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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Nathaniel Kaler 81 Nathaniel Kaler Nelson Madison
Angelica Kane 99
Glenville Schenectady
Lucy Kanna 84 John Handy Bath Steuben
John Kay 83 John Kay Queensbury Warren
Thomas Kearns 69 Richard Newman City of NY, 13th ward
Keairns; Kerns
Jeremiah Keeler 80 Jeremiah Keeler Lewisboro Westchester
Peter Keith 85 Peter Keith Norwich Chenango
Penelope Keldar 84 Henry Keldar Rochester Ulster
Thomas Kelicott 87
Murray Orleans
Henry Kellar 67 Henry Kellar Schenectady City--4th ward Schenectady Keller
Edmund Kelley 72 Martin Kelley Roxbury Delaware Kelly
Nathaniel Kellog 78 Nathaniel Kellog Urbanna Steuben Kellogg
Nathaniel Kellogg 82 James Ingersoll Jasper Steuben Kellog
Thomas Kellogg 82 Ebenezer Kellogg Russia Herkimer Kellog
Levi Kellogg 82 Spencer Kellogg City of Utica-3d Ward Oneida Kellog
Loomis Kellogg 82 Loomis Kellogg Marcy Oneida Kellog
Enoch Kellogg 78 James Kellogg Wales Erie Kellog
Elizabeth Kelly 80 John Kelly Palatine Montgomery Kelley
Stephen Kelly 84 Stephen Kelly Virgil Cortland Kelley
Elizabeth Kelso 83 James Kelso New Windsor Orange
John Kempor 84 John Kempor 2d ward Hudson Columbia Kemper
Joshua Kendall 79 Joshua Kendall Veteran Chemung
Peter Kendall 77 Peter Kendall Middlebury Genessee
Deborah Kennedy 94 Deborah Kennedy Broadalbin Fulton
Samuel Kennedy 79 Samuel Kennedy Johnstown Fulton
Daniel Kenney 80 Hiram Anderson Massena St. Lawrence
Isaac Kennon 84 David Kennon Plattsburg^ Clinton
Charles Kent 78 Charles Kent Huron Wayne
Ezekiel Kent 78 Jerome Kent Truxton Cortland
Richard Kenter 74 Richard Kenter Stark Herkimer
Wilhelmus Kerkendall 78 Henry Kerkendall Mamakating Sullivan Kirkendahl
Samuel Ketcham 82 Samuel Ketcham Warwick Orange Ketchum
Solomon Ketcham 83 Isaac Conklin Huntington Suffolk Ketchum
Samuel Ketchum 78 Jonathan Ke***** Maryland Otsego Ketcham
Ezra Ketchum 91 Job Reynolds Saratoga Springs Saratoga Ketcham
Mary Kibb 90 Betsey Pottle Naples Ontario
Keziah Ann Kidd 87 James R. Kidd Newburg Orange
Jonathan Kidney 75 Jonathan Kidney City of Albany-First ward Albany Kidneigh
Eliphaz Kilbourn 83 Eliphaz Kilbourn Rennselaerville Albany Kilbourne Kilborn, Kilborne
Mary Kilmer 83 Peter Brasee Claverack Columbia
John Kimball 76 Samul Philips Moira Franklin Kimbal, Kimble, Phillips
Elizabeth Kimber 80
Minisink Orange
Ephraim Kimdle 84 E. Kimdle Sandy Creek Oswego Kimble
Ebenezer King 79 Benjamin King Locke Cayuga
Esau King 77 Jackson King Bern Albany
Reuben King 75 Asa Woodford Rennselaerville Albany
Philip King 78 E. A. King Mentz Cayuga
George H. King 77 George H. King Norwich Chenango
Ormel King 77 Henry Noyes Edinburgh Saratoga
Apollos King 76 Apollos King Otisco Onondaga
William King 81 Jacob King Bainbridge Chenango
John King 87 John King Norwich Chenango
John King 75 John King Kingsbury Washington
Thos. Kingsbury 88 Marvin Baulch Virgil Cortland
William Kingsley 75 William Kingsley Ballston Saratoga
Uriah Kingsley 80 George Kingsley Moira Franklin
Jonathan Kingsley 80 Jonathan Kingsley Fort Ann Washington
Elias Kingsley 79 Elias Kingsley Louisville St. Lawrence
Lucy Kinman 77
Warsaw Genessee
Daniel Kinney 80 Peabody Kinney Massena St. Lawrence
Anna Kinney 76 M. L. Hopkins West Half Cortland Cortland
Jesse Kinney 78 Jesse Kinney Amboy Oswego
Abiel Kinsley 50 Abiel Kinsley Mayfield Fulton
Griffon Kinyon 87 Daniel Burch Nichols Tioga
Alexander Kinyon 81 Alexander Kinyon Scott Cortland
John Kinyon 80 John Kinyon Mexico Oswego
Henry F. A. Kirkland 90 Henry F. A. Kirkland Rome Oneida
John Kirkland 82 Edwin S. Kirkland Granville Washington
John Kling 77 John Kling Summit Schoharie
Benjamin Knap 75 Benjamin Knap Chester Warren Knapp
Ephraim Knapp 83 Moses Knapp Stockholm St. Lawrence Knap
Jared Knapp 88 Jared Kanpp Warsaw Genessee Knap
Samuel Knapp 82 Samuel Knapp Dryden Tompkins Knap
William Knapp 76 William Knapp, Jr. Barton Tioga Knap
Moses Knapp 86 Moses Knapp Pompey Onondaga Knap
Benjamin Knapp 78
Lima Livingston Knap
Isual Knapp 79 Isual Knapp New Windsor Orange Knap
Sally Knight 71 Sally Knight Troy--5th ward Rensselaer
J. Knight 79 Elijah Knight Ellenburg Clinton
Thomas Knight 80 Thomas Knight Walkill Orange
James Knights 83 James Knights Clifton Park Saratoga
John Knox 81 Henry Knox Russell St. Lawrence
Elizabeth Kretcher 79 Kenry Kretcher Ephratah Fulton
Benjamin A. Krun 81 Peter Snyder Marlborough Ulster Snider
Cornelius Krun 85 James C. Krun Marlborough Ulster
Rachael Kumble 78 Isaac Padrick Ephratah Fulton
Hendrick Kunck 83 Hendrick Kunck Charleston Montgomery
Michael G. Kuran 82 Peter Kuran Windham Green

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