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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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A*** C**** 8*
[5] Otsego
S*** C***** 76
[5] Otsego
Phineas Cadwell 83 E. S. Cadwell Sullivan Madison
Reuben Cadwell 77 Reuben Cadwell Truxton Cortland
Zadock Cady 76 Zadock Cady Moravia Cayuga
Jonathan Cady 80 Jonathan Cady Westport Essex
David Cady 75 George Cady Perinton Monroe
Chloe Cady 93 Amos Smith Schuyler Herkimer
Ruth Cady 82 Heny Cady Glen Montgomery
Philip Caldwell 84 Philip Caldwell Greece Monroe
James Calhoun 77 James Calhoun Williamson Wayne
Matthew Calkins 76 Matthew Calkins New Berlin Chenango Caulkins
Nathaniel Calkins 87 John Roberts Moreau Saratoga Caulkins
Nicholas Camp 85 Nicholas Camp Hartwick Otsego
Asa Camp 81 Asa Camp Owego Tioga
Benjamin Camp 77 Benjamin Camp Hartwick Otsego
J***b Campb*ll 78 Squ**e Campbell Edmeston Otsego
Daniel R. Campbell 78 Daniel R. Campbell Davenport Delaware
Archibald Campbell 81 Archibald Campbell Lebanon Madison
Archibald Campbell 87 Archibald Campbell Willett Cortland
Isaac Campbell 78 Isaac Campbell Rush Monroe
John Campbell 78 John Campbell Clymer Chatauque*
Dennis Canfield 78 Dennis Canfield Hamburg Erie
Aman Canfield 80 Aman Canfield Stanford Dutchess
Timothy Canfield 81 Timothy Canfield Westford Otsego
Elisha Capron 74 Sylvester Capron Springwater Livingston
Isaac Cara 82 Alpha Cara Chester Warren
Richard Carey 83 Richard Carey Boston Erie
Joseph Carey 80 Joseph Carey Otselic Chenango
Jabez Carey 79 Jabez Carey Marcy Oneida
Joseph Carey 83 Joseph Carey Walworth Wayne
John Carl 83 John Carl Schenectady City-2d ward Schenectady
Joseph Carley 80
Glenville Schenectady
Isaac Carmer 80 Isaac Carmer Dryden Tompkins
Abraham Carmer 79 Abraham Carmer Clarence Erie
Philip Carner 79 Jacob Carner Glenville Schenectady
Bernard Carpenter 84 Benjamin Carpenter Boonville Oneida
Isaiah Carpenter 75 George Murray Vernon Oneida
Daniel Carpenter 80 Daniel Carpenter Portville Cattaraugus
William Carpenter 87 Samuel Carpenter Potsdam St. Lawrence
Lewis Carpenter 70 Lewis Carpenter Springwater Livingston
Margaret Carpenter 71 Benjamin Carpenter Deerpark Orange
Peggy M. Carpenter 72 J. E. Burton Madison Madison
Guy Carpenter 56 Guy Carpenter Norfolk St. Lawrence
Jesse Carpenter 91 Elijah Carpenter Nelson Madison
John Carr 83 Nathan Carr Southport Chemung
Joseph Carr 82 Joseph Carr Nassau Rensselaer
Jonathan Carr 83 Isaac Hurd Philadelphia Jefferson
Ebenezer Carr 85 Stillman Preston Albion Oswego
Levi Carr 78 Levi Carr Manlius Onondaga
Joseph Carr 83 William Carr Moreau Saratoga
Gilbert Carragan 82 Gilbert Carragan Kent Putnam
Mary Carson 72
Orangetown Rockland
John Carter 88 John Carter Galway Saratoga
Rufus Carter 75 Rufus Carter Fabius Onondaga
William Carter 83 James Carter Alexandria Jefferson
Jabez Carter 80 Benjamin S. Carter Savannah Wayne
John Carter 78 John Denison Henderson Jefferson Dennison
Oliver Cary 80 Oliver Cary Portage Allegany
Levi Cary 81 Zenas Cary Richland Oswego Carey
Dorcas Case 80 John Case Camillus Onondaga
Ichabod Case 85 Ichabod Case Sidney Delaware
Delilah Casler 84 John Casler Palatine Montgomery
Nicholas Casler 76 Nicholas Casler Minden Montgomery
Adam Casler 75 Peter A. Casler Minden Montgomery
Richard Casler 73 Richard Casler German Flats Herkimer
Margaret Cassady 93 Tunis Moshier Naples Ontario Cassidy
Barbara Casselman 77 John Casselman Manheim Herkimer
John Cassway 48 Charles Pratt Somerset Niagara
Thomas Cathcart 81 Enos Cathcart Pembroke Genessee
Sarah Catlin 74 John Warren Trenton Oneida
Abram Caton 88 Abram Caton Schoharie Schoharie
Richard Caton 7* ***** Caton Onondaga Onondaga
Cornelius Cator 78 Abm. J. Cator Roxbury Delaware
John C. Cator 83 John C. Cator Roxbury Delaware
R***** Ch***den ** R**** ***** [4] Otsego
Benjamin Chadsoy 72 Benjamin Chadsoy Clifton Park Saratoga
Nathan Chadwick 75 Nathan Chadwick Clarendon Orleans
William Chadwick 79 Joseph Chadwick Lowville Lewis
Phineas Chamberlain 74 Phineas Chamberlain Harmony Chatauque* Chamberlin
Daniel Chamberlain 86 D. Chamberlain Union Broome Chamberlin
John Chamberlin 76 O. P. chamberlin City of Rochester Fourth Ward Monroe Chamberlain
Benjamin Chambers 83 Benjamin Chambers Great Valley Cattaraugus
John Chambers 79 John Chambers Northampton Fulton
Lydia Chambers -- Ann Chambers Charlton Saratoga
Ephraim Chambers 68 Ephraim Chambers Howard Steuben
Stephen Champlin 50 Stephen Champlin City of Buffalo--2d ward Erie Champlain
George Champlin 83 Joshua Sanders Lincklaen Chenango Champlain
Susanna Champlin 78 Samuel Champlin Freedom Cattaraugus Champlain
Susanna Champlin 76 Elizabeth Champlin Farmersville Cattaraugus Champlain
Jonathan Champlin 84 Michael Champlin Pharsalia Chenango Champlain
Stephen Chandler 86 John Chandler Potsdam St. Lawrence
Matthew Chandler 76 Lury Chandler Cazenovia Madison
Lucy Chandler 76 Charles C. Chandler Potsdam St. Lawrence
Timothy Chapin 80 Timothy Chapin Howard Steuben
David Chapin 78 David Chapin Trenton Oneida
Daniel Chapman 81 Daniel Chapman Oswegatchie St. Lawrence
Dan. Chapman 85 Dan. Chapman Little Falls Herkimer
Rufus Chapman 96 Daniel Willard Paris Oneida
Ebenezer Chapman 77 Ebenezer Chapman Hebron Washington
Margaret Charlesworth 71 Jame Bu*** Minden Montgomery
William Chase 78 William Chase Westfield Chatauque*
Joseph Chase 87 Benjamin Blodgett Gorham Ontario Blodget
Dean Chase 78 Dean Chase Malta Saratoga
Jeremiah Chase 84 Jeremiah Chase Virgil Cortland
Elijah Cheadle 78 Elijah Cheadle Johnstown Fulton Cheedle
Philip Chesley 78 Philip Chesley Parish Oswego
Salmon Child 75 William Child Gorham Ontario
Sarah Childs 80 Amasa Childs Worcester Otsego
Mrs. Amy Childs 75 Richard D. Childs Neversink Sullivan
Jesse Chipman 85 Elon S. Chipman Malone Franklin
Solomon Chittenden 78 Asel H. Chittenden Hopkinton St. Lawrence
Nicholas Chrisman 86 Henry Chrisman Columbia Herkimer
Daniel Christie 69 Daniel Christie Canaan Columbia
Samuel Chriswell 88 J. M. Armstrong Howard Steuben
Simeon Chubbuck 84 Simeon Chubbuck Eaton Madison
Simeon Church 89 Simeon C. Church Bern Albany
Willard Church 82 Willard Church Ontario Wayne
Oliver Church 76 J. B. Avery Riga Monroe Every
Samuel Church 80 Samuel Church Trenton Oneida
Nathaniel Church 92 Nathaniel Church Norwich Chenango
Daniel Church 87 Arson Church Pembroke Genessee
Caleb Church 86 Varnum Church Columbus Chenango
James C. Church 79 Eli Church Columbus Chenango
Jonas Churchill 79 Jonas Churchill Little Falls Herkimer
Lydia Churchill 82 Nathaniel Churchill Bethany Genessee
Stephen Churchill 78 Stephen Churchill Canaan Columbia
Isaac Churchill 8* Isaac Churchill Fairfield Herkimer
Albert Claflin 84 William Claflin Greenbush Rensselaer
Reuben Clane 81 Samuel S. Foot Royalton Niagara
H***m Clappell 76 Benj. Sixbury Conajoharie Montgomery
John Clapper 81 John Clapper Kinderhook Columbia
Joel Clark 72 Joel Clark Henrietta Monroe Clarke
Betsey Clark 83 Eliakim Clark De Ruyter Madison Clarke
Jerome Clark 85 Jerome Cl*** Cherry Valley Otsego Clarke
Wells Clark 80 Wells Clark Rush Monroe Clarke
Hannah Clark 81 James R. Clark Burton Cattaraugus Clarke
Flavel Clark 79 Flavel Clark German Flats Herkimer Clarke
Sarah Clark 84 Sylvanus Minor Jay Essex Clarke
John S. Clark 78 Owen Clark Denmark Lewis Clarke
Moses Clark 81 William Clark Brookhaven Suffolk Clarke
George Clark 81 George Clark Fort Ann Washington Clarke
Francis Clark 86 Joseph Briggs Fort Covington Franklin Clarke
John Clark 78 John Clark Southold Suffolk Clarke
Winslow Clark 53 Winslow Clark Rome Oneida Clarke
Benjamin Clark 81 James Clark Lancaster Erie Clarke
Benjamin Clark 84 Benjamin Clark Venice Cayuga Clarke
Phebe Clark 87 Porter Davis Trenton Oneida Clarke
Nathan Clark 88 Nathan Clark Bedford Westchester Clarke
John Clark 88 Joel Chapman Camillus Onondaga Clarke
William Clark 86 William Clark Preston Chenango Clarke
Lucy Clark 74 Theodore E. Clark Lysander Onondaga Clarke
Joshua Clark 82 Joshua Burdich Darien Genessee Clarke; Burdick
Elias Clark 87 Jesse Jay Villanovia*** Chatauque* Clarke
Martha Clark 76 Asa Southworth Antwerp Jefferson Clarke
Anna Clark 79 Alexander Clark Broadalbin Fulton Clarke
Sarah Clark 88 William Clark Guilford Chenango Clarke
Mehitble Clarke 84 Jeremy Thurbur Masonville Delaware Clark
George Clarke 8* David * Fellows Onondaga Onondaga Clark
Sarah Clearwater 83 Hiram Clearwater Mamakating Sullivan
Chester Cleaveland 78 Chester Cleaveland Webster Monroe Cleveland; Cleavland
Nehemiah Cleaveland 87 Lewis W. Cleaveland Skaneateles Onondaga Cleveland; Cleavland
Solomon Cleavland 86 Fassett Cleavland Wilna Jefferson Cleaveland; Cleveland
Gardner Cleavland 77 Gardner Cleavland Clymer Chatauque* Cleaveland; Cleveland
Thankful Cleland 82 Nathan Cleland Stockton Chatauque*
Jonathan Clemmons 85 Jonathan Clemmons Sodus Wayne
Joseph Cleveland 92 Joseph Cleveland Richmond Ontario Cleaveland; Cleavland
Roswell Cleveland 81 Roswell Cleveland Manlius Onondaga Cleavland; Cleaveland
Josiah Cleveland 85 Elijah Cleveland Tioga Tioga Cleaveland; Cleavland
Stephen Cleveland 83 Harry Cleveland Lee Oneida Cleaveland
Henry Cline 86 George Benn Rennselaerville Albany Kline
Jesse Clothier 81 A. R. Clothier Sheridan Chatauque*
John Clough 74 John Clough City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
Charles Cluky 97 Charles Cluky Saratoga Saratoga
Helen Clute 77 Helen Clute Camillus Onondaga
Bartholomew Clute 75 Bartholomew Clute Schenectady City--4th ward Schenectady
Geradus Clute 85 James Clute Homer Cortland
Jacob D. Clute 84 Jacob D. Clute Schenectady City--3d ward Schenectady
S*ep**n Co*grove 77 ***phen Co***** Edmeston Otsego Cosgrove
John Coakley 84 Roswell Kelsey Royalton Niagara
Abel Cobb 77 Abel Cobb Groton Tompkins
E. B. Cobb 42 E. B. Cobb Auburn Cayuga
Reuben Cobleigh 79 Reuben Cobleigh Hamburg Erie
Elizabeth Cochran 74 Phenix L*ne Conajoharie Montgomery
Joel Cock 81 Jane Vicar Greenburgh Westchester
Samuel Cody 80 Rodolphus Cody Vernon Oneida
John Coe 83 John Coe Gerry Chatauque*
Sarah Coe 71 Richard Coe Clarkstown Rockland
Mrs. Avis Coger 78 Charles P. Coger Thompson Sullivan
Dependance Colbreath 77 Dependance Colbreath Lewiston Niagara
William Colby 80 William Colby Oswego Oswego
Thomas Cole 72 John Cole Houndsfield Jefferson
John Cole 81 John Walford Middlesex Yates
Adonijah Cole 83 Chauncey Cooper Pompey Onondaga
Jabez Cole 8* ***** Cole Onondaga Onondaga
John Cole 75 John Cole Manlius Onondaga
Levi Cole 88 Levi Cole Westport Essex
Amos Cole 80 Amos Cole Sherburne Chenango
Sisson Cole 94 Leroy Cole Richfield Otsego
Christopher Colegrove 79 C. Colegrove Petersburg Rensselaer
Joel Coleman 75 Joel Coleman Walkill Orange
Hannah Coleman 78
Goshen Orange
William Coley 82 William Coley Otselic Chenango
Tryphen Collamer 79 Dolly H. Collamer Norfolk St. Lawrence
Samuel Collings 76 Abbent Collings Berkshire Tioga
Joseph Collins 86 David Collins Northampton Fulton
Jamaico J. Collins 85 James Collins Newburg Orange
Jonathan Collins 84 Jonathan C. Collins West Turin Lewis
William Collins 67 William Collins Preble Cortland
Elisha Collins 77 Elisha Collins Willsborough Essex
William Collins 80 Hannah Horr Orleans Jefferson Hoar
Sarah Collister 74 William Cobson Hamilton Madison
Isaac Colony 77 Isaac Colony Providence Saratoga
Arthur Colwell 78 Arthur Colwell Galway Saratoga
Joshua Combs 76 Joshua Combs Warrensburg Warren
Edward Comfort 78 Edward Comfort Southport Chemung
David Comstock 79 David Comstock Kirkland Oneida
Martin J. Comstock 83 Martin L. Comstock Busti Chatauque*
Medad Comstock 76 Medad Comstock Lee Oneida
Anson Comstock 77 Daniel Comstock Queensbury Warren
Anson Comstock 77 A. Comstock Sweden Monroe
Samuel Conable 78 Samuel Conable, Jr. Warsaw Genessee
Amos Conant 78 Benjamin Grover Eden Erie
Israel Conant 77 Jonas Pickarel Bristol Ontario
John D. Concklin 83 E. S. Treat City of Rochester First Ward Monroe Conklin
Elizabeth Cone 76 Curtis Higby Leyden Lewis
Timothy Cone 77 Timothy Cone Lansingburg Rensselaer
Oliver Cone 80
Shelby Orleans
Joseph Congdon 82 John Miller Brookfield Madison
Zenas Conger 84 Zenas Conger Lansing Tompkins
Isaac Conhover 80 Isaac Conhover Glen Montgomery Conover
Joshua Conkey 80 Joshua Conkey Canton St. Lawrence
Rickard Conkey 78 Richard Conkey Roxbury Delaware
Jonathan Conklin 80 Jonathan Conklin Onondaga Onondaga
Matthew Conklin 74
Clarkstown Rockland
Mary Conklin 97 Mary Montanya Haverstraw Rockland
Isaac Conklin 90 Isaac Conklin Cortlandt Westchester
John Conklin 84 James Conklin Conklin Broome
Richard Connell 81 Hiram Bostwick Auburn Cayuga
Jacob Conse 89 Henry J. Conse Milan Dutchess
Nicholas Constantine 84 Almshouse Beekmantown Clinton
M. Contreman 70 M. Contreman Orleans Jefferson
Francis Conyell 82 Francis Conyell Nichols Tioga
David Cook 88 David Cook Woodhull Steuben Cooke
Cirad Cook 77 Cirad Cook Cazenovia Madison Cooke
William Cook 79 Albert Cook Pompey Onondaga Cooke
Miles Cook 75 Miles Cook Russell St. Lawrence Cooke
Elizabeth Cook 83 Loren Cook Lincklaen Chenango Cooke
Lemuel Cook 75 Lemuel Cook Clarendon Orleans Cooke
John C. Cook 27 John C. Cook De Kalb St. Lawrence Cooke
John Cooke 84 John Cooke Laurens Otsego Cook
Abiel Cooke 75 Abiel Cooke New Lisbon Otsego Cook
Justin Cooley 80 Justin Cooley Deerfield Oneida
Thomas Cooley 76 Thomas Cooley Sweden Monroe
Mary Cooley 80 David Polly Oxford Chenango
Abram Coon 91 John Coon Cobleskill Schoharie
Peter Coon 87 Peter Coon Neversink Sullivan
William Cooney 83 Stephen Archer New Castle Westchester
Lydia Coop 87 James Riddle Amboy Oswego
John Cooper 87 Aaron Cooper Catherines~ Chemung
Henry Cooper 67 Henry Cooper Decatur Otsego
Elizabeth Cooper 84 Gilbert Cooper Kingston Ulster
Joseph Cooper 84 Joseph Cooper Holland Erie
Sylvanus Cooper 89 Andrew C. Moyer Sharon Schoharie
Elizabeth Coppernoll 88 George E. Coppernoll Ephratah Fulton
David Corbin 82 John Baker Eden Erie
Stephen Corbin 80 Alson Pierce Campbell Steuben Pearce
Anna Corey 79 Amasa Corey Lincklaen Chenango
Stephen Cornish 80 Samuel P. Cornish Lee Oneida
Gabriel Cornish 82 Gabriel Cornish Bangor Franklin
Wessel Cornue 76 Wessel Cornue Arcadia Wayne
Samuel Cornwell 90 Samuel Cornwell City of NY, 7th ward

G. Cortrite 86 Oso Hall Owego Tioga Cortwright; Cartwright
Charles Cortwite 53 Charles Cortwite Plattsburg^ Clinton Cortwright; Cartwright
Lawrence Cortwright 81 Lawrence Cortwright Walkill Orange Cartwright
Samuel Corwin 86 Isaac Atchley Varick Seneca
Oliver Cory 76 Oliver Cory Middlefield Otsego
Bishop Coston 81 James Coston Yorkshire Cattaraugus
Rowland Cotton 82
Attica Genessee
William Couch 81 William Couch Portland Chatauque*
Ammi Courier 75 Ammi Courier Potsdam St. Lawrence
Joseph Courier 80 Joseph Courier Hope Hamilton
Joseph B. Covel 79 Joseph B. Covel Chesterfield Essex
Thomas Covel 49 Thomas Covel South Bristol Ontario
Luke Covert 82 Luke Covert Bradford Steuben
Thomas Covert 86 T. Covert Ovid Seneca
James Covey 78 James Covey Madrid St. Lawrence
Ephraim Covill 80 Lorenzo R. Covill Verona Oneida
Richard Covill 74 Richard Covill Alexander Genessee
Benjamin Cowl 77 Benjamin Cowl Paterson Putnam
John Cowen 86 John Cowen Conewango Cattaraugus
William Cox 89 William Cox Canandaigua Ontario
Mary Cox 76 John Cox Crawford Orange
Elisha Coy 77 Elisha Coy Rushford Allegany
Vine Coy 74 William Ranger Salina Onondaga
William Coyt 80 William Coyt Rotterdam Schenectady Coit
Susanna Cozart 75 William Henry Phelps Ontario
Abijah Crabbe 86 Abijah Crabbe Leicester Livingston
Abner Cradall 78 Abner Crandall Hoosick Rensselaer
John Crage 84 John Crage Northumberland Saratoga Craig
Sibbel Craim 75 Wm. Goodell West Half Cortland Cortland
Elisha Crain 86 Chester Crain Phelps Ontario Crane
Tryphenia Crain 79 Tryphenia Crain Hope Hamilton Crane
Jeremiah Crandal 84 Elanson Watkins Pompey Onondaga Crandall
Carey Crandall 79 Carey Crandall Wirt Allegany
Isaiah Crandall 81 John How Almond Allegany
Joseph Crandall 84 Joseph Crandall Berlin Rensselaer
Benjamin Crandall 77 Benjamin Crandall Glenville Schenectady
Elizabeth Crane 86 Elizabeth Howes Pomfret Chatauque* Crain
Asa Cranson 79 Asa Cranson Lenox Madison
Elizabeth Cranston 75 Phineas Cranston Hamilton Madison
Samuel Cranston 83 Samuel Cranston Roxbury Delaware
Zilpha Cranston 80 William Cranston Hanover Chatauque*
Nathan Crary 78 Nathan Crary, Jr. Pierpont St. Lawrence
Archibald C. Crary 45 Daniel Parkhurst Kirkland Oneida
David Craw 83 Justus Craw Hamilton Madison
Catharine Craw 75 Abraham Craw Amsterdam Montgomery
Samuel S. Crawford 76 James McKinny New Windsor Orange
John Crawford 78 John Crawford Saugerties Ulster
Abram Crego 82 Daniel S. Crego Sherburne Chenango
Sarah Cremer 71 Mrs. S. Cremer Mamakating Sullivan
Henry Crim 78 John H. Crim Columbia Herkimer
Barnet Crisse 80 Barnet Crisse Springport Cayuga
Ebenezer Crittenden 83 Orrin Crittenden Gorham Ontario
Hannah Crocker 70 Chauncey Pease South Bristol Ontario
Theophilus Crocker 78 Theophilus Crocker Bethany Genessee
John Croft 78 John Croft Locke Cayuga
Joseph Crofts 78 Joseph Crofts Hartwick Otsego
John Cronk 52 John Cronk Naples Ontario
Charles Crooks 89 Charles Crooks, 2d Cold Spring Cattaraugus
Enoch Crosby 76 Enoch Crosby Phelps Ontario
Timothy Crosby 84 Timothy Crosby Truxton Cortland
Thomas Crosman 82 Thomas Crosman Wawarsing Ulster
Solomon Cross 82 Solomon Cross Gouverneur St. Lawrence
Josiah Crossman 78 Josiah A. Crossman Mendon Monroe
Dennis Crouk 78 Dennis Crouk Greenburgh Westchester
Elizabeth Crowley 77 G. Buckingham Troy--4th ward Rensselaer
Henry Crum 79 Henry Crum Islip Suffolk
Elias Crum 75 Elias Crum Johnstown Fulton Crumb
Cath*rine Crumb 101 J. S. Waiger Milton Saratoga
David Culver 82 David Culver Horigon Warren
Joseph Culver 79 Ansel Culver Scipio Cayuga
Clatira Cumings 64 Daniel McQuigg Spencer Tioga Cummings
Jacob Cummings 77 Simeon R. Cummings Clarence Erie
Thomas Cummings 86 Hosea Cummings Deerfield Oneida
Sarah Cunningham 73 Harriet N. Mann City of NY, 3d ward

Mary Currier 86 Michael Currier Champlain Clinton
William Curry 92 Robert Curry Hector Tompkins
Thomas Curtice 79 Jeremiah Curtice Stockton Chatauque* Curtis, Curtiss
Silas Curtis 81 Silas Curtis Dover Dutchess Curtiss
Isaac Curtis 86 Isaac Curtiss Williamson Wayne Curtiss
Peter Curtis 28 Oliver Van Valin Coxsackie Green Curtiss
Joel Curtis 76 Joel Curtiss Colesville Broome Curtiss
Elijah Curtiss 79 Elijah W. Cur*** Galway Saratoga Curtis
Asahel Curtiss 74 Asahel Curtiss Paris Oneida Curtis
Elizabeth Cushman 74 Al***n Cu*hman Burlington Otsego
Daniel Cushman 85 Allen Baker Schroon Essex
Benjamin Cutter 78 Benjamin Cutter Fort Ann Washington
Eliphalet Cutting 73 E. Cutting Plymouth Chenango
Martin Cuykendal 76 Martin Cuykendal Owasco Cayuga

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
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