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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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J**** P***** 80 J***** ***** [4] Otsego
P**er Pa*ker 72 Peter Pa*ker Edmeston Otsego Packer; Parker
Isaac Packard 78 Isaac Packard Schroeppel Oswego
Mercy Packard 77 O. H. Packard Coventry Chenango
Rebecca Packard 66 Samuel Bailow Madrid St. Lawrence
Timothy Page 80 Timothy Page Sullivan Madison Paige
David Page 57 David Page Hermon St. Lawrence Paige
Isaac Page 82 David Page Potter Yates Paige
Benonah Paige 88 Benonah Paige Sidney Delaware Page
James Palmer 85 James Palmer Sparta Livingston
Humphrey Palmer 82 Humphrey Palmer Exeter Otsego
Andrew Palmer 85 William F. Reed Richmond Ontario
Daniel Palmer 44 Daniel Palmer City of NY, 3d ward

John Palmer 82 John Palmer Hoosick Rensselaer
Thomas Palmer 80 Thomas Palmer Village of Potsdam St. Lawrence
Hannah Palmer 75 Christopher Pal*** Exeter Otsego
Sarah Palmer 78 Edward Palmer, 2d Genoa Cayuga
Royatt Palmer 75 Elijah W. Palmer Shelden Genessee
Samuel Palmer 87 Moses Palmer Middleburgh Schoharie
William Palmiter 77 Asenath Palmiter Phelps Ontario
Samuel Pangburn 82 Samuel Pangburn Westport Essex
Abigail Pardee 81 Henry Pardee V*****[3] Ontario
Samuel Parder 88 S. F. Hunting Greece Monroe
Levi H. Parish 47 Levi H. Parish City of Rochester Fourth Ward Monroe Parrish
John Parish 89 John Parish Fort Ann Washington Parrish
Jeremiah Parish 75 Jeremiah Parish Farmersville Cattaraugus Parrish
Mathias Park 79 Whiting Russell Richford Tioga
Ebenezer Parker 84 Charles Ryon Fowler St. Lawrence
Samuel Parker 82 Samuel Parker Byron Genessee
William Parker 79 William Parker Groveland Livingston
James Parker 76 Alva Parker Paris Oneida
Mary Parker 82 Epaphras Bowles Franklin Delaware
Phineas Parker 83 Asel Parker Poultney Steuben
Sarah Parker 83 Lucia Parker Coventry Chenango
Amos Parker 78 Amos Parker Trenton Oneida
Edward Parker 80 Edward Parker Cazenovia Madison
Gilbert Parkhurst 79 Gilbert Parkhurst Hastings Oswego
David Parkhurst 72 David Parkhurst Webster Monroe
Sylvanus Parkinson 78 John T. Ferris Otto Cattaraugus
Hannah Parkman 73 Wm. E. Parkman 1st ward Hudson Columbia
Anna Parks 78 Anna Parks Canaan Columbia
Ebenezer Parks 94 Ebenezer Parks Venice Cayuga
David Parks 75 David Parks Root Montgomery
Rufus Parks 80 Rufus Parks Grafton Rensselaer
Jacob Parks 83 Thruston Wing, Jr. Dover Dutchess
Aaron Parks 75 Harry C. Parks Malone Franklin
Giles Parmele 76 Benjamin Lane Potsdam St. Lawrence Parmely; Parmeley
James Parmely 82 James Parmely, Jr. South Bristol Ontario Parmele; Parmeley
Oliver Parmenter 78 Ira Dutton Moriah Essex
Phineas Parmenter 78 John Parmenter Busti Chatauque*
Nathaniel Parmeter 54 Nathaniel Parmeter Potsdam St. Lawrence Parmenter
Nathan Parmeter 81 Nathan Parmeter Potsdam St. Lawrence Parmenter
Sarah Parrons 89 Arel Parrons White Hall Washington
Adoniram Parrot 83 A. Parrot Plattsburg^ Clinton
Samuel Parsons 84 Samuel Parsons Minisink Orange
John Parsons 86 Addison Manley Norway Herkimer
Ann Partridge 80 Merrit Hurd Liberty Sullivan
Asa Partrige 80 Asa Partrige Colen Erie Partridge
Abigail Pasco 74 Leonard Pasco Johnsburg Warren
Daniel Patchem 81 Daniel Patchem Richfield Otsego
Molly Patchen 79 Charles Patchen Blenheim Schoharie
Walter Patchen 76 Walter Patchen Connocton[4] Steuben
Sally Patchen 68 Wadwood Patchen Jefferson Schoharie
Samuel Patchin 82 John Patchin Hague Warren
Elizabeth Paterson 91 Samuel Kilborn Ogden Monroe Patterson
William Patison 80 William Patison Fort Ann Washington
Jacob Patrick 76 Jacob Patrick Lyons Wayne
George Patrick 85 George Patrick Cobleskill Schoharie
Edith Patten 80 Ira J. Patten Alexandria Jefferson
Sunderland Patterson 83 Sunderland Patterson Elba Genessee Paterson
Ebenezer Patteson -- Wm. B. Patteson Portage Allegany Pattison
Nelly Pattison 76 Abm. Lockwood Roxbury Delaware Patteson
Joseph Paulding 76 Joseph Paulding Tyrone Steuben
Peter Paulding 91 John Paulding Mount Pleasant Westchester
Jacob Pe*ker 87 Peter Becker Schoharie Schoharie
Michael Pearce 84 Michael Pearce Middlesex Yates Pierce
James Pease 87 James Pease Auburn Cayuga
Jerusha Pease 80 David H. Pease Wolcott Wayne
Tabitha Peck 74 N*t*aniel Bol*** Burlington Otsego
Abijah Peck 82 Abijah Peck Clifton Park Saratoga
Reuben Peck 80 Jonathan Smith Ira Cayuga
Henry H. Peck 77 Henry H. Peck Schenectady City--4th ward Schenectady
Ichabod Peck 79 Ichabod Peck Ephratah Fulton
Peleg Peck 78 Peleg Peck Attica Genessee
Daniel Peck 8* ****** Peck Onondaga Onondaga
Thomas Peck 79 Thomas Peck Poundridge Westchester
Eliphalet Peck 82 Eliphalet Peck Alexander Genessee
Lewis D. Peck 75
Rotterdam Schenectady
Joseph Peck 84 Joseph Peck Schenectady City-1st ward Schenectady
Elizabeth Peck 88 Adam White Lumberland Sullivan
Pardon Peckham 77 Pardon Peckham Lancaster Erie
Eliab Peitee 78 Eliab Peitee Fairfield Herkimer
Joseph Pelton 78 Joseph Pelton Trenton Oneida
Stephen Pelton 79 Chauncey Ives Lansingburg Rensselaer
Stephen Pendleton 84 Esther Maxham Truxton Cortland
Samuel Penfield 76 Samuel Penfield Westfield Chatauque*
Robert Pennell 78 Robert Pennell Newstead Erie
William Pennett -- Henry Seabott Clarkson Monroe
Love Perady -- Henry Hart Troy--1st ward Rensselaer
Joseph H. Perigo 77 Robert Perigo Granby Oswego
Eunice Perigo 93 Nathan Gillin Potsdam St. Lawrence
William Perine 85 William Perine Sparta Livingston
Reuben Perkins 76 Caleb Perkins Lenox Madison
Ezekiel Perkins 76 Ezekiel Perkins Perrysburg Cattaraugus
Rufus Perkins 79 Rufus Perkins Delhi Delaware
Eliab Perkins 84 Orson Hayward New Lebanon Columbia
William Perkins 88 Obadiah Baldwin Crown Point Essex
Leonard Perkins 78 Harlow Perkins Byron Genessee
Frederick Perrigo 75 James D. Perrigo Ellenburg Clinton
Mary Perry 82
Schenectady City--2d ward Schenectady
Freeman Perry 86 Phineas Hodgkins Schroon Essex
Jeremiah Perry 86 Jeremiah Perry Parma Monroe
Elnathan Perry 80 Elnathan Perry Rush Monroe
Henry Perry 77 John Perry Broadalbin Fulton
William E. Persons 82 William E. Persons Bethany Genessee
Joseph P. Peters 79 J. P. Peters Portland Chatauque*
Harman Peters 78 Carnelius Peters Sumner Hill Cayuga
John Peterson 90 John Peterson Cortland Westchester
Philip Peterson 82 Philip Peterson Stockbridge Madison Petersen
Samuel Pethey 75
Orangeville Genessee
Benj. Petingal 79 Benj. Petingal Clarendon Orleans
Samuel Petit 78 Samuel Petit Mayfield Fulton
Andrew Pette 81 Anna Gillet Cherry Valley Otsego
Daniel Pettibone 87 Daniel Pettibone Vernon Oneida
Jacob Pettibone 80 Jacob Pettibone, Jr. Manheim Herkimer
John Pettingell 73 John Pettingell Henderson Jefferson
William Pettingill 82 Samuel Pettingill Milford Otsego
Ebenezer Pettis 78 Ebenezer Pettis Connocton[4] Steuben
Israel Phelps 82 Israel Phelps Galway Saratoga
Silas Phelps 80 Calvin C. Phelps Barre Orleans
Elnathan Phelps 45 Elnathan Phelps Dansville Steuben
Jonathan Phelps 76 Jonathan Phelps Pomfret Chatauque*
Alexander Phelps 83 Ralph R. Phelps Ellicottville Cattaraugus
Mary Phelps 85 Stephen Coman Eaton Madison
Elisha Phelps 82 Freeman Baker Scaghticoke Rensselaer
John Phelps 82
Belfast Allegany
Ada Phelps 74 Horace Phelps Franklin Delaware
Cornelius Phelps 77 Cornelius Phelps Hanover Chatauque*
Elkanah Philips 84 Lucinda Philips Moira Franklin Phillips
Abraham Philips 92 E. B. Gilbert Ephratah Fulton Phillips
Evan Philips 63 Evan Philips Bern Albany Phillips
Thomas Phillips 78 Thomas Phillips Villanovia*** Chatauque* Philips
Abiezer Phillips 81 M. Phillips Ellisburg Jefferson Philips
Henry W. Phillips 84 Wm. Phillips Claverack Columbia Philips
Adam Phillips 80 A. A. Phillips Lenox Madison Philips
Ebenezer Phillips 80 Ebenezer Phillips Houndsfield Jefferson Philips
Samuel Phipps 80 Samuel Phipps Nanticoke Broome
Adolphus Picket 79 Adolphus Picket Orleans Jefferson
Otis Pierce 49 Otis Pierce Naples Ontario Pearce
Eli Pierce 79 George D. Pierce Preble Cortland Pearce
Ebenezer Pierce 78 Ebenezer Pierce Butler Wayne Pearce
Benjamin Pierce 77 Benjamin Pierce Troy--3d ward Rensselaer Pearce
William Pierce 73 William Pierce South Bristol Ontario Pearce
Rebecca Pierce 86 Rebecca Pierce Naples Ontario Pearce
Sarah Pierce 74 Ezekiel Pierce Paris Oneida Pearce
Stephen Pierce 87 Mrs. Reuben Tower Sangerfield Oneida Pearce
Rhoda Pierpont 74 William McCoy Livonia Livingston
Sarah Pike 65 Sarah Pike Caldwell Warren
Joseph Pike 82 J. Hurlbert Colesville Broome
Jonathan Pinckney 79 James Smith Broadalbin Fulton
Joseph M. Pine 77 Samuel Benham Livonia Livingston
Andrew Piper 80 Andrew Piper Frankfort Herkimer
Russell Pitkin 47 Russell Pitkin Schroon Essex
Olive Pixley 81 Abigail Gilman Newstead Erie
Griffin Place 78 Nathaniel Flagg Norfolk St. Lawrence
James Platt 80 James Platt Austerlitz Columbia
Lydia Platt 87 Mehitable Brown Poundridge Westchester Platte
William Platt 81 Cyrus Cook Trenton Oneida Cooke
David Plidden 81 David Plidden Lyons Wayne
Henry Plinley 96 Henry Plinley Woodstock Ulster
Henry Plough 76 John H. Kyser Schoharie Schoharie Kaiser; Keiser; Kiser
Elisha Plumb 53 Elisha Plumb Yorkshire Cattaraugus Plum
Ebenezer Plumby 86 Allen J. Plumby Niles Cayuga
Kesiah Pollard 73 Fletcher Billings Cazenovia Madison
Eben. Polley 53 Eben. Polley, Jr. Massena St. Lawrence
John Polley 55 John Polley Massena St. Lawrence
John Polley 79 Foster Polley Massena St. Lawrence
Isaac Polmentier 80 Isaac Polmentier Prattsburg Steuben
Elisha Pomeroy 77 Elisha Pomeroy Sardinia Erie
Ira Pomeroy 81 I. Pomeroy, Jr. Sennett Cayuga
Bartholomew Pond 85 Merritt Pond Camden Oneida
Barnabas Pond 84 Barnabas Pond Kirkland Oneida
Ezra Pond 84 Cephas Clark Ansable[1] Clinton Clarke
William Popham 87 William S. Popham City of NY, 15th ward

Daniel Popinoe 81 Daniel Popinoe Goshen Orange
Stephen Porter 79 Stephen Porter Gouverneur St. Lawrence
David Porter 79 David Porter Cattskill Green
Abel Porter 83 Lenthel Eells Paris Oneida
Martin Porter 81 Martin Porter Marcy Oneida
Philo Porter 53 Philo Porter Alexander Genessee
Benjamin Porter 80
Shelby Orleans
John Porter 77 Dennis Jones White Hall Washington
Benjamin Porter 80 Philo Porter Alexander Genessee
Ezra Post 76 William Post Phelps Ontario
Thomas Pott 76 Thomas Pott Poundridge Westchester
Sarah Potter 84 Henry Potter Schodack Rensselaer
Noel Potter 82 Noel Potter, Jr. Hartland Niagara
John Potter 85 John Potter Laurens Otsego
Caleb Potter 7* C*** Potter Onondaga Onondaga
Stephen Potter 81 Stephen Potter Petersburg Rensselaer
Joseph Potter 85 Zebina Potter Shelden Genessee
Gideon Potter 80 Varnum Potter Broadalbin Fulton
Borden Potter 76
Belfast Allegany
Zebedee Potter 86 Zebedee Potter Manlius Onondaga
Abel Potter 80 Abel Potter Ellisburg Jefferson
Cyrus Potter 75 Robert Potter Fairfield Herkimer
Nicholas Potter 80 Nicholas Potter Sempronius Cayuga
Mary Potter 74 Almon Potter Lee Oneida
Asel Powel 81 Asel Powel Stockbridge Madison Powell
Thomas Powell 75 Thomas Powell Stockbridge Madison
William Powell 80 William Powell Ephratah Fulton
Jeremiah Powell 89 Liberty Powell Whitestown Oneida
Felix Powell 77 Olive Butterfield Lyme Jefferson
Joseph Powers 85 Ch**ter Powers Worcester Otsego
Sarah Powers 87 Benj. Cross Albion Oswego
David Powers 79 David Powers Trenton Oneida
Phebe Pr****y 86 Moses Pre****y Spafford Onondaga
Noah Pratt 77 Philip B. Keeler Rush Monroe
Augustus Pratt 89 Augustus Pratt Durham Green
Ephraim Pratt 79 Ephraim Pratt Lewis Essex
Mary Pratt 80 Abijah Pratt Owego Tioga
John Pratt 77 Jacob Thomas Rush Monroe
Stephen Pratt 79 Mary Lilly Elbridge Onondaga
Remember Pratt 84 S. H. Pratt Hume Allegany
Stephen Pratt 76 Stephen Pratt Arkwright Chatauque*
Abel Pratt 83 Abel Pratt Edwards St. Lawrence
Elizabeth Prentice 74 Joseph Prentice Berkshire Tioga
Phebe Prescot 79 E. Prescot Troy--3d ward Rensselaer Prescott
Jonathan Presler 89 Nurthrup Green Seneca Ontario Greene
Daniel Preston 77 Joan Preston Otsego Otsego
John Preston 84 Ezra Preston Westerloo Albany
Shubal Preston 82 Shubal Preston, Jr. Lysander Onondaga
Othniel Preston 84 Othniel Preston Penfield Monroe
Calvin Preston 78 Philip Preston Deerfield Oneida
David Price 87 David Price Genoa Cayuga
Ruth Price 80 Isaac Price Richland Oswego
Hannah Price 74 Aaron L. Price Homer Cortland
Asa Priest 83 Asa Priest Paris Oneida
Joseph Prince 88 Harvey Hitchcock Trenton Oneida
Samuel Prindle 81 Samuel Prindle Spafford Onondaga
John Pronty 77 Thomas Blain Varick Seneca
Peter Puff 82 John Puff Newfield Tompkins
Sarah Puffer 75 Ebenezer Puffer Watson Lewis
Catharine Pulver 83 John Silvernail Copake Columbia
Jeremiah Purdy 77 Jeremiah Purdy Sherburne Chenango
Josiah Purdy 78 Isaac Purdy Georgetown Madison
Samuel Purdy 79 Samuel Purdy Southeast Putnam
Sylvanus Purrington 85 Sylvanus Purrington Rennselaerville Albany
Nelly Putman 98 Peter Putman Johnstown Fulton Putnam
Samuel Putney 83 Samuel Putney Broadalbin Fulton

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