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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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David Gage 82 Moses Gage Gates Monroe
Thaddeus Gage 81 Thaddeus Gage Conesus Livingston
Nathaniel Gage 77 Amos Gage Lafayette Onondaga
David Gainsey 82 Benjamin Heesick Jefferson Schoharie
Samuel Gallatin 91
Watervliet Albany
Rufus Gallop 84 Rufus Gallop Grafton Rensselaer
William Gallup 81 Micajah Morrell Whitestown Oneida
Robert Gallup 79 Erastus Foote Greene Chenango Foot
Abel Galpin 84 Simeon Galpin Candor Tioga
Thomas Galusha 87 John Galusha Fort Edward Washington
Abiram Galutia 77 Reuben Galutia Johnsburg Warren
Joel Gamsey 75 Joel Gamsey Windsor Broome
Frances Ganett 72 William Sprague Sennett Cayuga
Benjamin Gauss 75 Benjamin Gauss East Bloomfield Ontario
Josiah Gardner 84 Josiah Gardner Attica Genessee Gardiner
Betsey Gardner 81 Richard C. Gardner Essex Essex Gardiner
Benjamin Garlinghouse 78 Benjamin Garlinghouse Naples Ontario
John Garrett 85 Willard Smith Gouverneur St. Lawrence
John Garrett 87 Trueman Strong Thompson Sullivan
Elizabeth Garrison 83
Clarkstown Rockland
John Garrison 85 Christopher Quick Lodi Seneca
Francis Garvy 77 Isaac J. Garvy Bern Albany Garvey
Enos Gary 85
Rushford Allegany
Oldren Gates 80 Oldren Gates Middleburgh Schoharie
William Gates 82 Asa Fitch Western Oneida
Ezra Gates 93 Elias Gates New Lebanon Columbia
Maria Gates 87 Andolph See*** Conajoharie Montgomery
James Gault 83 Noah Lamon Ellisburg Jefferson
James Gay 96 James Gay Riga Monroe
Edward Gay 77 William Gay, 1st Franklin Delaware
William Gayler 88 Mary Wardaline City of NY, 7th ward
Harvey Gaylor 56 Harvey Gaylor Chatham Columbia Gayler
Chancy Gaylord 83 Asaph Gaylord Marcellus Onondaga
Elijah Gaylord 77 E. Gaylord Triangle Broome
Jedediah Gaylord 82 Jedediah Gaylord Harpersfield Delaware
John Gee 77 A. Gee Virgil Cortland
James Geeman 78 James Geeman Caroline Tompkins
Allen Geer 86 Elias Geer Otsego Otsego
Charles Geer 79 Charles Geer Schenectady City--4th ward Schenectady
Moses S. George 45 Moses S. George Lima Livingston
Seth Gerry 76 Seth Gerry Bristol Ontario
Peter Getman 76 Peter Getman Ephratah Fulton
Elizabeth Getman 76 Peter C. Getman Ephratah Fulton
Mary Getman 74 Mary Getman Columbia Herkimer
Frederick Gibbs 79 John Currie, 2d Kirkland Oneida
Philo Gibbs 75 Philo Gibbs Livonia Livingston
Frederick Gibbs 79 Augustus Butl*r Paris Oneida Butler
Henry Gibson 98 Henry Gibson Monroe Orange
Niles Giddings 75 Niles Giddings Warsaw Genessee
Jeremiah Gifford 78 Jeremiah Gifford Western Oneida
John Gifford 49 John Gifford City of Rochester Fifth Ward Monroe
John Gifford 79 John Gifford Northampton Fulton
Absalom Giffords 75 William Giffords German Flats Herkimer
Reuben Gilbert 83 Reuben Gilbert Springwater Livingston
Allen Gilbert 84 Jabez H. Gilbert Orwell Oswego
Joseph Gilbert 85
Cuba Allegany
Joseph Gilbert 85 Joseph Gilbert Hadley Saratoga
Mary Gilbert 74 Mary G*l**** Middlefield Otsego
Hannah Gilbert 84 Jonathan Gilbert Castile Genessee
Jonathan Gilbert 78 Jonathan Gilbert Schuyler Herkimer
Margaret Gilbert 74 Wm. Potter Collins Erie
Polly Gildersleeve 84 James Williams Canandaigua Ontario
Samuel Giles 83 Amos Beach Johnstown Fulton Beech
Thomas Giles 86 Thomas Giles, Jr. Brookfield Madison
Stephen Gillert 78 Stephen Gillert Lewisboro Westchester
Sarah Gillespie 89 Sarah Gillespie Crawford Orange
Israel Gillet 48 Israel Gillet Crown Point Essex Gillette
Hannah Gillet 82 Abram Pahner Chatham Columbia Gillette
Stephen Gillet 87 Chester Gillet Johnstown Fulton Gillette
Samuel Gillet 81 Samuel Gillet Dansville Steuben Gillette
Rufus Gillet 80 Rufus Gillet Putnam Valley Putnam Gillette
Joseph Gillet 68 Joseph Gillet Painted Post Steuben Gillette
John Gillmore 87
Russell St. Lawrence Gilmore
Charles Gilman 82 Charles Gilman City of NY, 11th ward

Charles Gilmore 81 Charles Gilmore City of NY, 9th ward

Asa Glazier 55 Asa Gla**** Cherry Valley Otsego
Anthony Glean 89 Anthony Glean Saratoga Saratoga
Lovina Gleason 76 Fisher Gleason Roxbury Delaware Gleeson
J. Gloyd 85 Nathaniel White Pamelia Jefferson Wight
Edward Goddard 89 Edward Goddard Solon Cortland
John Goff 85 Orange Goff Winfield Herkimer
Richard Goff 76 Elisha Herrington New Berlin Chenango Harrington
Samuel Goff 89 Benj. Goff Homer Cortland
Amos Goldin 81 Amos Goldin Wilton Saratoga
Sally Goodenough 78
Glenville Schenectady Goodnough
Adino Goodenough 85 John B. Goodenough Vernon Oneida Goodnough
Abigail Goodnough 89 David Goodnough Coventry Chenango Goodnow
Eber. Goodnow 75 Eber. Goodnow Canton St. Lawrence Goodnough
Zenas Goodrich 78 Zenas Goodrich New Lebanon Columbia
Roswell Goodrich 84 Josiah Goodrich Sardinia Erie
Jacob Goodrich 86 Elijah Goodrich Lafayette Onondaga
Samuel P. Goodsell 48 Samuel P. Goodsell Westmoreland Oneida
Thomas Goodsell 99 Thomas Goodsell Kirkland Oneida
Gardner Goodspeed 59 Gardner Goodspeed Chazy Clinton
Abigail Goodwin 81 Israel T. Goodwin Westmoreland Oneida
Joseph Gordon 80 Joseph Gordon Willett Cortland
James Gordon 87 James Gordon Dayton Cattaraugus Gorden
Altha Gordon 80 J. V. Gordon Lowville Lewis
Eliphalet Gordon 82 Emery Bowen Rush Monroe
Conrad Goss 90 Conrad Goss Bethlehem Albany
Dorcas Goss 87 Benjamin Bacon Fort Ann Washington
Story Gott 74 Story Godd Austerlitz Columbia
Sarah Gott 75 Sarah Gott Austerlitz Columbia
William Gould 84 William Gould Nunda Allegany
William Gould 88 William Gould, Jr. Yorkshire Cattaraugus
Asa Gould 88 Asa Gould Colden Erie
Mary Gould 89 Phineas P. Bates Canandaigua Ontario
Elijah Gould 83 Elijah Gould Ticonderoga Essex
John Gowdy 81 E. Gowdy Scio Allegany
Jonathan Gowing 78 Eliab Gowing Hinsdale Cattaraugus
Manuel Grace 90 Andrew Murray City of Buffalo--1st ward Erie
Elizabeth Grace 76 Elizabeth Grace Troy--1st ward Rensselaer
Deborah Graff 67 James A. Stewart Johnstown Fulton
Wlliam Graham 89 James Easterly Scipio Cayuga
Asa Grandy 87 Asa Grandy Westport Essex
Zebe Granger 78 Zebe Granger Cherry Valley Otsego
John Granger 79 John Granger Fort Ann Washington
Simon Grant 83 County poor house Angelica Allegany
Marks Grants 78 Marks Grants Columbia Herkimer
Thomas Gratton 83 David M. Gratton Bennington Genessee
Crary Gratton 79 Crary Gratton Darien Genessee
Ebenezer Graves 78 Samuel Hughes Pittsford Monroe
Elizabeth Graves 77 Lewis Bond Denmark Lewis
Timothy Graves 86 Timothy Graves Hoosick Rensselaer
William Graves 81 Oliver Graves Ticonderoga Essex
Roxana Graves 77 Asa Graves Rome Oneida
Benjamin Graves 80 Benjamin Graves Chazy Clinton
Hobert Graves 75 Hobert Graves Paris Oneida
Simeon Graves 87 Simeon Graves Malone Franklin
Christopher Gray 92 Martin Springer Brunswick Rensselaer
Margaret Gray 75 Margaret Gray Salem Washington
John Gray 102 William Gray Liberty Sullivan
John Gray 84 William Gray Kingsbury Washington
Samuel Gray 46 Samuel Gray Scipio Cayuga
Joseph Gray 86 Joseph Gray Schroon Essex
John Greely 81 John Greely Essex Essex Greeley
Ebenezer Green 77 Ebenezer Green Bergen Genessee Greene
Anne Green 80 Eleazar Green Remsen Oneida Greene
Timothy Green 77 Timothy Green Broadalbin Fulton Greene
Jabez Green 86 Jabez Green Norway Herkimer Greene
D*ni*l Green 82 Ho**ce Green Edmeston Otsego Greene
Zachariah Green 80 Zachariah Green Brookhaven Suffolk Greene
Lodowick Green 80 Hall Green Sangerfield Oneida Greene
Wardwell Green 82 Wardwell Green Richfield Otsego Greene
Stephen Green 85 Thaddeus K. Green Poundridge Westchester Greene
Henry Green 77 Henry Green Gorham Ontario Greene
Mary Green 76 Jesse Green Minisink Orange Greene
Daniel Green 84 Daniel Green Rome Oneida Greene
John Green 81 John T. Green Broadalbin Fulton Greene
John Green 79 John Green Spafford Onondaga Greene
James Green 90 James Green Chemung Chemung Greene
Abigail Green 80 John Green Rush Monroe Greene
James Green 82 Isaac R. Green Sodus Wayne Greene
Lydia Green 80 Willard Green Martinsburg Lewis Greene
James Green 76 William O. Pennfield Whitestown Oneida Greene
Chaffe Green 80 Chaffe Green Kendall Orleans Greene
Stephen Gregory 83 Stephen Gregory Sandlake Rensselaer
Uriah Gregory 86 Uriah Gregory Ballston Saratoga
Mathew Gregory 82 Mathew Gregory City of Albany-Second ward Albany
Chloe Gridley 75 Leander Gridley Vernon Oneida
Anna Gridley 78 John Gridley Middleburgh Schoharie
Elijah Gridley 80 Elijah Gridley Manlius Onondaga
Thomas Gridley 79 Adney Gridley Candor Tioga
Thomas Griffin 73 Thomas Griffin Brookfield Madison
Stephen Griffing 86 Nathaniel Griffing Athol Warren
Jeremiah Griffith 82 A. Griffith Elery** Chatauque*
Paul Griffith 87 Otis Griffith Nelson Madison
Samuel Grisel 80 Thomas Grisel Chester Warren
Simeon Griswold 87 Simeon Griswold Nassau Rensselaer
David Griswold 79 David Griswold Southport Chemung
John Griswold 79 John Griswold Rome Oneida
Edward Griswold 82 Timothy Stone Dryden Tompkins
Nicholas Groat 79 Nicholas Groat Masonville Delaware Grote
Dinah C. Groat 81
Niskayuna Schenectady Grote
Rebecca Groat 72
Schenectady City--2d ward Schenectady Grote
Ambrose Gron 83 Ambrose Gron Fabius Onondaga
Isaac Grote 82
Watervliet Albany Groat
Jacob Groves 49 Jacob Groves Broadalbin Fulton
Nehemiah Grovier 86 Nehemiah Grovier Johnsburg Warren
Joanna Grummond 90 John Simons Nelson Madison
Rachel Grummond 87 Rachel Brown Lewisboro Westchester
Samuel Guild 78 Samuel Guild Bridgewater Oneida
Hawley Guile 43 Hawley Guile Bridgewater Oneida
Johnson Guin 81 Obed Guin Hamburg Erie
Abel Gunn 85 Abel Gunn Poughkeepsie Dutchess
Samuel Gurnee 43 Samuel Gurnee Sempronius Cayuga
Frances Gurner 84 Frances Gurner Mayfield Fulton
Abel Guthrie 75 Abel Guthrie Trenton Oneida
Joseph Guthrie 80 Joseph Guthrie Sherburne Chenango

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
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