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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Jacob Failing 79 Nicholas Failing Openheim Fulton
John J. Failing 74 John J. Failing Openheim Fulton
Joseph Fairchild 82 Joseph Fairchild Coventry Chenango
Roswell Fairman 77 Roswell Fairman Niles Cayuga
Levi Falcounbury 79 Levi W. Falcounbury White Hall Washington
Henry H. Fall 90 Henry H. Fall Ellisburg Jefferson
Jonathan Fanning 86 Anson Sparlin Sweden Monroe
Abijah Farchild 85 Stephen G**** Otsego Otsego
Polly Fargo 79 Nathaniel P. Ransom Springfield Otsego
Elijah Farnham 80 Daniel Farnham Nelson Madison Farnum
Joseph Farnham 76 Joseph Farnham Springfield Otsego Farnum
Edmund Farnsworth 79 Edmund Farnsworth Perrysburg Cattaraugus
Edmund Farnsworth 78 Thomas Farnsworth Crown Point Essex
Sarah Farr 73 Alvin Farr Watson Lewis
John Farrar 81 John Farrar Machias Cattaraugus
Joseph Farrer 67 Joseph Farrer Hastings Oswego
March Farrington 80 Henry More Delhi Delaware Moore
Moses Fay 78 Moses Fay Hinsdale Cattaraugus
John Featherly 80 John Featherly Rose Wayne
William Fecter 84 William Fecter, Jr. Manheim Herkimer Feeter
Jonathan Fellows 78 Jari Fellows De Peyster St. Lawrence
Molly Fellows 89 Molly Fellows Rome Oneida
Isaac Fellows 82 Augustus Fellows Richland Oswego
Jehial Felt 71 Jehial Felt City of Rochester Fourth Ward Monroe
Aaron Fenne 79 Joel Bull Jay Essex Fenn
Nathaniel Fenton 77 Nathaniel Fenton Poland Chatauque*
Adonijah Fenton 86 Henry Whitney Chatauque* Chatauque*
Samuel Fenton 83 Samuel Fenton Fort Ann Washington
Gilbert Ferguson 77 Gilbert Ferguson Ohio Herkimer
Alexander Feriole 76 Alexander Feriole Chazy Clinton
Peter Fero 77 Abraham Fero Hornby Steuben
Samuel Ferris 86 L. Ferris Ovid Seneca
John A. Ferris 82 John A. Ferris Plattsburg^ Clinton
Richard Ferris 78 Richard Ferris Spencer Tioga
Peter Ferro 86 Peter Ferro Hamburg Erie
Thomas Fetterly 76 Thomas Fetterly Clayton Jefferson
John Fiddler 78 Henry Task V*****[3] Ontario
George Field 80 Perry Wilkinson Salem Washington
Isaac Finch 56 Isaac Finch Jay Essex
Elnathan Finch 79 Elnathan Finch Clifton Park Saratoga
Reuben Finch 82
Schenectady City--4th ward Schenectady
Amos Finch 85 Amos Finch Cairo Green
John Finch -- John Finch Fishkill Dutchess
Christian Finck 81 Phebe Finc* Victory Cayuga Fink
John L. Fink 54 John L. Fink Walkill Orange
Jonathan Finney 86 Jonathan Finney Delhi Delaware
Moses Finney 76 Moses Finney Ticonderoga Essex
Joseph Finton 79 Joseph Finton Barrington Yates
Aaron Fish 81 H. Norton Volney Oswego
Jonathan Fish 78 John K. Fish Bolton Warren
Joseph Fish 80 Joseph Fish Olive Ulster
Jonathan Fish 83 Jonathan Fish Ellisburg Jefferson
Caleb Fish 84 Othniel Corbel Saratoga Springs Saratoga
Jesse Fisher 85 Smith Clason Mount Pleasant Westchester
Josiah Fisher 80 Josiah Fisher Elizabethtown Essex
Abner Fisk 86 Alvin Walker Lee Oneida
John Fisk 79 John Fisk Attica Genessee
Abner Fisk 81 Asahel Havens Westport Essex
Roswell W. Fitch 77 R. W. Fitch Pomfret Chatauque*
John Fitch 90 John Fitch Kirkland Oneida
Giles Fitch 78 Giles Fitch Greenfield Saratoga
William Fitch 75 William Fitch Liberty Sullivan
Walter Fitch 77 Walter Fitch Oneonto Otsego
Asa Fitch 74 Asa Fitch Salem Washington
John Fitz Simmons 79 John Fitz Simmons Southport Chemung
Sarah Fitzgerald 87 James Fitzgerald Ballston Saratoga
Elizabeth Fitzhue 74 Elizabeth Fitzhue Sodus Wayne
Michael Fitzpatrick 41 Michael Fitzpatrick City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
Peter Flagg 89 Peter Flagg German Flats Herkimer
Elijah Flagg 80 Elijah Flagg Massena St. Lawrence
Henry Flanders 80 John Flanders Palatine Montgomery
Augustus Flanders 83 Augustus Flanders Openheim Fulton
Luke Fletcher 81 Luke Fletcher Stockholm St. Lawrence
John Fletcher 78 John Fletcher Columbus Chenango
Oliver Fletcher 81 Oliver Fletcher Manchester Ontario
Benjamin Fletcher 80
Lorraine Jefferson
Jabez Flint 84 Jabez Flint Amenia Dutchess
John Flitcher 84 Joseph Flitcher Enfield Tompkins Fletcher
John Fobes 78 John Fobes Potsdam St. Lawrence
John Folliard 88 John Folliard Troy--1st ward Rensselaer
Eldert Fonda 89 John Holenbeck Mayfield Fulton Hollenbeck
Ebenezer Foot 87 Thomas T. Beden Fabius Onondaga Foote
Beeri Foot 78 Albert Foot Galen Wayne Foote
Thankful Foot 86 Noel Foot Kirkland Oneida Foote
Joseph Foot 79 Joseph Foot Austerlitz Columbia Foote
Jesse Foote 82 Jesse Foote Johnstown Fulton Foot
Jeniel Foote 80 Jehiel Foote Pompey Onondaga Foot
Catharine Forbes 84 William Ralston Pinckney Lewis
Samuel Forbs 74 Samuel Forbs Malone Franklin Forbes
Asher Ford 79 Asher Ford Hartford Washington
Nathaniel Ford 74 Nathaniel Ford Marshall Oneida
Anna Ford 75 William Ford Constantia Oswego
Sanborn Ford 84 Sanborn Ford Ballston Saratoga
Mary Forest 75 George Green Sangerfield Oneida Greene
Peter Fosburgh 85
Cincinnatus Cortland
William Foster 76 William Rowley Urbanna Steuben
Michael Foster 79 Michael Foster North Castle Westchester
Parley Foster 81 Parley Foster Hillsdale Columbia
Caleb Foster 78 Richard Foster Greenville Green
Samuel S. Foster 79 Samuel S. Foster Batavia Genessee
Daniel Foster 86 Hepzee Brady Castile Genessee
William Foster 88 Ira Foster Lysander Onondaga
David Foster 84 Ruth Foster Lexington Green
Erastus Foster 79 E. Foster Prattsburg Steuben
Giles Foster 83 Giles Foster Turin Lewis
Vincent Foster 85 Deborah Foster Malta Saratoga
George Fowler 79 George Fowler Salem Washington
Mary Fowler 79 James Champman Amesville Oneida
Samue Fox 81 Samuel Fox Dryden Tompkins
Vaniah Fox 78 Vaniah Fox Pomfret Chatauque*
Peter Fox 81 Peter Fox Palatine Montgomery
Chloe Fox 78 Amasa Fox Meredith Delaware
Jacob Fradenburgh 81 James Fradenburgh Jerusalem Yates
Adam France 82 Adam France Saugerties Ulster
Wilhelmus France 86 Wilhelemus France Hunter Green
Jacob France 80 Jacob France, Jr. Cobleskill Schoharie
Job Francis 75 Job Francis Stockbridge Madison Frances
Aaron Francis 75 Aaron Francis Java Genessee Frances
Anne Francisco 81 Samuel C. Frances Frankfort Herkimer Francis
Levi Francisco 83 Levi Francisco Penfield Monroe
Catharine Frank 85 Widow Frank Glen Montgomery
Catharine Frank 77 John Frank Owego Village Tioga
Nathan Franklin 78 Nathan Franklin Parish Oswego
Moses Franklin 76 Moses Franklin Springfield Otsego
David Frayer 83 Charles Frayer Windham Green
Aaron Fredenburgh 87 A. Fredenburgh Mentz Cayuga Fredenburg
Stiles Freeman 52 Stiles Freeman Lysander Onondaga
Elizabeth Freeman 63 John Dana Canaan Columbia
Alexander Freeman 79 Alexander Freeman Lockport Niagara
Jonathan French 75 Jonathan French Hamilton Madison
Jonathan French 76 Gabriel Beech Rockland Sullivan Beach
Jeremiah French 81 Jeremiah French Owego Tioga
Ebenezer French 79 Ebenezer French East Bloomfield Ontario
Samuel French 82 William French Amsterdam Montgomery
Noah French 86 Noah French Antwerp Jefferson
Joseph French 79 Joseph French Frankfort Herkimer
Coonrad Friday 77 Coonrad Friday Root Montgomery
Amos Frink 80
Murray Orleans
Thomas Frink 77 Harvey Frink Hanover Chatauque*
Nathan Frink 75 Nathan Frink Amesville Oneida
Sarah Frisbee 88 Lewis Frisbee Canaan Columbia
Thomas Frisbee 79 Thomas Frisbee Bern Albany
Asahel Frisbee 84 Asahael Frisbee Thompson Sullivan
Levi Frisbee 67 Levi Frisbeen Westport Essex
Thomas Frost 77 Charles J. Frost Conquest Cayuga
George P. Frost 83 George P. Frost Rochester Ulster
John Frost 81 Richard Hurd Evans Erie
Joseph Frost 85 Eli C. Frost Catherines~ Chemung
Elizabeth Frothingham 82 Elizabeth Frothingham Sandlake Rensselaer
Christopher Fry 78 William Fry Dover Dutchess
David Fuller 80 David Fuller Caladonia Livingston
Samuel Fuller 74 Samuel Fuller Portage Allegany
Lot Fuller 80 Lot Fuller Floyd Oneida
Nathan Fuller 81 William Fuller Gainesville Genessee
Joshua Fuller 77 Francis R. Petty Conquest Cayuga
Betsey Fuller 83 Chase Fuller Freedom Cattaraugus
Elkney Fuller 76 Elkney Fuller Castile Genessee
Jonathan Fuller 87 Jonathan Fuller Great Valley Cattaraugus
John Fuller 80 John Fuller Elba Genessee
David Fuller 80 David Fuller Wilmington Essex
Abigail Fuller 86 Orrin Fuller Rome Oneida
George Fults 88 Conrad Fults Newfane Niagara

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