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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Daniel S**** 77 ****** ***** [4] Otsego
Samuel S**** 74 Samuel S**** Otsego Otsego
A**** S***m*n 62 Le*nard P***ts Edmeston Otsego
Eldad Sabin 75 Erastus W. Sabin Essex Essex Saban
William Sackett 86 Cornelius Boylon Seneca Seneca
Abigail Safford 77 Abigail Safford Pembroke Genessee
Thaizer Sage 71 Thaizer Sage Conesville Schoharie
Daniel Sage 83 William Shaw New Berlin Chenango
Elias Sage 83 Elias Sage Denmark Lewis
Ganet J. Sager 87 G. J. Sager New Scotland Albany
Gersh*** Salmon 86 Stephen Salmon East Bloomfield Ontario
Catharine Salpaugh 78 Philip Salpaugh Germantown Columbia
John Salsburg 89 Harmon Salsburg Bern Albany Salzburg
Lucas Salsbury 80 Lucas Salsbury Sullivan Madison Salisbury
Benjamin Salts 78 Benjamin Salts Oswegatchie St. Lawrence
Benjamin Sammons 82 Jacob Sammons Johnstown Fulton Salmons
Margaret Samons 72
Deerpark Orange Salmons
John Sample 79 John Sample Sparta Livingston
Paul Sanburn 79 Paul Sanburn Conesus Livingston
Elizabeth Sanders 78 Daniel C. Bastin Lawrence St. Lawrence
Luke Sanders 82 Christopher Saunders Barton Tioga
Joseph Sanders 77 J. Sanders Triangle Broome
Avery Sanders 78 Avery Sanders Ansable[1] Clinton
William M. Sanderson 75 William M. Sanderson St. Johnsville Montgomery
Sarah Sanderson 80 Lyman Sanderson Salem Washington
Joseph Sandford 84 J. Sandford Triangle Broome
Sela Sanford 55 Sela Sanford Camden Oneida
Jacob Sargeants 49 Jacob Sargeants Lewis Essex Sargents
Richard Sarles 87 Richard Sarles Owego Tioga
Hiel Savage 80 Samuel Wood Greenfield Saratoga
Ebenezer Sawyer 86 Ebenezer Sawyer Henderson Jefferson
Jemima Sawyer 75 Benjamin Sawyer Norfolk St. Lawrence
Manasseh Sawyer 81 John Lockwood Madrid St. Lawrence
Stukely Sayles 79 Artemas Sayles Marcy Oneida
Job Sayre 83 Job Sayre Blooming Grove Orange
James Sayre 86 James Sayre Southampton Suffolk
Nathan Sayre 92 Nathan Sayre Southport Chemung
Aleta Schenck 74 Barnet Smith Fishkill Dutchess
Amos Schenehorn 76
Amsterdam Montgomery Schermehorn
Ann Schenk 82 Edward J. Schenk Mohawk Montgomery
Bartholomew Schermerhorn 83 Bartholomew Schermerhorn Rotterdam Schenectady
John J. Schermerhorn 76 John Schermerhorn Schenectady City--2d ward Schenectady
Lawrence Schoolcraft 80 Joseph Pixley Vernon Oneida
John Schoolcraft 75 Jacob Schoolcraft Schoharie Schoharie
Jane Schoonmaker 77 Cornelia Schoonmaker Poughkeepsie Dutchess
John Schoonmaker 77 John Schoonmaker Mayfield Fulton
Joseph Schoonover 78 Joseph Schoonover Minisink Orange
Selah Scofield 82 Haran Scofield Elery** Chatauque*
Nathaniel Scofield 77 J. Scofield Aurelius Cayuga
Mary Scofield 86 Job Hoyt Poundridge Westchester Hoit
Amy Scofield 79 Sutton Sarles Poundridge Westchester
Elisha Scofield 76 Elisha Scofield Le Ray Jefferson
N. Scofield 86 A. Scofield Hadley Saratoga
James Scott 80 James Scott Sparta Livingston
Thomas Scott 80 James Scott Stockholm St. Lawrence
Ezekiel Scott 81 Ezekiel Scott Butler Wayne
Benjamin Scott 83 Anderson Simpson Jackson Washington
Daniel Scott 87 Daniel Scott Greenfield Saratoga
Lydia Scovil 80 Henry Scovil Perinton Monroe Scovill; Scoville
Matthew Scovill 78 Isaac Richmond Trenton Oneida Scovil; Scoville
Samuel Scoville 80 S. M. Scoville Windsor Broome Scovil; Scovill
Esther Scribner 83 Jeremiah Scribner Plattsburg^ Clinton Scrivner
Thaddeus Scribner 78 Thaddeus Scribner Ballston Saratoga Scrivner
Jonathan Scribner 81 Jonathan Scribner Beekmantown Clinton Scrivner
William Scriver 84 William Scriver Petersburg Rensselaer
James Scrivner 89 Caleb W. Scrivner Grafton Rensselaer Scribner
John Scroder 55 Thomas Baisley Flatbush Kings
Wm. Scutt 83 Wm. Scutt Hillsdale Columbia Scott
Darius Seager 89 Darius Seager Phelps Ontario
Andrew Seaman 76 Andrew Seaman Glenville Schenectady
Isaac Seamans 89 Isaac Seamans Groton Tompkins
Jemima Seamans 76 Jemima Seamans Salisbury Herkimer
Samuel Sears 82 Samuel Sears Montgomery Orange
John Sears 89 Jacob Sears Montgomery Orange
Allen Sears 80 Nathaniel Rathburn Portage Allegany
Anna Seaver 74 R. W. Seaver Charlotte Chatauque*
Andrew Secor 87 Andrew Secor Bern Albany
John Secor 78 John Secor Guilford Chenango
Henry Seeber 99 Sylvanus Seeber German Flats Herkimer
Zadock Seeley 61 Zadock Seeley Bedford Westchester
Benjamin Seeley 81 Benjamin Seeley Warsaw Genessee
Isaac Seeley 88 Lucinda Seeley Western Oneida
Ezekiel Seger 87 Edward Seger Milford Otsego
John Selfridge 82 Sarah Smith Galen Wayne
Stephen Sellech 78 Stephen Sellech Elba Genessee Selleck
Peter Selleck 83 Peter Selleck Paris Oneida Sellech
Jacob Sent 84 Jacob Sent, Jr. Perry Genessee
Abraham Seppius 81
Glenville Schenectady
John Serviss 85 Samuel Serviss Glen Montgomery
Henry Sever 82 Peter Sever Guilderland Albany
Asa Severence 78 Corbin W. Powers Lancaster Erie
Richard Severson 85 Nicholas Severson Preble Cortland
Swain Seward 63 Swain Seward Westford Otsego
Jedediah Seward 82 Jedediah Seward Chenango Broome
Leverett Seward 48 Leverett Seward Alexander Genessee
Silas Seward 80 S. Seward Sandford Broome
Lois Sexton 81 Charles Sexton Auburn Cayuga
Zadock Seymour 83 Eliza Seymour Pompey Onondaga
William Seymour 85 John Seymour Pomfret Chatauque*
Nathaniel Seymour 83 Thomas Seymour Greenfield Saratoga
Angelica Shafer 78 Christian H. Shafer Schoharie Schoharie
Henry Shafer 76 Henry Shafer Cobleskill Schoharie
John Shall 80 David J. Shall Stark Herkimer
Anna Eve Shall 75 John Shall Danube Herkimer
William Shankland 79 William Shankland Cazenovia Madison
John Shaver 77 John Shaver Andes Delaware
John Shaver 61 John Shaver Ephratah Fulton
Henry Shaver 80 Henry Shaver Stark Herkimer
Jacob Shaver 78 Jacob Shaver Manlius Onondaga
Josiah Shaw 84 Josiah Shaw Delhi Delaware
Darling Shaw 81 Darling Shaw Hoosick Rensselaer
Ede Shaw 80 Amos Shaw Liberty Sullivan
Joseph Shaw 79 Lebus Curtis De Peyster St. Lawrence Curtiss
Daniel Shaw 86 Daniel Shaw Potsdam St. Lawrence
William Shearer 88 Thomas Shearer Crown Point Essex
David Shedd 83 David Shedd Sardinia Erie
Nathan Sheffield 76 Nathan Sheffield Scipio Cayuga
Joseph Sheffield 80 Joseph Sheffield New Berlin Chenango
Elisha Shelden 78 Elisa Shelden Barre Orleans Sheldon
Nathaniel Shelden 100 Ithamar Farrell Greenwood Steuben Sheldon
Ezekiel Sheldon 80 Elisha Bently Plainfield Otsego Shelden
Isaac Sheldon 84 S. Harrington Sherburne Chenango Herrington; Shelden
Rebecca Shelly 80
Glenville Schenectady
Christopher Shelts 77 Christopher Shelts Hornby Steuben
Lucinda Shepard 86 Horace Shepard Amsterdam Montgomery Shepherd
John Shepard 75 John Shepard West Bloomfield Ontario Shepherd
Elijah Shepard 77 Riley Shepard Trenton Oneida Shepherd
James Shepherd 77 Albert Shepherd Hillsdale Columbia Shepard
Thomas Shepherd 47 Thomas Shepherd Harmony Chatauque* Shepard
Abner Sherman 78 Abner Sherman Sullivan Madison
Paul Sherman 81 Paul Sherman Huron Wayne
Stephen Sherman 78 Stephen Sherman Broadalbin Fulton
William Sherman 77 J. Sherman Wirt Allegany
Roger Sherman 92 Roger Worden City of NY, 7th ward
Baxter Sherman 53 Balden Potter Batavia Genessee
Abraham Sherril 86 Abraham Sherril Easthampton Suffolk
John Sherwood 88 Rachel Lapham Poughkeepsie Dutchess
Nehemiah Sherwood 76 Nehemiah Sherwood Bath Steuben
Jacob Shew 77 Jacob Shew Northampton Fulton
Stephen Shew 79
Wilna Jefferson
Daniel Shippey 64 Daniel Shippey Sullivan Madison
Job Shirley 83 Simpkins Snow Niles Cayuga
Elizabeth Shoecraft 84 William Harris Penfield Monroe
Elizabeth Shoemaker 81 Michael Hartman Herkimer Herkimer
Samuel Shoemaker 79 J. M. Shoemaker Catlin Chemung
Sarah Sholes 74 Sarah Sholes Bridgewater Oneida
Jacob Shoultes 80 Jacob Shoultes Knox Albany
Jacob Shults 78 C. J. Shults Watson Lewis Shultz, Schultz
Ezra Sibley 78 Chauncey Sibley Brighton Monroe
Abraham Siesco 92 Abraham Siesco Amsterdam Montgomery
Elizabeth Silick 83 Nathaniel Silick Putnam Valley Putnam
David Silsbe 47 David Silsbe Tyrone Steuben
Jonathan Silsbury 78 Jonathan Silsbury Conajoharie Montgomery
Benj. Simmons 82 Benj. Simmons Madison Madison
John Simmons 79 John Simmons Fort Ann Washington
Gideon Simmons 95 Judson Boothe Eaton Madison
Caleb Simmons 86 Isaac Simmons Paris Oneida
Joseph Simonds 83 Joseph Simonds Smyrna Chenango Simons
John Simons 79 Allen E. Simons City of Brooklyn-second ward Kings Simonds
Maria Simpson 80 Isaac Rhodes Edinburgh Saratoga Simson
James Simpson 87 James Simpson Chatham Columbia Simson
Peter Simpson 82 Peter Simpson Greenville Green Simson
Andrew Simpson 79 Andrew Simpson Jasper Steuben Simson
John Simpson 77 John Simpson Fallsburg Sullivan Simson
Peter Sippell 82 Peter Sipple, Jr. Boonville Oneida
Henry Sitts 86
Springfield Otsego
Peter Sitts 81 Peter Sitts Minden Montgomery
Amos Skeel 73 Amos Skeel Preble Cortland
House Skelp 83 House Skelp Montgomery Orange
Richard Skimmel 74 Richard Skimmel Stark Herkimer
Daniel Skinner 93 Daniel Skinner Lumberland Sullivan
Eli Skinner 81 O. S. Skinner Gouverneur St. Lawrence
Elizabeth Skinner 82 Chester Skinner Bern Albany
Jonathan Skinner 79 Stephen Cetchell Hamburg Erie
Rhoda Skinner 83 Ashbel Skinner Stockholm St. Lawrence
Andrew Slater 80 Andrew Slater Schoharie Schoharie
John Slaughter 86 Stephen Murphy Reig Lewis
Nathan Slawson 88 Nathan Slawson Poundridge Westchester
Eleazar Slawson 81 Nathan Slawson Poundridge Westchester
John Slawson 76 John Slawson Lysander Onondaga
Abraham Sleight 85 Abraham Sleight Fishkill Dutchess Slate
Peter Slingerland 73 Geo. W******* Middlefield Otsego
William Sliter -- William Sliter Sandlake Rensselaer
Ezekiel Sloan 76 Ezekiel Sloan Hope Hamilton
Sarah Sloan 87 Lyman G. Sloan Stockbridge Madison
Samuel Sly 84 Samuel Sly Montgomery Orange
Reuben Smalley 78 Reuben Smalley White Hall Washington Smawley
Josiah Smawley 79 Josiah Smawley Kent Putnam Smalley
John Smiley 79 Samuel Smiley Busti Chatauque*
Jeremiah Smith 78 Jeremiah Smith Neversink Sullivan
Austin Smith 87 Sidney Tracy Granby Oswego
James Smith 85 James Smith Hector Tompkins
Joel Smith 83 George W. Smith Candor Tioga
Levi Smith 85 Hiram J. Babbit Ellisburg Jefferson
James Smith 78 James Smith Harpersfield Delaware
Joseph Smith 83 Paddock Smith Owego Tioga
David Smith 80 Samuel Shellan Westford Otsego
Mercy Smith 70 Eleazer J***** Otsego Otsego
Mary Smith 77 William Smith Minisink Orange
David Smith 85 John Smith Otego Otsego
Enoch Smith 70 Enoch Smith Virgil Cortland
Nathaniel Smith 77 John Davison City of Albany-Second ward Albany Davidson
Lemuel Smith 88 Lemuel Smith Stockbridge Madison
John Smith 25 Horatio Adams Brighton Monroe
Doctor Smith 76 Jared Smith Rennselaerville Albany
Daniel Smith 87 Josiah Crane Cambria Niagara
Stephen Smith 79 Stephen Smith Bath Steuben
Dow Smith 105 Augustus Smith Van Buren Onondaga
John Smith 83 Silas Southerland North Castle Westchester
Elizabeth Smith 74 Horace Smith Southampton Suffolk
Stephen Smith 84 Stephen Smith Morristown St. Lawrence
James Smith 80 Leonard Smith Clay Onondaga
Susanna Smith 75 George P. Smith North Salem Westchester
Elisha Smith 84 Elisha Smith Guilford Chenango
Luther Smith 76 Luther Smith Lewiston Niagara
David Smith 73 David Smith Clarkson Monroe
Jane Smith 77 Jane Smith Clinton Dutchess
Lydia Smith 78 Lorenzo Haugh Schoharie Schoharie
Frederick Smith 80 Frederick Smith Jefferson Schoharie
Zephaniah Smith 89 Erastus Devereux Camden Oneida
Ebenezer Smith 79 Ebenezer Smith Dix~~ Chemung
Samuel Smith 83 Samuel Smith Seneca Ontario
Michael Smith 85 Michael Smith Cornwall Orange
David Smith 81
Hume Allegany
Jesse Smith 83 Jesse Smith Mexico Oswego
John P. Smith 86 M. Smith Chenango Broome
Henry Smith 81 Henry Smith Brunswick Rensselaer
Rachel Smith 78 H. V. Smith Providence Saratoga
Nicholas Smith 85 Robert Smith Orleans Jefferson
Margaret Smith 76 Chauncey Sperry Mooers Clinton
Asa Smith 82 Stephen B. Crane Tyre Seneca Crain
Nicholas Smith 85
Lyme Jefferson
Elijah Smith 82 Eli*ah Smith Greenfield Saratoga
Catharine Smith 69 Matthew B. Smith Coventry Chenango
Lewis Smith 87 Lewis Smith Leyden Lewis
Jacob Smith 33 Jacob S. Smith New Ultrecht Kings
Allen Smith 81 Allen Smith Plattsburg^ Clinton
Thomas Smith 80 Thomas Smith Columbia Herkimer
William Smith 75 Daniel Smith Italy Yates
William Smith 77 William Smith Ephratah Fulton
Elizabeth Smith 74 John Smith Lewis Essex
Asa Smith 88 Asa Smith Athol Warren
Peter T. Smith 80 James Smith Lexington Green
Samuel Smith 81 Samuel Smith Malone Franklin
Gerrit Smith 88 Gerrit Smith Amsterdam Montgomery
Jonathan Smith 40 Charles Peck Johnstown Fulton
John Smith 76 John Smith Argyle Washington
Reuben Smith 81 Reuben Smith Bolton Warren
Sarah Smith 75 Rebecca Hinman Brookport Village Monroe
James G. Smith 56
Palmyra Wayne
Isaac Smith 77 Isaac Smith Attica Genessee
Nathan Smith 79 Nathan Smith Lyons Wayne
William Smith 80 William Smith Esopus Ulster
Moses Smith 84 Joseph D. Wethwell Hamburg Erie
Mary Snider 81 Henry Snider Clarkstown Rockland Snyder
Ezra Snow 85 Ezra Snow, Jr. Ticonderoga Essex
Joseph Snow 92 Sherman Snow South Bristol Ontario
Christopher Snyder 84 Christopher Snyder Marlborough Ulster Snider
Margaret Snyder 81 Daniel Snyder Stark Herkimer Snider
William Snyder 84 William Snyder Germantown Columbia Snider
David Soper 97 Richard Blasdell Conesus Livingston Blaisdell
Henry Southard 87 Wm. McCaslin Connocton[4] Steuben
David Southwick 78 David Southwick Mooers Clinton
Jacob Spafford 80 Jacob Spafford Bergen Genessee
Phineas Spaulden 80 John Henman Newark Tioga
Stephen Spaulding 63 Stephen Spaulding Crown Point Essex Spalding
Jacob Spaunberg 74 George Spaunberg Coeymans Albany
Rhoda Spear 80 Hiram Spear Moriah Essex
Henry Speed 74 Henry Speed Hillsdale Columbia
John Speller 74
Ontario Wayne
Elijah Spencer 85 Elijah Spencer Charlton Saratoga Spenser
Thomas Spencer 84 Eleazer Austin Moira Franklin Spenser
Matthias D. Spencer 88 Schuyler Crapser Hyde Park Dutchess Spenser
Daniel Spencer 77 Daniel Spencer Conajoharie Montgomery Spenser
Mehitable Spencer 78 John Spencer Villanovia*** Chatauque* Spenser
Noah Spencer 87 Noah Spencer Oswegatchie St. Lawrence Spenser
Peleg Spencer 81 Peleg Spencer New Lebanon Columbia Spenser
Mary Spencer 89 Mary Wood Otsego Otsego Spenser
Michael Spicer 74 Michael Spicer Ticonderoga Essex
Daniel Spike 84 Daniel Spike Connocton[4] Steuben
Nicholas Spink 74 Robert Beasley Little Falls Herkimer
Elizabeth Spontnable 88 J. I. Spontnable Ephratah Fulton
John Spore 80 John Spore Prattsburg Steuben
William Sprague 77 William Sprague Sparta Livingston
Andrew Sprague 86 Joseph Van Every Galway Saratoga
Elkanah Sprague 80 Anthony De Goliet Edinburgh Saratoga
Frederick Squire 45 Frederick Squire Pierpont St. Lawrence
Joel Squire 80 Joel Squire Otsego Otsego
Ambrose Squires 74 Ambrose Squires Leon Cattaraugus
William Stacy 77 Peter Covert Lodi Seneca
Andrew Stafford 84 Andrew Stafford Sherburne Chenango
Aaron Stafford 53 Aaron Stafford Sangerfield Oneida
Joseph Stafford 81 Joseph Stafford Willsborough Essex
Job Stafford 58 Job Stafford Willsborough Essex
Ezra Stanard 76
Cuba Allegany
John Stanbro 82 J. Stanbro Virgil Cortland
John Stanclift 85 John Stanclift Collins Erie
Amos Standish 90 John Robins Portland Chatauque* Robbins
Samuel Standish 86 Samuel Standish Granville Washington
Jacob Stanley 85 Thomas Chapman Victory Cayuga
Siblius Stannard 82 Alvan Stannard Nelson Madison
Gitty Stansbury 84 Crapo Lake Pleasant Valley Dutchess
Elijah Stanton 85 John Eaton Little Falls Herkimer
Isaac Staples 75 Isaac Staples Skaneateles Onondaga
Joseph Stark 89 Phebe Failing Openheim Fulton
Samuel Starks 79 Samuel Starks Oswego Oswego
Elijah Starkweather 84 Reuben Blanchard Victory Cayuga
Billing Starkweather 77 B. Starkweather Hume Allegany
Israel Stearns 76 Israel Stearns Amsterdam Montgomery
Asa Stearns 83 Asa Stearns Chazy Clinton
John Stebbins 80 John Stebbins, Jr. Remsen Oneida
Selah Stedman 77 B. L. Stedman Livonia Livingston Steadman
David Stephens 85 David Stephens Warwick Orange Stevens
Moses Stephens 70 Simeon Stevens Otego Otsego
Moses Stephens 84 Moses Stephens Dryden Tompkins Stevens
Elnathan Stephens 82 Enos Stephens Chesterfield Essex Stevens
Peter Stephenson 87 Peter Stephenson Moreau Saratoga Stevenson
Ansteen Sterling 80 Henry Jellyers Herkimer Herkimer
Mary Stetson 85 Ezra Stetson Sangerfield Oneida
Peter Stevens 79 Henry R. Stevens Clarkstown Rockland Stephens
Nehemiah Stevens 78 J. B. Stevens Moreau Saratoga Stephens
Roswell Stevens 66 Roswell Stevens Frankfort Herkimer Stephens
Jesse Stevens 77 Jesse Stevens, Jr. Richmond Ontario Stephens
Henry Stevens 83 Andrew Stevens Brandon Franklin Stephens
Reuben Stevens 79 John N. Bogardus Greenville Green Stephens
Lucretia Stevens 84 Samuel Stevens City of NY, 3d ward
Prudence Stevens 78 Elijah Stevens Amenia Dutchess Stephens
Uriah Stevens 80 George H. Stevens Canistro Steuben Stephens
Henry Stever 91 Alexander L**d Westford Otsego Lord
Jeremiah Steves 78 Joshua S. Steves Rome Oneida
James Steward 70 James Steward Fabius Onondaga Stewart
Henry Steward 74 Henry Steward Dryden Tompkins
Oliver Stewart 77 Oliver Stewart New Castle Westchester
Nathan Stewart 82 Nathan Stewart Lenox Madison
Jesse Stewart 81 Foreman Denison Corrict[2] Delaware Dennison
Charles Stewart 80 Solomon S. Childs Angelica Allegany
Robert Stewart 73 Robert Stewart Salem Washington
John Stewart 77 John Stewart Richfield Otsego
Oliver Stewart 79 Oliver Stewart Stockbridge Madison
Nicholas Stickles 85 Peter Stickles Greenport Columbia
Abijah Stickney 82 Alexander Carte Henderson Jefferson
Reuben Stiles 80 Reuben Stiles Beekmantown Clinton
Aaron Stiles 78 Samuel Stiles Tompkins Delaware
Margaret Stillwell 77 John Wemple Conajoharie Montgomery Stilwell
Jarret Stilwell 82 Jarret Stilwell City of NY, 3d ward
Ogis B. Stinard 82
Warwick Orange
Levi Stockwell 86 Levi Stockwell Mooers Clinton
Joseph Stoddard 49 Joseph Stoddard Hopewell Ontario
Reuben Stokeham 98 Reuben Stokeham Clifton Park Saratoga
Isaac Stone 75 Isaac Stone Cherry Creek Chatauque*
Amos Stone 81 Amos Stone Urbanna Steuben
Hannah Stone 73 Hannah Stone Ogden Monroe
Nicholas Stoner 73 Nicholas Stoner Bleecker Fulton
Enoch Storey 84 Stephen Storey Whitestown Oneida Story
Isaac Storme 87 Isaac Storme Covington Genessee Storm
John Stormes 78 John Stormes Ramapo Rockland Storms
Lane Storms 80 Jonathan Bayles Greenburgh Westchester Stormes
Alletta Storms 82 Alletta Storms City of NY, 9th ward
Lydia Story 78 R*** L*** Burlington Otsego Storey
Benajah Story 93 Stephen Story West Half Cortland Cortland Storey
Andrew Stover 84 William G. Edwards Athens Green
David Stowell 83 David Stowell Schroon Essex
Samuel Stowell 77 Samuel Stowell Orwell Oswego
Asa Stowell 79 Asa Stowell Crown Point Essex
Wm. Straight ** Wm. ******* Middlefield Otsego
Hussy Stratten 85 John P. Harde Austerlitz Columbia
Stephen Stratton 87 Benjamin Beardsley Thompson Sullivan
Zebulon Stratton 88 Zebulon Stratton Little Valley Cattaraugus
Simeon Strickland 54 Simeon Strickland West Turin Lewis
Dennis Striker 80 Dennis Striker City of NY, 15th ward

John A. Strobeck 77 Paul Strobeck Seward Schoharie
Joel Strong 77 Joel Strong Candor Tioga
Nathan S. Strong 85 Nathan Strong Prattsburg Steuben
Henry Studwell 84 Aaron Lyon Genoa Cayuga
Ann M. Stufflebun 70 David Mickle Kinderhook Columbia
James Sturdevant 84 James Sturdevant Prattsburg Steuben
Jonathan Sturdevant 79 Jonathan Sturdevant Elmira Chemung
Catharine Suits 77 Catharine Suits Steuben Oneida
Samuel Sullivan 83 Samuel Sullivan Franklinville Cattaraugus
David Sullivan 88 David Sullivan Westerloo Albany
Robert Sumner 78 Robert Sumner Edinburgh Saratoga
Shubal Sumner 81 Shubal Sumner Jay Essex
Gad Sutlief 85 Asa Greenman Newstead Erie
Adin Swan 76 Adin Swan Rome Oneida
Lawrence Swart 86 David Swart Oneonto Otsego
Aaron Swarthout 79 J. Swarthout Wirt Allegany
Anthony Swarthout 81 Asa Swarthout Wayne Steuben
James Swartwood 93 Benj. Smith Elmira Chemung
William Swartwout 87 James Swartwout Danby Tompkins
Moses Swartwout 83 Daniel Swartwout Marshall Oneida
Sarah Sweet 78 Vaughn Sweet Schuyler Herkimer
Freeborn Sweet 83 Freeborn Sweet Hoosick Rensselaer
Thomas Sweet 91 Valentine Sweet Middletown Delaware
Jonathan Sweet 90 David Herrick Prattsburg Steuben
Benjamin Sweeter 78 Ezekiel Reed Sparta Livingston
Nathaniel Sweeting 81 Philip B. Sweeting Westmoreland Oneida
Lewis Sweeting 88 Lewis Sweeting Salina Onondaga
John Sweney 52 John Sweney Wheatfield Niagara Sweeney
Rowland Swift 84 Jonathan Coon De Ruyter Madison
Susanna Swift 70 Lyman Swift Sheridan Chatauque*
Lot Swift 82 Henry Swift Barre Orleans
Levi Sylvester 85 Levi Sylvester Catherines~ Chemung

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
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