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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Mary Taber 88 David Taber Cazenovia Madison Tabor
Alexander Tackles 85
Middlebury Genessee
Editha Tailor 84
Philadelphia Jefferson Taylor
Rhoba Tallmadge 79 John Elwell Candor Tioga Talmadge; Talmage
Rachel Tallman 69
Clarkstown Rockland Talman
Tunis Tallman 91
Clarkstown Rockland Talman
Seymour Talmadge 86 J. Talmadge Pike Allegany Tallmadge; Talmage
Stephen Talmage 80 Stephen Talmage Southampton Suffolk Tallmadge; Talmage
Rachel Talman 83 Daniel Talman Ramapo Rockland Tallman
Quain Tanner 78 Quain Tanner Nassau Rensselaer
John Nicholas Taple 78 John Nicholas Taple Middletown Delaware
Peter Tappan 76 Peter Tappan City of NY, 17th ward

John Tappan 87 James Tappan Fallsburg Sullivan
Mary Tarket 76 Francis Tarket Fallsburg Sullivan
Elizabeth Taylor 78 Elizabeth Taylor Montgomery Orange Tailor
Gad Taylor 81 Gad Taylor Machias Cattaraugus Tailor
Samuel Taylor 78 Samuel Taylor Hartford Washington Tailor
Hulda Taylor 78 Maria A. Hoag City of NY, 9th ward
Hogue; Tailor
Job Taylor 83 Job Taylor Berlin Rensselaer Tailor
Sibbilla Taylor 91 Nathaniel Huggins Bethany Genessee Tailor
Anne Taylor 77 Anne Taylor Portland Chatauque* Tailor
Erastus Taylor 52 Erastus Taylor Portland Chatauque* Tailor
Simeon Taylor 74 E. Taylor Pine Plains Dutchess Tailor
John P. K. Taylor 77 John P. K. Taylor Charlton Saratoga Tailor
Jasper Taylor 76 Jasper Taylor Candor Tioga Tailor
Elias Taylor 72 George W. Taylor Houndsfield Jefferson Tailor
Jonathan Taylor 86 Jonathan Taylor Lewisboro Westchester Tailor
Stephen Taylor 72
Scio Allegany Tailor
Oliver Teal 81 Oliver Teal Hamilton Madison
Joseph Teal 95 Cyrus Braman Hyde Park Dutchess
William Teerpening 87 William Teerpening Esopus Ulster Terpening
Conrad Teetu 84 Conrad Teetu Ulysses Tompkins
Ahasuerus Teller 83 Ahasuerus Teller Western Oneida
Catharine Tellinghart 76 Ezekiel Lewis Seneca Ontario
Martin Terry 98 John Howe Shelden Genessee
Susanna Terry 77 Anselm Terry Moravia Cayuga
Josiah Terry 82 Josiah Terry Peru Clinton
Abram Terry 86 Abram Terry Guilford Chenango
Tabitha Terry 83 Horace A. Terry Sangerfield Oneida
Julius Terry 64 Julius Terry Houndsfield Jefferson
Thomas Terry 81 Thomas Terry Edmeston Otsego
Artemas Thair 77 Washington Thair Barre Orleans Thayer
Eliakim Thatcher 78 Eliakim Thatcher Arkwright Chatauque*
Samuel Thatcher 87 Samuel Thatcher Broadalbin Fulton
Josiah Thatcher 76 Josiah Thatcher Sidney Delaware
William Thayer 46 William Thayer, Jr. Springfield Otsego Thair
David Thayer 81 Daniel Thayer Dover Dutchess Thair
Abigail Thayer 82 Abigail Thayer Chatauque* Chatauque* Thair
Jason Thomas 78 Jason Thomas Oswego Oswego
Henry Thomas 85 Henry Thomas Moravia Cayuga
Lodowick Thomas 85 Lodowick Thomas Shelden Genessee
Elijah Thomas 87 Elijah Thomas Hancock Delaware
Nathaniel Thompson 88 Ethan Thompson Marcy Oneida
Hannah Thompson 80 George Thompson Hopewell Ontario
Lucy Thompson 73 Lucy Thompson Adams Jefferson
Reuben Thompson 78 Reuben Thompson Pomfret Chatauque*
James Thompson 75 James Thompson Venice Cayuga
John Thompson 82 John Thompson Cherry Valley Otsego
Robert Thompson 81 James Thompson Castleton Richmond
Reuben Thompson 77 Jos. A. Hubbard Sherman Chatauque*
Joel Thompson 85 Isaac Thompson Stanford Dutchess
James Thompson 63 James Thompson City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
Samuel Thompson 72 Saml. Thompson Bath Steuben
Thomas Thompson 77 Thomas Thompson Charleston Montgomery
Thomas Thomson 83 Thomas Thomson Trenton Oneida Thompson
Morris Thorp 35 Ezra Thorp City of NY, 9th ward
Lydia Thorp 76 Lydia Thorp Broadalbin Fulton Thorpe
George Thrasher 77 Jared C. Aldrich Somerset Niagara
Mary Throop 69 Nancy Packer Oxford Chenango
Sarah K. Thurber 91 John Thurber Morristown St. Lawrence
Charlotte Thurston 77 Joseph Clement Seneca Ontario
Daniel Tibbits 51 Daniel Tibbits Phelps Ontario
Richard Tice 78 Richard Tice City of Brooklyn-seventh ward Kings
Peter Tice 45 Peter Tice Erwin Steuben
Philemon Tiffany 78 Noah Tiffany Groton Tompkins
Joel Tiffany 80 Trueman Tiffany Springwater Livingston
Amasa Tiffney 73 Amasa Tiffney Troy--3d ward Rensselaer
Rfus Tifft 85 Green Tifft Nassau Rensselaer
Caleb Tift 81 Caleb Tift Lorraine Jefferson
Abigail Tillotson 81 Ephraim Tillotson Cazenovia Madison
Jacob Tillotson 80 Jacob Tillotson Columbus Chenango
Hannah Tilly 75 Hannah Tilly Genoa Cayuga
Amas S. Tilu 52 Amasa S. Tilu Naples Ontario
John Tinker 82 Isaac Hawley Freetown Cortland Holly
Temperance Tinney 85 Festus Tinney Attica Genessee
John Titus 76 John Titus Moriah Essex
Samuel Todd 83 Darling Todd Middletown Delaware
Jehrel Todd 86 M. ******* Middlefield Otsego
Thomas Todd 79 Thomas Todd Hampton Washington
Timothy Tomblin 83 John W. Tomblin Le Ray Jefferson
Mary Tompkins 70 Philip Tompkins Madison Madison
Stephen V. Tompkins 82 Abraham Tompkins Westerloo Albany
Jonathan Tompkins 87 Jane Berrian Plattekill Ulster
James Tompkins 85 Nicholas Nicholas Windham Green
Joseph Tooker 83 Joseph Tooker Brookhaven Suffolk
William Topping 75 William Topping Leyden Lewis
Bilb Torney 79 Bilb Torney Berkshire Tioga
Thomas Torrance 85 Richard Torrance Avon Livingston Torrence
Abigail Torrey 86 Hosea Thayer Hamilton Madison
Timothy Torry 74 Timothy Torry Java Genessee
George Totman 78 Lorenzo Totman Virgil Cortland
Desire Tourg*** -- Joseph Berni*** Galway Saratoga Berniss
Isaiah Tower 80 Isaiah Tower Duanesburg Schenectady
William Town 81 Benjamin Brown Granville Washington
Jeremiah Town**** *3
[4] Otsego
Elijah Towner 82 Elijah Towner Lexington Green
Catharine Townley 71 Henry Townley Dryden Tompkins
Hannah Townsend 85 William Townsend Southeast Putnam
Hannah Townsend 83 Joshua Townsend Neversink Sullivan
Solomon Tracey 81 Solomon Tracey Ellisburg Jefferson
Elias Tracy 78 Elias Tracy Poland Chatauque*
Gilbert Tracy 80 Gilbert Tracy Venice Cayuga
Levi Tracy 80 Daniel Spalding Westerloo Albany Spaulding
Cromwell Traffarn 77 Cromwell Traffarn Boonville Oneida
Isaac Train 81 William Bird Urbanna Steuben
Adam Traver 80 Philip Folandt Kingston Ulster
Sylvanus Travers 85 Joseph Benedict Lodi Seneca Bennedict
Nathaniel Travis 80 Elias Champlin Thompson Sullivan
Uriah Travis 95 Robert Travis City of NY, 8th ward

Philip B. Travis 77 Philip B. Travis Roxbury Delaware
Jonathan Treadway 82 Thomas J. Treadway Ticonderoga Essex
David Treadway 97 David McLaughlin Plainfield Otsego
Cornelius Treat 74 Cornelius Treat Mendon Monroe
Charles Treat 84 Charles Treat Sweden Monroe
Thomas Treat 78 Waster Berk Italy Yates
Ashbel Treat 76 A. Treat Mentz Cayuga
Thomas Treet 77
Arcadia Wayne
Ephraim Trickey 86
Avon Livingston
Calvin Trip 82 Elijah Tripp Salina Onondaga
William Tripp 78 Stephen Tripp Steuben Oneida
Everett Tripp 85 Everett Tripp Fulton Schoharie
Richard Tripp 87 Richard Tripp Greenville Green
Stephen Trobridge 89 Stephen B. Trobridge Poughkeepsie Dutchess Trowbridge
Elizabeth Trobridge 80 B. W. Trumbull Mount Pleasant Westchester Trowbridge
Lucretia Trowbridge 74 Job J. Johnson Preble Cortland Trobridge
Manuel Truair 81 John Truair Fabius Onondaga
Phebe Truesdell 79 George Rich Nelson Madison
Hiel Truesden 78
Le Ray Jefferson
Shem Truman 87 Ebenezer Porter Sparta Livingston
Thomas Tryon 82 Thomas Tryon Vernon Oneida
Samuel Tubbs 58 Samuel Tubbs V*****[3] Ontario
John Tucker 77 Ira Tucker Hartwick Otsego
Morriss Tucker 83 Morriss Tucker Hoosick Rensselaer
Zaith Tucker 81 Zaith Tucker Bolton Warren
Bethiah Tuesdell 89 Jonathan Tuesdell Owego Tioga Truesdell
Elizabeth Tumierman 88 Jacob H. Tumierman St. Johnsville Montgomery
George R. Turca 85 George Hillecoss St. Johnsville Montgomery
Jane Turner 89 Jane Turner Lisbon St. Lawrence
William Turner 85 Richard Platt Sherman Chatauque*
Charles Turner 77 Charles Turner Wells Hamilton
Lydia Turner 76 Allen Thompson Antwerp Jefferson
Elisha Turner 84 Elisha Turner Pawlings Dutchess
Asa Turner 75 Reuben Jones Stockton Chatauque*
Stephen Turner 7* Stephen Turner Pawlings Dutchess
William Turner 81 William Turner Rochester Ulster
Daniel Tuthill 82 Hubbard Tuthill Camden Oneida
Elizabeth Tuttle 77 P. Tuttle Sullivan Madison
Roxana Tuttle 77 Je**rey A. Blackm*n South Bristol Ontario Blackman
Jesse Tuttle 83 Jesse Tuttle Burns Allegany
Olive Tuttle 67 James Lemon Canton St. Lawrence
Lucy Tuttle 85 Azariah Place Canton St. Lawrence
Rachel Twilager 80 Josiah Twilager Guilford Chenango
Hannah Tyle 81 Archibald Oldsted Hillsdale Columbia Olmstead
Peter Tyler 80 Luther Parker Poultney Steuben
Simeon Tyler 80 William Tyler Harrison Westchester
William Tyler 75 William Tyler Perinton Monroe
Eunice Tyrrell 78 Eunice Tyrrell Hebron Washington

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