Cayuga
Martha West 70 Anson West Minerva Essex
Caleb West 75 Caleb West Hamburg Erie
James Westcott 77
Milford Otsego
Joseph Westcott 75 Joseph Westcott Peru Clinton
William Weston 78 William Weston Vestal Broome
Alice Weycoff 80 Samuel Palmer North Castle Westchester
Tobias Weygint 85 Tobias Weygint Vernon Oneida
T. Whaley 80 T. Whaley Hartwick Otsego
Reynolds Whaley 76 Alanson Whaley Attica Genessee
Benjamin Wheaton 80 George A. Northrup Masonville Delaware
William Wheaton 83 Darius Lockwood Westerloo Albany
Reuben Wheaton 82 William Wheaton Glenville Schenectady
Celia Wheeler 77 Andrew Sleght Canandaigua Ontario
Aaron Wheeler 77 Benjamin Wheeler Summit Schoharie
Valentine Wheeler 84 Valentine Wheeler Conquest Cayuga
Jesse Wheeler 83 Mer*** Wheeler Smyrna Chenango
James Wheeler 79 L. A. Wheeler Granby Oswego
John Wheeler 79 Alexander White Madison Madison Wight
Martha Wheeler 82 Charles S. Daniels Little Falls Herkimer
Samuel Wheeler 76 Samuel Wheeler Westfield Chatauque*
Samuel Wheeler 80 Samuel Wheeler Cortlandt Westchester
Aaron Wheeler 80 Aaron Wheeler Scriba Oswego
Ralph Wheelock 81 Gershom B. Wheelock Pompey Onondaga
Obadiah Wheelock 78 Obadiah Wheelock Floyd Oneida
Ebenezer Whelpley 81 Ebenezer Whelpley Bedford Westchester
John Whetmore 84 John Whetmore Avon Livingston Wetmore
Polly Whetmore 84 Polly Whetmore Cornwall Orange Wetmore
Caleb C. Whipple 78 Caleb C. Whipple Mexico Oswego
Elizabeth Whiston 83 Joseph W. Glidden Stockholm St. Lawrence
Abm. Whitaker 80 James S. Whitaker Kingston Ulster Whittaker
Samuel Whitcomb 87 Samuel Whitcomb Leon Cattaraugus
Simeon Whitcomb 84 Simeon Whitcomb Westerloo Albany
Fortune C. White 52 Fortune C. White Whitestown Oneida Wight
Uriah White 80 Daniel White Davenport Delaware Wight
Trueman White 48 Trueman White Andes Delaware Wight
Theophilus White 86 Jeremiah White Guilford Chenango Wight
Abijah White 77 Abijah White Conajoharie Montgomery Wight
Martha White 85 J. W. White West Half Cortland Cortland Wight
James White 82 James White, Jr. Sheridan Chatauque* Wight
Samuel White 77 Samuel White Hamilton Madison Wight
Cynthia White 77 Joseph Green Adams Jefferson Greene; Wight
Jenkins White 79 John White Fort Ann Washington Wight
Laurence White 81 Laurence White Cincinnatus Cortland Wight
Robert B. White 49 Robert B. White Middleburgh Schoharie Wight
Reuben White 89 Giles White Windham Green Wight
John White 85 John White Pittsfield Otsego Wight
Esther White 83 John White Moravia Cayuga Wight
William White 77 William White Preble Cortland Wight
John White 84 J. Thompson Locke Cayuga Wight
Juliana White 82 Henry W. Anderson Preble Cortland Wight
Henry White 90 Henry White Southampton Suffolk Wight
Mary White 64 Milton White Litchfield Herkimer Wight
Constant Whitford 79 Constant Whitford Ticonderoga Essex
John Whitid 80 John Whitid Milton Saratoga
William Whiting 81 William Whiting Warsaw Genessee
Joseph Whitley 81 Joseph Whitley City of NY, 5th ward

Gideon Whitmore 80 David Coffinger Northumberland Saratoga
James Whitmore 79 James Whitmore Bainbridge Chenango
Seth Whitney 78 Seth Whitney Delhi Delaware
Richard Whitney 81 Richard Whitney Chatauque* Chatauque*
Walter Whitney 87 Walter Whitney City of Albany-Second ward Albany
Ezekiel Whitney 90 David Whitney Cattskill Green
Isaac Whitney 91 Jacob Whitney Benton Yates
Joshua Whitney 80 Joshua Whitney Pike Allegany
Elijah Whitring 82 Elijah Whitring Lyons Wayne
Ephraim Whittaker 85 Ephraim Whittaker Troy--1st ward Rensselaer Whitaker
Daniel Whorry 75 Daniel Whorry Alexandria Jefferson
Darius Wiard 83 Darius Wiard Cherry Creek Chatauque*
Margaret Wickham 83 James Wood Geneseo Livingston
Daniel Wickham 78 Daniel Green Coeymans Albany Greene
Alexander Wicks 85 Alexander Wicks Brookhaven Suffolk Wickes
Zophar Wicks 85 Zophar Wicks Roxbury Delaware Wickes
Jacob Widrig 79 Jacob Widrig Schuyler Herkimer
Elizabeth Wilber -- Elizabeth Wilber Exeter Otsego Wilbur
Benj. Wilber 83 Andrew Crout Smithfield Madison Wilbur
Elizabeth Wilber 83 Elizabeth Wilber Trenton Oneida Wilbur
Sarah Wilbur -- Curtis Wilbur Troy--1st ward Rensselaer Wilber
Joseph Wilbur 89 Alexander Wilson Canaan Columbia Wilber; Willson
Reuben Wilcox 77 Reuben Wilcox Whitestown Oneida
Benjamin Wilcox 76 Joseph Wilcox Verona Oneida
Borden Wilcox 79 Borden Wilcox Elba Genessee
Stephen Wilcox 78 Ephraim Wilcox Busti Chatauque*
Edward Wilcox 80 Sandford Wilcox Hamilton Madison
James Wiley 88 James Wiley Colesville Broome
John C. Wilford 53 John C. Wilford Elba Genessee
James W. Wilkins 75 James W. Wilkins Goshen Orange
John Wilkinson 79 J. Wilkinson Union Broome
Lydia Wilkinson 77 William Wilkinson Trenton Oneida
Levi Wilkinson 84 Levi Wilkinson Victory Cayuga
Jemima Wilklow 73 Jemima Wilklow New Paltz Ulster
Humphrey Willard 82 Humphrey Willard Alexander Genessee
John Willard 78 Mary Walson Perry Genessee
John Willard 85 Thaddeus Rowe Bethany Genessee
Sylvanus Willes 84 Wilder Willes Potsdam St. Lawrence
Asher Williams 79 Asher Williams Hermon St. Lawrence
Ebenezer Williams 90 Ebenezer Williams Schoharie Schoharie
Joseph Williams 43 Joseph Williams Lancaster Erie
James Williams 74 James Williams Cazenovia Madison
Abijah Williams 83 Abijah Williams V*****[3] Ontario
Nathan Williams 84 Nathan Williams Stephentown Rensselaer
Bartholomew Williams 76 Bartholomew Williams Martinsburg Lewis
Abel Williams 83 Nathaniel Williams Auburn Cayuga
Othniel Williams 75 Othniel Williams Niles Cayuga
Henry Williams 77 Henry Williams Columbus Chenango
Lydia Williams 82 Lonis Clark Dryden Tompkins Clarke
James Williams 85 James Williams Bedford Westchester
Solomon Williams 86 Solomon Williams Rome Oneida
John Williams 81 John Williams Rome Oneida
William Williams 53 William Williams Darien Genessee
Lucy Williams 80 Jesse Williams Rome Oneida
Daniel Williams 79 Peter Revenburg Summit Schoharie
John Williams 76 Linnial Williams Trenton Oneida
Dyer Williams 81 Dyer Williams Potsdam St. Lawrence
Asahel Williams 86 She*** Willi*** Exeter Otsego
James Williamson 81 James Williamson Glen Montgomery
Marcus Williamson 81 Marcus Williamson Owego Tioga
Elizabeth Williamson 74
Clarkstown Rockland
John Williamson 88 John Williamson Brookhaven Suffolk
Russell Willis 77 R. Willis Mentz Cayuga
Henry Willis 80 Henry Willis City of NY, 8th ward

Abigail Willis 71 Hezekiah Willis Lebanon Madison
Joseph Willis 77 Joseph Willis Schuyler Herkimer
Benjamin Willis 76 Benjamin Willis Darien Genessee
Caleb Willis 78 Caleb Willis Orleans Jefferson
John Willis 54 John Willis Columbus Chenango
Barnabas Willman 83 Homer Willman Busti Chatauque* Wilman
John Willman 78 William Blanchard Harmony Chatauque* Wilman
Isaac Willsey 86 Isaac Willsey Fulton Schoharie Wilsey
Hughey Willson 84 Hughey Willson Lisbon St. Lawrence Wilson
Sarah Willson 70 N. W. Willson Salem Washington Wilson
Thomas Willson 81 T. Willson Sennett Cayuga Wilson
John Willson 85 John Willson Hebron Washington Wilson
George Willson 81 George Willson Phelps Ontario Wilson
Margaret Wilsey 88 John Arnold Westerloo Albany Willsey
Elizabeth Wilson 82 John Wilson Minden Montgomery Willson
John Wilson 57 John Wilson Chazy Clinton Willson
Mary Wilson 83 John Rugar Plattsburg^ Clinton Willson
Moor Wilson 90 Moor Wilson Prattsburg Steuben Willson
Richard J. Wilson 80 Richard J. Wilson Western Oneida Willson
John Wilson 76 John Wilson Union Broome Willson
James Wilson 63 Matthew Potter Johnstown Fulton Willson
Andrew Wilson 79 Andrew Wilson Montgomery Orange Willson
Joseph Wilson 81 Jonas Mann Salina Onondaga Willson
Paul Wilson 85 Paul Wilson Ballston Saratoga Willson
Walter Wilson 85
Brownville Jefferson Willson
John J. Wilson 71 John G. Wilson Johnstown Fulton Willson
John Wilson 79 Chester Wilson Champlain Clinton Willson
Maria Wilson 71 Peter Bull Wawarsing Ulster Willson
John Winans 78 Adam Mattice Broome Schoharie
Abijah Winch 82 Elisha Rhoades Crown Point Essex Rhodes
Jedediah Winchell 88 Jacob Winchell Lafayette Onondaga
Anne Winchester 87 David Winchester Amenia Dutchess
Abraham Winfield 78 Abraham Winfield Olive Ulster
Emanuel Winfield 79 Reuben S. Parshal Rose Wayne
William Winfield 96
Warwick Orange
Cornelius Winne 76 Cornelius Winne Kingston Ulster Winn; Wynn; Wynne
Christopher Winne 80
New Scotland Albany Winn; Wynn; Wynne
Jacob Winter 53 Jacob Winter Ticonderoga Essex
Nicholas Winters 83 N. Winters Sandy Creek Oswego
Jacob Winters 54 Jacob Winters Yorkshire Cattaraugus
Juvenile Winters 82 Juvenile Winters Mina Chatauque*
David Wisner 83 David Wisner Newfane Niagara
Peter Wolever 75 Nicholas Wolever Manheim Herkimer
Daniel Wood 83 Daniel Wood Palmyra Wayne
Elisha Wood 79 Elisha Wood Pittsfield Otsego
George Wood 87 George Wood Minisink Orange
Timothy Wood 81 Timothy Wood Phillipstown Putnam
Robert Wood 89 Robert Wood Springfield Otsego
Elisha Wood 79 E. Wood, Jr. Freetown Cortland
Abraham Wood 88 Abraham Wood Montgomery Orange
William Wood 76 Arna Wood Arkwright Chatauque*
Solomon Wood 79 Solomon Wood Kirkland Oneida
Henry Wood 86 Henry Wood Monroe Orange
Daniel Wood 88 Thomas Ferguson Moravia Cayuga
Daniel Wood 83 Daniel Wood Roxbury Delaware
Silas M. Wood 48 Henry Shoemaker Seneca Seneca
John Wood 81 John Wood, 4th Fairfield Herkimer
Thomas Wood 85 Thomas Wood Schuyler Herkimer
Thomas Wood 85 Thomas Wood Phelps Ontario
Grace Wood 83 A. Wood Northumberland Saratoga
John Wood 77 Isaac Wood Conajoharie Montgomery
Charles Wood 80 Edward F. Wood Ellicott Chatauque*
Squire Wood 79 Comfort Wood Hadley Saratoga
Enos Wood 79 Enos Wood Malone Franklin
Joshua Wood 74 Joshua Wood Readfield Oswego
Enoch Wood 76 Enoch Wood Camillus Onondaga
Joshua Woodard 84 Peer Woodard Poland Chatauque* Peter Woodard, Woodward
Theodorus Woodard 79 Theodorus Woodard Norfolk St. Lawrence
Luke Woodbury 82 Cooning Morgan Bridgewater Oneida
Amos Wooddin 87 Henry Wooddin V*****[3} Ontario
Selah Woodruff 78 Selah Woodruff Westmoreland Oneida
Abigail Woodruff 81 William Woodruff City of NY, 3d ward

Gedor Woodruff 79 Gedor Woodruff Groton Tompkins
Oliver Woodruff 86 Oliver Woodruff Livonia Livingston
Rhoda Woods 88 Eli Wood Smithfield Madison
Joseph Woodsworth 82 Joseph Woodsworth Conewango Cattaraugus
Benjamin Woodward 76 Benj. Woodward Elmira Chemung Woodard
Jesse Woodward 76 Horace Woodward Sumner Hill Cayuga Woodard
Olive Woodward 71 Lewis Woodward Troy--7th ward Rensselaer Woodard
Lydia Woodward 77 Hiram Safford Ansable[1] Clinton Woodard
Jonathan Woodward 81 Jonathan Woodward Wilton Saratoga Woodard
John Woodward 85 John Woodward Mamakating Sullivan Woodard
Samuel Woodworth 76 Samuel Woodworth Mayfield Fulton
Reuben Woodworth 79 Reuben Woodworth Sempronius Cayuga
Ichabod Woodworth 74 Enos Merill Eaton Madison Merrill
William Woodworth 76 William Woodworth Campbell Steuben
Benj. Woodworth 80 Benj. Woodworth Nelson Madison
Susan Wooliver 86 Susan Wooliver Glen Montgomery
Olive Wooster 89 J. P. Groff Hope Hamilton
John Worden 86 Barzilla Worden Bristol Ontario Warden
Thomas Worden 82 Benjamin Randall Ellisburg Jefferson Warden
Billings Worden 87 Billings Worden Amboy Oswego Warden
Jesse Worden 87 Abram Eastward Dayton Cattaraugus Warden
Ichabod Worden 79 Ichabod Worden Brighton Monroe Warden
Daniel Worden 84 Daniel Worden Beekman Dutchess Warden
Mary Wormworth 75 William Wormworth Columbia Herkimer
Abraham Wright 83 Sanford Comstock Newark Tioga
John Wright 81 Silvester Hanson Durham Green
Ephraim Wright 73 Ephraim Wright Rodman Jefferson
Jane Wright 72 Jane Wright New Lebanon Columbia
Asa Wright 80 Asa Wright Pembroke Genessee
Thadeus Wright 79 Solomon C. Wright Lockport Niagara
Reuben Wright 91 Reuben Wright Westfield Chatauque*
Isaac Wright 82 Isaac Wright Danby Tompkins
Eleazer Wright 85 Eleazer Wright, Jr. Meredith Delaware
Dennis Wright 79 N. Wright Richland Oswego
Abijah Wright 77 Abijah Wright Richmond Ontario
Jacob Wright 80 William Boughton Stephentown Rensselaer
Elisha Wright 87 Elisha Wright, Jr. Barre Orleans
John Wyckum 55 John Wyckum Schroon Essex Wickum
Samuel Wyman 81 Simeon Thrall Lee Oneida

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
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