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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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S*** R***** 80
[5] Otsego
Philip Race 75 Henry Best Livingston Columbia
Sarah Radford 86 Sylvester Alexan*** Milton Saratoga Alexander
Ann Rampson 94
Clarkstown Rockland
John Ramsay 81 John Ramsay New Scotland Albany Ramsey
Israel Rand 79 Ephraim Rand Beekmantown Clinton
Jacob Randal 81 Moses Randal Luzerne Warren Randall
Elisha Randall 79 Elisha Randall Yorkshire Cattaraugus Randal
Shubal Randall 86 Hiram Skinners Stamford Delaware Randal
Jedediah Randall 83 Jedediah Randall Norwich Chenango Randal
Hosey Randolph 72 Allen Randall Clayton Jefferson Randal
Solomon Raney 84 Harvey Darvis Corrict[2] Delaware
Catharine Rankin 68 Catharine Rankin Little Falls Herkimer
James Rankin 82 Daniel Casler Clayton Jefferson
George Ransin 84 George Ransin, Jr. Manlius Onondaga Ranson
Silas Ranson 75 Silas Ranson Perry Genessee Ranson
John Rapellee 66 John Rapellee Tyrone Steuben
Christian Rapp 69 Christian Rapp Conajoharie Montgomery
George Rappole 89 Henry Rappole Alexandria Jefferson
Benjamin Rathburn 75 Jonathan Mead Chester Warren Meade
George Ratnom 75 George Ratnom Lenox Madison
Esther Rawson 84 Joseph Rawson V*****[3] Ontario Rawzon
Anna Rawzon 81 Josiah H. Rawzon Schroon Essex Rawson
Zachariah Ray 81 Zachariah Ray Moreau Saratoga
William Ray 50 William Ray Bridgewater Oneida
Roswell Ray 74 Roswell Ray Wilton Saratoga
Gilbert Ray 76 G. B. Clark Russell St. Lawrence Clarke
Timothy Ray 78 Timothy Ray Phelps Ontario
Lemuel Raymond 77 Lemuel Raymond Athens Green
Sands Raymond 79 Sands Raymond Neversink Sullivan
Newcomb Raymond 76 Newcomb Raymond Sherburne Chenango
James Raymond 87 James Raymond Bedford Westchester
Pelatiah Razey 82 Pelatiah Razey Trenton Oneida
Amos Re***** 71 Amos Rex**** Otsego Otsego Rexford
Abner Reckard 76 William Langmade Yorkshire Cattaraugus
William S. Red 35 James C. Church New Ultrecht Kings
Effa Reed 84
Minisink Orange
Amos Reed 87 Amos Reed Mexico Oswego
Amelia Reed 73
Minisink Orange
Thomas Reed 74 Thomas Reed Hadley Saratoga
John Reed 63 John R*** Otsego Otsego
Joseph Reed 77 Joseph Reed Queensbury Warren
Samuel Reed 83 Samuel Reed Brookfield Madison
Polly Reed 75 Zanthy Reed Plattsburg^ Clinton
Garrett Reed 86 Garrett Reed Sherburne Chenango
Ebenezer Reed 79 Ebenezer Reed Olean Cattaraugus
Bethia Reed 81 Samuel Reed Greece Monroe
Kitchel Reed 80 Silas Walker Greece Monroe
Elijah Reed 76 Elijah Reed Troy--1st ward Rensselaer
Abner Reehordron 81 Abnher Rechordron Luzerne Warren
Puryer Reeves 90 Manassah Reeves Sempronius Cayuga
Abraham Regna 81 Abraham Regna Yorktown Westchester
William Reneval 86 Nathaniel Heverland Southeast Putnam
Nathaniel Reynolds 86 Nathaniel Reynolds Lewisboro Westchester
Benjamin Reynolds 79 Benjamin Reynolds Greenville Green
Benoni Reynolds 86 Benoni Reynolds Marcellus Onondaga
Deborah Reynolds 74 Thos. W. Smith 1st ward Hudson Columbia
Jonathan Reynolds 99 Nicholas Reynolds White Hall Washington
Mary Reynolds 83 Levi Brown City of Rochester Fifth Ward Monroe
Jeremiah Reynolds 77 Jeremiah Reynolds Bedford Westchester
Joe J. Reynolds 79 Joel J. Reynolds Poland Chatauque*
Zachariah Reynolds 82 William Bugber Fort Edward Washington
Thomas Reynolds 45 Thomas Reynolds Beekmantown Clinton
Anthony Rhodes 79 Rodley Randall Winfield Herkimer Randal; Rhoades
Joseph Rhodes 78 Joseph Rhodes Orleans Jefferson Rhoades
Ezekiel Rhodes 86 Ezekiel Rhodes Southport Chemung Rhoades
John Rhodes 80 Stephen F. Rhodes Corinth Saratoga Rhoades
Joseph Rhodes 83 Joseph Rhodes Plattekill Ulster Rhoades
Israel Rice 79 Francis Rice Madison Madison
Jacob Rice 79 Zyenas Rice Napoli Cattaraugus
William Rich 77 William Rich Avon Livingston
Amos Richards 82 Polly Richards Clayton Jefferson
Edmund Richards 81 Edmund Richards East Bloomfield Ontario
Rufus Richardson 79 Rufus Richardson Ellisburg Jefferson
Lemuel Richardson 74 Lemuel Richardson Conesus Livingston
Nancy Richardson 83 Alvah Harman Freetown Cortland Harmon
Nancy Richmond 90 Seth Richmond Guilford Chenango
Submit Rickey 72 Thomas Rickey Harpersfield Delaware Richey
Daniel Rider 75 Daniel Rider Eaton Madison
Benjamin Rider 80 John J. Davis Rochester Ulster
Timothy Rider 76 Putnam Rider Parish Oswego
Jacob Ridington 81 Nathaniel A. Ridington Madrid St. Lawrence
Henry Rightmyer 87 H. Rightmyer Sullivan Madison
Nicholas Righton 8* N. Righton Middlefield Otsego
John Rike 75 Arthur Odell Prattsburg Steuben
Tunis Riker 70 Tunis Riker Spencer Tioga
Mathias Rimhart 77 Henry Chandler City of Albany-First ward Albany
David Rimiston 93
Brownville Jefferson
Asa Ripley 80 Asa Ripley Hartland Niagara
Charles Ripley 76 Charles Ripley Houndsfield Jefferson
Pyram Ripley 77 Walter Blount Franklinville Cattaraugus
Pelham W. Ripley 76 Pelham W. Ripley De Witt Onondaga
Cynthis Risley 70 Cynthia Risley Marcy Oneida
Eli Risley 76 Eli Risley Trenton Oneida
Richard Risley 86 Richard Risley New Haven Oswego
William Risner 81 William Risner Harrisburg Lewis
Hannah Ritter 76 John K. Ritter Conajoharie Montgomery
Henry Ritter 80 Joseph Ritter Manheim Herkimer
Nathan Rix 80 Nathan Rix Fairfield Herkimer Ricks
Elizabeth Rixford 75 Anson Squares Orleans Jefferson
Daniel Ro** 78 Daniel Ro** Burlington Otsego
Peter Robarge 82 Peter Robarge, 3d Chazy Clinton
Mary Robbe 66 Henry Robbe Webster Monroe
Oliver Robbins 66 James Young Sangerfield Oneida
Lorin Robbins 78 Clark Robbins Bridgewater Oneida
M. Robbins 79 J. L. Robins Cincinnatus Cortland Robbins
Cornelius Roberds 84 Cornelius Roberds Seneca Ontario Robards; Roberts
John Roberts 53 John Roberts Lenox Madison
Annath Roberts 81 Urania Farnham Darien Genessee Farnum
Samuel Roberts 79 Eliza Roberts Cincinnatus Cortland
John Roberts 80 John Roberts Plattsburg^ Clinton
Ebenezer Roberts 84 Ebenezer Roberts Richland Oswego
Levi M. Roberts 45 Levi M. Roberts Plattsburg^ Clinton
Peter Robertson 82 Peter Robertson Kent Putnam
Peter Robins 87 Peter Robbins Wheeler Steuben
Keen Robinson 87 M. Livermore Lisle Broome
Caleb Robinson 77 David Bristoll Western Oneida Bristol
Robert Robinson 77 Randal Robinson Manchester Ontario
Nathaniel Robinson 82 Nathaniel Robinson Scaghticoke Rensselaer
Issachar Robinson 78 Samuel Ter**gar Middletown Delaware
Eli P. Robinson 58 Eli P. Robinson Windham Green
Mary Robinson 92 Alpheus Robinson Florence Oneida
John Robinson 84 John Robinson Ulysses Tompkins
Elizabeth Robinson 71 L. Robinson Virgil Cortland
Isaac Robinson 79 Isaac Robinson Canton St. Lawrence
Samuel Rockwell 87 Samuel Rockwell Trenton Oneida
Penley Rodgers 82 Penley Rodgers Candor Tioga Rogers
Christopher Roff 78 Christopher Roff Hancock Delaware
Daniel Rogers 81 Timothy Rogers Islip Suffolk Rodgers
Samuel Rogers 76 Samuel Rogers Duanesburg Schenectady Rodgers
Simeon Rogers 78 Simeon Rogers Whitestown Oneida Rodgers
Nathaniel Rogers 79 Nathaniel Rogers Essex Essex Rodgers
John Rogers 78 J. Rogers Barker Broome Rodgers
James Rogers 77 James Rogers Hebron Washington Rodgers
John Rogers 84 Sands Jervis Rennselaerville Albany Rodgers
Ethan Rogers 82 Ethan Rogers Cairo Green Rodgers
Nathaniel Rogers 79 J. Sparrow Triangle Broome Rodgers
Francis Rogers 47 Francis Rogers Plattsburg^ Clinton Rodgers
William Rogers 83 William Rogers Le Ray Jefferson Rodgers
James Roles 80 James Roles Sparta Livingston
Aaron Rollins 82 Bern Rollins Stamford Delaware Rawlins
Eli S. Rolly 76 Eli S. Rolly Jefferson Schoharie
Alexander Roman 60 William A. Townsend Lockport Niagara
Eli Rood 81 Eli Rood Hillsdale Columbia
John Roof 78 John Roof Canajoharie Montgomery
Amos Rooke -- Amos Rooke Southfield Richmond
John E. Roosa 79 Stephen Ousterhoudt Kingston Ulster
Jacob J. Roosa 79 Jacob J. Roosa Marlborough Ulster
Israel Root 80 Amos Root Barre Orleans
Joseph Root 77 Joseph Root Barre Orleans
Sarah Root 78 Silas Pierce City of Rochester Second Ward Monroe Pearce
Sally Root 78 Lucy Root Fort Ann Washington
Billa Root 84 Billa Root Rushford Allegany
Thomas Root 86
China Genessee
Nathaniel Root 73 Nathaniel Root Lysander Onondaga
Erastus Root -- Erastus Root Rome Oneida
Salmon Root 77 Salmon Root Martinsburg Lewis
John Root 78 John Root Livingston Columbia
Dinah Root 81 Dinah Root Kirkland Oneida
William Root 80 R. Lyon Greene Chenango
Abram Rosa 79 Rufus Rosa Homer Cortland
Jane Rosacrontz 72 Jacob Rosacrontz Deerpark Orange Rosacrantz; Rosencrantz
James Rosakrans 87 James Rosakrans Shandaken Ulster Rosencranz; Rosencrantz
Peter Rose 76 Peter Rose Pittsford Monroe
Joseph Rose 79 Chauncey Rose Evans Erie
Amy Rose 80 Phineas Rose Smithtown Suffolk
William Rose 76 Elanson Rose Chenango Broome
Mary Rosengrant 76 Tunis Voorhees Dix~~ Chemung
Henry Ross -- Henry Ross, Sen. Riverhead Suffolk
Samuel Ross 76 Samuel Ross Athol Warren
Solomon Rothbone 76 Solomon Rothbone Hanover Chatauque*
Nicholas Rouse 86 Nicholas Rouse Connocton[4] Steuben
William Rowdon 76 William Rowdon City of NY, 7th ward

John Rowland 78 Samuel Rowland Herkimer Herkimer
Samuel Royce 83 Samuel Royce Kirkland Oneida
Bezaleel Rudd 89 Bezaleel Rudd Northeast Dutchess
John Ruger 78 John Ruger New Paltz Ulster
Mary Rugg 78 Abner Eaton Sangerfield Oneida
Isaac Rugg 75 Isaac Rugg Perrysburg Cattaraugus
Benjamin Rulin 82 Reuben Rulin Cobleskill Schoharie
Jonathan Rumery 81 Jonathan Rumery Lockport Niagara
David Rumsey 82 David Rumsey Westfield Chatauque*
David Rundal 83 David Rundal Amenia Dutchess
Reuben Rundell 83 Reuben Rundell, Jr. Greenville Green
William Russel 81
Milford Otsego Russell
Simeon Russell 89 Simeon Russell Ellisburg Jefferson Russel
Hannah Russell 81 James Russell Hyde Park Dutchess Russel
Abigail Russell 74 Mary Ann Prindle White Hall Washington Russel
Simeon Russell 84 Jesse Littlefield Ellisburg Jefferson Russel
John Russell -- John Russell Rodman Jefferson Russel
Eleazar Russell 78 Eleazar Russell Marcy Oneida Russel
Justin Rust 76 Huldah Rust Ellicottville Cattaraugus
Abel Rust 83 Hiram Rust Russia Herkimer
Stephen Rust 67 S. Rust Union Broome
John Rutherford 42 John Rutherford Murray Orleans
Peter Ryall 80 Peter Ryall Denmark Lewis
Elizabeth Ryan 75 Jonathan Ryan Virgil Cortland
Wilhelmus Ryckman 81 Albert Ryckman City of Albany-Fourth ward Albany Rickman
Mary Ryder 78 Sylvester Brown Seneca Ontario
Adam Ryphenburgh 89 Jeremiah Ryphenburgh Red Hook Dutchess

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