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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Benjamin H**** 75 Benjamin Heath Locke Cayuga
Ja** H***d 78 Norton Hood Greenfield Saratoga
Josiah Hacket 82 Daniel Hacket Oxford Chenango
William Hackney 75 Adam Hackney Minden Montgomery
Thomas Hadlock 81 Thomas Hadlock Norwich Chenango
William Hagadom 83 William Hagadom Herkimer Herkimer
Henry Hager 75 Henry Hager Blenheim Schoharie
Valentine Hahn 80 Valentine Hahn Williamson Wayne
James Haight 76 James F. Haight German Flats Herkimer
Hannah Haight 76 David D. Haight Paterson Putnam
Philip Hailing 76 Philip Hailing Jasper Steuben
Roger Haladay 75 Roger Haladay Kingsbury Washington
Charles Hall 82 Charles Hall Brunswick Rensselaer
Moses Hall 74 Moses Hall City of Rochester Fifth Ward Monroe
Jotham Hall 80 Jonathan Hall Cazenovia Madison
Elizabeth Hall 74
Goshen Orange
Sarah Hall 77 Sylvester Hall Westfield Chatauque*
Anson Hall 83 Anson Hall Springfield Otsego
Elisha Hall 79 Elisha Hall Russia Herkimer
David Hall 75 David Hall Sidney Delaware
Lucy Hall 76 Ruth Hall Providence Saratoga
Silas Hall 84 Joshua Hall Elmira Chemung
Enoch Hall 75 Enoch Hall Remsen Oneida
Ephraim Hall 7* ***** Hall Onondaga Onondaga
Gad Hall 81 Gad Hall Huron Wayne
Mercy Hall 81 Hiram Hall Stafford Genessee
William Hall 78 William Hall Niles Cayuga
John Hall 84 John Hall Warwick Orange
Solomon Hallet 81 Solomon Hallet Bainbridge Chenango
Daniel Hallock 87 Micah W. Hallock Southold Suffolk
Nicholas Halsapple 86 Nicholas Halsapple Germantown Columbia
John Halsapple 84 William Halsapple Ghent Columbia
Mathew Halsey 87 Andrew W. More Connocton[4] Steuben Moore; Moor
Hamutual Halsey 78 Hugh Halsey Southampton Suffolk
Sylvanus Halsey 84 Sylvanus Halsey Southampton Suffolk
Joseph Halsted 80 Joseph Halsted Trenton Oneida Halstead
Hannah Hamblin 77 Abner J. Hamblin Cazenovia Madison
Philip Hamestreet 95 Philip Hamestreet Root Montgomery
Caleb Hamet 83 Erastus Graves Sardinia Erie
Eliakim Hamilton 84 Eliakim Hamilton Richford Tioga
John Hamilton 81 John Hamilton Montgomery Orange
Hannah Hamlin 73 Josiah Hills Rome Oneida
Stephen Hammond 73 Stephen Hammond Little Falls Herkimer
Hinsdell Hammond 80 Simeon Hammond Campbell Steuben
Robert Hammond 76 Robert Hammond Ticonderoga Essex
Samuel Hanbeck 86 Samuel Hanbeck Owasco Cayuga
Joel Hancock 49 Joel Hancock Virgil Cortland
Phebe Hancox 76 Charles Hancox Oxford Chenango
Elizabeth Hand 75 Hannah **** Otsego Otsego
Levi Hanford 80 Wm. B. Hanford Walton Delaware
John Hannah 93 William Hannah Barton Tioga
Daniel Hannahs 73 Amos Beardsley Richfield Otsego
Margaret Hannis 82 Maria Johnson Carlisle Schoharie
Aurr Hanson 79 Aurt Hanson Ballston Saratoga
Jabez Hanson 79 Jabez Hanson Ulysses Tompkins
John Hardie 88 Abrom T. Hardie 2d ward Hudson Columbia Hardy
Chloe Harding 78 Chloe Harding Hornellsville Steuben
Abial Harding 79 Abial Harding Barre Orleans
Sarah Hardy 83 Jason Dunstead Westport Essex
Clotilda Harford 72 Louis Grinean Chesterfield Essex
Titus Harman 73 Titus Harman Benton Yates
John Harmon 79 Ruth Crouter Austerlitz Columbia
John A. Harring 90 John A. Harring City of NY, 16th ward

John Harrington 83 John Harrington Oxford Chenango Herrington
Martha Harrington 92 Timothy Jackson Boonville Oneida Herrington
Winans Harris 79 Winans Harris Minisink Orange
Mary Harris 71 Elisha Bradley Nelson Madison
Philip Harris 82 Thomas Weaver Sangerfield Oneida
Daniel Harris 82 Joseph Harris Locke Cayuga
Joshua Harris 80 Joshua Harris Kingsbury Washington
Abijah Harris 85 Abijah Harris Bedford Westchester
Robert Harrison 80 Robert Harrison Urbanna Steuben
Thomas Harrison 80 Thomas Harrison Western Oneida
Job Hart 81 Asa Hart V*****[3] Ontario
Gilbert Hart 82 Joel Pomroy Vernon Oneida Pomeroy
George Hart 82 Jonathan Weeden Galway Saratoga
Richard Harter 78 Richard Harter Deerfield Oneida
Samuel Hartwell 8* D. Rehnburgh Worcester Otsego
Moses Harvey 75 Moses Harvey Fort Ann Washington
Benjamin Harvey 105 Benjamin Harvey Frankfort Herkimer
Jonathan Harvey 80 Jonathan Harvey Western Oneida
James Harvey 46 James Harvey Salem Washington
Paul Harvey 78 Paul Harvey Ticonderoga Essex
Hannah Harwick 81 Jacob B. Harwick Le Ray Jefferson
Joseph Hasford 78 Franklin Hasford Portage Allegany
Aaron Haskins 53 Aaron Haskins Ticonderoga Essex
Samuel Haskins 100 James F. Haskins Addison Steuben
Hopestill Haskins 85 G. Lamphier West Half Cortland Cortland
Eleanor Hass 77 Wm. Jenkins Southport Chemung
Timothy Hastings 78 Timothy Hastings Wayne Steuben
Heman Hatch 74
Centreville Allegany
William Hatch 77 William Hatch Westmoreland Oneida
Lewis Hatch 80 Lewis Hatch Granville Washington
Ede Hatch 79 Ede Hatch Groton Tompkins
Timothy Hatch 82 Timothy Hatch Sherburne Chenango
Nathan Hatch 82 Nathan Hatch Fort Edward Washington
Nathan Hatch 84 Edmund Hatch Arkwright Chatauque*
Benj. Hatch 86 Benj. Hatch Eaton Madison
Elijah Hatchel 77 Elijah Hatchel Cobleskill Schoharie
Ebenezer Hathaway 84 Ebenezer Hathaway Sumner Hill Cayuga
Zenas Hathaway 84 Levi Ingraham Broadalbin Fulton Ingram
Peleg Havens 78 Peleg Havens Westmoreland Oneida
John Haviland 84 John Haviland Pawlings Dutchess
George R. T. Hawes 106 William Morrison German Flats Herkimer
Matthew Hawin 86 Thomas Hawin Walton Delaware
Nancy Hawkins 74 W. W. Hawkins Chatauque* Chatauque*
David Hawkins 82 David Hawkins Urbanna Steuben
Stephen Hawkins 82 Stephen Hawkins Henderson Jefferson
James Hawkins 81 James Hawkins Reading Steuben
Darius Hawkins 58 Darius Hawkins Newport Herkimer
Zopher Hawkins 83 Zopher Hawkins Brookhaven Suffolk
Rodolphus Hawkins 82 Rodolphus Hawkins Alexander Genessee
Jotham Hawks 75 Jotham Hawks Andes Delaware
Dorothy Hawley 92 Amos Hawley Hillsdale Columbia Holley; Holly
Joseph C. Hawley 83 M. Blackford Hartwick Otsego Holly; Holley
Alexander Hay 85 Alexander Hay Johnstown Fulton
Jane Hay 89 Philip C. Hay Seneca Ontario
Jacob Hayden 78 Jacob Hayden Greece Monroe
Benjamin Hayes 82 Benjamin Hayes Pompey Onondaga Hays
Ephraim Hayward 80 Ephraim Hayward Willsborough Essex
Josiah Haywood 76
Belfast Allegany
Henry Head 82 Henry G. Head Duanesburg Schenectady
Britton Head 77 Britton Head Ithaca Tompkins
Levit Head 84 Paul White Bern Albany
John Heath 84 J. Heath, Jr. Windsor Broome
Patience Heath 79 John Heath Windsor Broome
Job Hedden 86 G. Hedden Glenville Schenectady
Hannah Hedges 76 Robert Hedges Easthampton Suffolk
William Heiner 84 William Heiner Hastings Oswego
John Heliker 81 John Heliker Jasper Steuben
Heth Helsey 83 Clark Smith Coventry Chenango
Margaret Henderson 74 Charles Denison Genoa Cayuga Dennison
Moses Hendrick 85 Moses Hendrick Berlin Rensselaer
Elizabeth Hendrick 93
Orangetown Rockland
Peter Hendrickson 75 P. Hendrickson Lenox Madison
Esther Hendryx 82 I. J. Hendryx Troy--3d ward Rensselaer Hendricks
William Henson 79 William Henson Windham Green
Jonathan Herrick 79
Duanesburg Schenectady
Daniel Herrick 81 James Harlow Davenport Delaware
Ephraim Herrick 85 Ephraim Herrick Sheridan Chatauque*
Lucy Herrick 78 Miles Herrick Milton Saratoga
Elijah Herrick 79 Elijah Herrick Charleston Montgomery
Hezekiah Herrick 83 W. B. Sturtevant West Half Cortland Cortland
Susanna Herrington 73 Susanna Herrington Burlington Otsego Harrington
Parley Herrington 85 S. P. Herrington Richfield Otsego Harrington
James Herrington 7* Henry B. Herrington Onondaga Onondaga Harrington
Comfort Herrington 86 Andrew Irish Hanover Chatauque* Harrington
Joseph Hess 83 Dennis Clapsaddle German Flats Herkimer
Jephtha Hewit 60 Jephtha Hewit Peru Clinton Hewitt
Barney Hewit 84 Barney Hewit Johnsburg Warren Hewitt
Randall Hewitt 70 Henry Shoemaker Seneca Seneca Hewit
Richard Hewitt 78 Richard Hewitt, Jr. Candor Tioga Hewit
Henry Hewitt 77 Henry Hewitt Venice Cayuga Hewit
Elisha Hewitt 82 Elisha Hewitt Sempronius Cayuga Hewit
Sterry Hewitt 84 Sterry Hewitt Petersburg Rensselaer Hewit
James Hewitt 77
Philadelphia Jefferson Hewit
Nehemiah Hewlet 75 Nehemiah Hewlet Granville Washington
Rufus Hibbard 82 Hezekiah Hibbard Riga Monroe
Ruth Hibbard 78 Burham Hibbard Kirkland Oneida
Vine T. Hibbard 74 Vine T. Hibbard Darien Genessee
John Hicks 79 John Hicks Norwich Chenango
Durfee Hicks 83 Gardner Hicks Palmyra Wayne
Stephen Hicks 85 Barney Hicks Ellisburg Jefferson
Daniel Hicks 80 John Hicks City of Buffalo--2d ward Erie
Polly Hicks 69 Polly Hicks Springfield Otsego
Seba Higbey 77 Seba Higbey Chester Warren
Elizabeth Higgins 91 David Higgins Bedford Westchester
Ebir Higgins 83 William Tebbets Perry Genessee
Thomas Higgins 85 Thomas Higgins Sherburne Chenango
John Hight 85
Tyrone Steuben
Reuben Hildreth 85 Thaddeus Hildreth Herkimer Herkimer
Nicholas Hill 74 Nicholas Daws Florida Montgomery Dawes
Solomon Hill 86 Jesse Lord Elba Genessee
Uriah Hill 84
Olive Ulster
Thomas Hill 78 Joseph Emmons Riga Monroe
Thomas Hill 86 Thomas Hill, Jr. Manchester Ontario
Benijah Hill 85 Benijah Hill Granville Washington
Alice Hill 72 O. Howes Nelson Madison
Henry Hill 79 Henry Hill Ashford Cattaraugus
David Hillard 80
Duanesburg Schenectady
Daniel Hills 78 Daniel Hills Fabius Onondaga
Carine Hills 76 Mareus Holmes City of Rochester Fourth Ward Monroe
Mary Hills 83
Watervliet Albany
Ebenezer Hills 100 Thomas Stanton Stockbridge Madison
Zimri Hills 77 Heman Hills Pomfret Chatauque*
Samuel Hills 77 Sylvester Hills Ephratah Fulton
Michael Hilsinger 81
Oneonto Otsego
Richard Hilton 81 Edwin James City of Albany-Second ward Albany
Joshua Hilyard 83 Joshua Hilyard Plattsburg^ Clinton
Rebecca Hilyard 74 Rebecca Hilyard Plattsburg^ Clinton
John Hinckley 77 John Hinckley Naples Ontario
Jesse Hinds 81 Jesse Hinds, Jr. Chenango Broome
Joseph Hinkley 80 Josiah Hinkley Westerloo Albany
Richard Hiscock 81 Luther Hiscock Pompey Onondaga
Abraham Hitchcock 75 William Stanton Mount Pleasant Westchester
Jonathan Hitchcock 79 Jonathan Hitchcock Catherines~ Chemung
Levi Hitchcock 85 Levi Hitchcock, Jr. Amesville Oneida
Abijah Hitchcock 81 Abijah Hitchcok Ellington Chatauque*
Abigail Hitt 84 Isaac Hitt Hamden Delaware
Abraham Hoagland 82 Jacob Hoagland Amsterdam Montgomery
Edmund Hoar 86 Edmund Hoar Bethany Genessee
Jonathan Hoard 85 Jonathan Hoard City of Albany-Second ward Albany
Isaac Hoard 83 Isaac Hoard Potter Yates
Eliphalet Hodges 80 Eliphalet Hodges Attica Genessee
Prudence Hodges 73 Timothy Soper Lyme Jefferson
Ephraim Hodges 83 B. Hodges Triangle Broome
Anna Hogan 65 Anna Hogan West Bloomfield Ontario
Ephraim Hogert 84 Daniel S. Hoyt Alexandria Jefferson
Paul J. Hogstrasser 78 Jacob Hoghstrasser Bern Albany
Merrit Hoke 93 Jacob Hoke Springfield Otsego
S. Holcomb 76 W. K. Holcomb Day Saratoga
Levi Holcomb 74 Levi Holcomb Jasper Steuben
***** Holden 76 E**** M. H***** [4] Otsego
Asa Holden 79 Asa Holden City of NY, 9th ward

Abram Holden 78 George Robbins Conesus Livingston
Abraham Holden 79 Aaron Holden Ticonderoga Essex
Amos Holiday 89 Amos Holiday Dansville Steuben
David Holister 86 Anson Phelps Harmony Chatauque* Hollister
Smith Hollister 78 Smith Holister Exeter Otsego
John Holman 69 John Holman Hague Warren
Samuel Holman 78 Samuel Holman Hartwick Otsego
David Holmes 83 David Holmes Bedford Westchester Holms
Catel Holmes 87 John Holmes Pawlings Dutchess Holms
Abijah Holmes 83 Abijah Holmes Bedford Westchester Holms
Ezra Holmes 82 Ezra Holmes Madison Madison
Seth Holmes 78 Seth Holmes Vernon Oneida
Jabez Holmes 86 Henry Rosefelt Schoharie Schoharie
Moses Holmes 93 William Holmes Bennington Genessee
James Holmes 85 James Holmes Owego Tioga
Oliver Holt 84 Elnathan Toby Farmersville Cattaraugus
Oliver Holt 85
Warsaw Genessee
John Hood 86 ***** H**d Burlington Otsego
Israel Hooker 82 Israel Hooker Lysander Onondaga
Gilbert Hooker 82 Zina Hooker Galen Wayne
Nicholas Hoose 81 Nicholas Hoose Coxsackie Green
Roderick Hopkins 81 Roderick Hopkins Trenton Oneida
George Hopkins 82 George Hopkins Floyd Oneida
Peter Hornbeck 81 Peter Hornbeck Neversink Sullivan
Abraham Hornbeck 77 Abraham Hornbeck Wawarsing Ulster
William Horton 77 Joseph Sheles Rome Oneida
Jeremiah Horton 88 Benjamin Horton Blooming Grove Orange
Samuel Horton 75 Samuel Horton Leicester Livingston
Thomas Horton 76 Thos. Horton Poultney Steuben
John Horton 78 John Horton Stephentown Rensselaer
Sampson Hosley 86 Sampson Hosley Edinburgh Saratoga
Prosper Hosmer 83 Secon Gantley 2d ward Hudson Columbia
Simeon Hotchkiss 85 John Meriam White Hall Washington
Samuel Hotchkiss 86 Saml. Hotchkiss Prattsburg Steuben
Roswell Hotchkiss 78 Roswell Hotchkiss Harpersfield Delaware
Shavah Houghton 85
Arcadia Wayne
Chris. John House 85 John Siver Stark Herkimer
John House 81 John House, Jr. Clarkstown Rockland
William House 86 William House Cornwall Orange
Nancy House 73 Hamilton Coleman Springfield Otsego
Mary House 88 Phineas Abbe Rome Oneida
Margaret Houton 69 Margaret Houton Homer Cortland
Simeon Howard 79 Jabez Healey Parishville St. Lawrence
Enos Howard 80 Enos Howard Duanesburg Schenectady
Darius Howard 75 Darius Howard Huron Wayne
Hope Howard 76 Richard Dutton Columbus Chenango
Ziba Howard 80 Ziba Howard Westport Essex
Stephen Howard 82 Stephen Howard Chazy Clinton
Simeon Howard 87 Lyman Howard Granville Washington
Phebe Howard 81 Abram Osborne Hanover Chatauque* Osborn
David Howe 78 David Howe Ballston Saratoga
Nancy Howe 74 Ezra Clark Marcy Oneida Clarke
Phebe Howe 93 Almshouse Beekmantown Clinton
William Howell 82 William Howell Sparta Livingston
Joseph Howland 77 Gideon Frisbee Delhi Delaware
William Hoyt 74 William Hoyt Alexander Genessee Hoit
Nathaniel Hoyt 76 Nathaniel Hoyt Poundridge Westchester Hoit
Enoch Hoyt 79 Enoch Hoyt City of NY, 8th ward
John Hubbard 78 John Hubbard Batavia Genessee
John Hubbard 82
Laurens Otsego
Samuel Hubbard 70 Moses Bur*** Ellisburg Jefferson
Martha Hubbard 94 John Elden Rome Oneida
Hannah Hubbard 83
Ridgeway Orleans
Abijah Hubbel 79 Abijah Hubbel Richland Oswego Hubbell
Lemuel Hubbell 85 Lemuel Hubbell Burlington Otsego Hubbel
Samuel Hubbs 75 Samuel Hubbs Charleston Montgomery
John Hudson 88 James Hudson Orangetown Rockland
Nicholas (twin w/Richard) Huff 84 N. Huff Ovid Seneca
Richard (twin w/Nicholas) Huff 84 P. J. Huff Ovid Seneca
William Huffman 78 Caleb Nye Venice Cayuga
Christian Hufnagle 77 Henry Stam Conajoharie Montgomery
Polly Hulbert 72 Augustus Hulbert Gouverneur St. Lawrence
Asel Hull 81 Isaac P. Hull Prattsville Green
David Hull 81 David Hull Westford Otsego
Sally Hull 70 William H. H. Hull Keene Essex
Samuel Hull 85 Libeus Hull Candor Tioga
Chester Hull 74 Nathaniel Hull Lexington Green
Stephen Hults 83 Isaac Hults Kent Putnam
Abraham Humphrey 78 Willis Humphrey Nelson Madison
Mercy Humphrey 77 Cornelius Vanalstine Phelps Ontario
Oliver Humphrey 81 Oliver Humphrey Phelps Ontario
Samuel Humphrey 84 Samuel Humphrey Lafayette Onondaga
Robert Humphrey 84 George C. Humphrey New Windsor Orange
Sally Humphrey 73 Alva Jefferson Darien Genessee
Green Hungerford 76 H. Martin Castile Genessee
Abijah Hunt 78 Abijah Hunt Sterling Cayuga
Hannah Hunt 79 Hiram Hunt Corrict[2] Delaware
William Hunt 76 William Hunt Lansing Tompkins
David Hunt 80 Zaccheus Hunt Holland Erie
William Hunt 84 Alva Hunt Nassau Rensselaer
Joseph Huntington 82 Joseph Huntington Sandlake Rensselaer
Samuel Huntington 84 John W. Martin Batavia Genessee
Thomas Huntington 83 Erastus Huntington Dresden Washington
John S. Huntinton -- John S. Huntington Danby Tompkins
Andrew Huntinton 79 Andrew Huntington Pittsford Monroe
Solomon Huntley 86 Solomon Huntley Salina Onondaga
Reuben Huntly 89 Ezra Huntly New Berlin Chenango Huntley
Reuben Huntoon 78 Reuben Huntoon Champlain Clinton
Robert L. Hurd 76 Robert L. Hurd Pike Allegany
Sarah Hurlbert 83 Simeon Lobbdell Westerloo Albany
Josiah Hurlbert 79 Josiah Hurlbert Wilna Jefferson
Clemence Hurlburt 82 Benjamin F. Hurlburt Marcy Oneida
Elizabeth Hurlbut 81 Christopher Hurlbut Hornellsville Steuben
Abiram Hurlbut 76 Abiram Hurlbut Madrid St. Lawrence
William Huston 83 Samuel Titus Henrietta Monroe
Abijah Hutchinson 83 James Hutchinson Geneseo Livingston
S. Francis Huttinack 79 Stephen F. Huttinack Plattsburg^ Clinton
Christopher Hutton 83 Isaac Hutton Stuyvesant Columbia
Elizabeth Hutton 79 George Hutton Carlisle Schoharie
John Hutton 79 John Hutton Clarkstown Rockland
Judy Hyatt 79 Charles Hyatt Otego Otsego

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