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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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**th M**** 78 ****** ***** [4] Otsego
Andrew M***** 81 Andrew M***** Deerfield Oneida Mann; Martin
Cornelius Mabie 86
Orangetown Rockland
John Mack 82 Abraham Mack Ontario Wayne
David Madden 77 Ichabod Thayer Mina Chatauque*
John Mag** 82 John Mag** Decatur Otsego Magee
Roswell Mallison 78 Roswell Mallison Harpersfield Delaware
James Mallory 78 M. Mallory Perrysburg Cattaraugus Malory
Gill Mallory 85 Joel Mallory Elbridge Onondaga Malory
Benajah Malory 76 Benajah Malory Lockport Village Niagara Mallory
Stephen Manchester 78 Nathaniel Manchester Remsen Oneida
Elias Manchester 82 Elias Manchester Scipio Cayuga
Jeremiah Mandigo 85 Archibald Mandigo Cairo Green
William Mane 82 William Mane Venice Cayuga
Nathan Mann 80
Java Genessee
William Mapes 79 Elijah Mapes Big Flats Chemung
Jonah Maples 78 Charles G. Maples Elery** Chatauque*
Garrett Marcellus 80 Garrett Marcellus Harrisburg Lewis
Stephen Marcy 84 Stephen Marcy Gorham Ontario
Jacob Mariquot 76 Jacob Mariquot Cochecton Sullivan
Susanna Mark 76 Susanna Mark Harpersfield Delaware
Asa Markham 79 Asa Markham Broadalbin Fulton
Isaac Markhams 86 Isaac Markhams Ulysses Tompkins
Jacob P. Markle 77 Jacob P. Markle Marlborough Ulster
Abigail Marks 71 Abigail Marks Canaan Columbia
Mary Mars *5 R**** Ba*** New Lisbon Otsego
Lucretia Marsh 84 Luther Steadman Lyme Jefferson Stedman
Joseph C. Marsh 77 Joseph C. Marsh Chazy Clinton
Silas Marsh 78 Silas Marsh Pomfret Chatauque*
Reuben Marsh 88 James Eames Lee Oneida Ames
Sarah Marsh 65 William N. Marsh Kirkland Oneida
Jasper Marsh 80 Jasper Marsh Carroll Chatauque*
Amon Marshall 87 A. Marshall Lewisboro Westchester
Joseph Marshall 82 F. Richardson Auburn Cayuga
Hannah Martin 73 Ward Martin Spencer Tioga
Ebenezer Martin 78 Ebenezer Martin Sweden Monroe
Arcosh Martin 73 Nelson Martin Champlain Clinton
John Martin 79 John Martin West Bloomfield Ontario
Thomas Martin 86 Thomas Martin Beekman Dutchess
Amos Martin 82 Nathaniel Martin Grafton Rensselaer
John Martin 80 John Martin Seward Schoharie
Esther Martin 77 Erastus Southworth Locke Cayuga
Ebenezer Martindale 82 Ebenezer Martindale Pembroke Genessee
Daniel Martine 85
Ramapo Rockland
Abraham Martling 79 Abraham Martling Greenburgh Westchester
Abraham B. Martling 79 Abraham B. Martling City of NY, 3d ward

Ozias Marvin 77 Ozias Marvin Kirkland Oneida
Clarissa Marvin 77 Hiram Marvin Peru Clinton
Benjamin Marvin 77 Timothy Marvin Charlton Saratoga
Ashbel Mason 83 A. Mason Eaton Madison
Michael Mason 80 Ebenezer Mason Fort Ann Washington
Rufus Mason 81 Rufus Mason Moriah Essex
Mary Mason 82 E. Mason Richland Oswego
Luther Mason 83 L. Mason Colesville Broome
Noah Mason 82 Noah Mason North Hempstead Queens
Abraham Masten 78 Michael Enderly Marlborough Ulster
Jacob Mastin 77 Jacob Mastin Mamakating Sullivan Maston
Ezekiel Maston 80 Ezekiel Maston Thompson Sullivan Mastin
Joseph Mather 85 John Mather Villanovia*** Chatauque*
Nathaniel Mather 81 Nathaniel Mather Harmony Chatauque*
R**ben Mather 92 David Raynor Fairfield Herkimer
Caroline Mather 71 Ca**** M****r New Lisbon Otsego
Loisa Ann Mathews 73 C. M. Bartlett City of Rochester First Ward Monroe Matthews, Bartlet
Sarah Matteson 85 D. J. Matteson Pomfret Chatauque*
Thankful Matteson 83 Jesse Matteson Smithville Chenango
Jonathan Matteson 78 Samuel Matteson Ellisburg Jefferson
Thomas Matthews 93 Jabez Blackmar Ellicott Chatauque* Mathews
Benjamin Matthews 85 Caleb Matthews Gerry Chatauque* Mathews
Samuel Mattison 77 Samuel Mattison Darien Genessee Madison, Maddison
Dyer Mattison 77 Dyer Mattison Nelson Madison Maddison, Madison
John Maul 86 Jacob J. Maul Ghent Columbia
Jacob Maul 82 Jacob Maul Ghent Columbia
Phinehas Maxon 85 Uriah Mead Morristown St. Lawrence Meade
John Maxson 85 Roxana Perry Truxton Cortland
Stephen Maxson 86 Stephen Maxson De Ruyter Madison
Zacheus Maxson 84
Genesee Allegany
Sally May 85 Luke May Cazenovia Madison
Eunice May 81 A. C. Ehle Nelson Madison
Needham Maynard 85 Lyman Dodge Seneca Seneca
Peter McArthur 90 Peter McArthur Mayfield Fulton
Robert McCarter 87 Robert Hanna, Jr. Salem Washington
Daniel McCarty 87 Stephen McCarty Rhinebeck Dutchess
Abigail McChesany 76 J. A. McChesany Richland Oswego
Benjamin McClary 59 Benjamin McClary Galen Wayne McCleary
Sarah McCormick 72 Abraham Miller Southport Chemung McCormack
Dennis McCormick 78 Peter Robertson Broadalbin Fulton McCormack
John McCoy 42 John McCoy City of Brooklyn-seventh ward Kings
John McCoy 90 E. McCoy Bath Steuben
William McCoy 84 William McCoy Sterling Cayuga
Robert McCullock 79 Robert McCullock Marcellus Onondaga McCulloch
Ann G. McCullough 57 Boyden, Coleman & S**** City of NY, 3d ward

George McCutcheon 80 George McCutcheon Dryden Tompkins
John McDonald 65 Sailors' Snug Harbor Castleton Richmond
James A. McDonald 63 James A. McDonald Ballston Saratoga
Charles McDonald 82 Charles McDonald Rye Westchester
Daniel McDowel 83 Daniel McDowel Ledyard Cayuga McDowell
Samuel McGee 77 Samuel McGee City of NY, 9th ward

Stephen McGown 7* Stephen McGown Cherry Valley Otsego Mcgowan; McGowen
Alexander McGregor 88
Gates Monroe
Nancy McGuigan 73 Zebulon Hall Moravia Cayuga
Hugh McGuire 95 Sarah Teneick Davenport Delaware
Barney McGuire 76 Barney McGuire City of Rochester First Ward Monroe
William McIntosh 80 William McIntosh Ohio Herkimer
Timothy McIntosh 80 Timothy McIntosh Galen Wayne
William McK**n 45 William McKoan Exeter Otsego
Hugh McKeen 85 S. McKeen New Hudson Allegany
Samuel McKeen 75 Samuel McKeen Otsego Otsego
George McKenzie 85 George McKenzie Groton Tompkins
Archibald McKillip 85 A. McKillip Cherry Valley Otsego
Sarah McKinlay 76 Alexander McKinlay Mayfield Fulton McKinley
Paul McKinstry 80 Porter McKinstry Shelden Genessee
Robert McKnight 86 Robert McKnight York Livingston
John McLewin 93 W. F. McLewin Benton Yates
Christopher McManus 82 Christ. McManus Hanover Chatauque*
John McMikle 79 John McMikle Newburg Orange
James McMillan 76 Charles S. Jenkins Phelps Ontario
Robert McNair 85 Jacob Van Middlesex Yates
Neal McNeal 83 Joseph Sholl Danube Herkimer McNeil; McNeill
Mary McNelly 40 Mary McNelly Chenango Broome
Henry McNiel 76 Henry McNiel Kirkland Oneida McNeil, McNeill
Sarah McNish 82 William McNish Salem Washington
John McNitt 79 John McNitt Norwich Chenango
Chloe Meacham 82 Chloe Meacham Burlington Otsego
Sarah Mead 84 David Mead Coeymans Albany Meade
Eli Mead 70
Mount Morris Livingston Meade
David Mead 82 Robert P. Howe Fishkill Dutchess Meade
James Mead 86 James Mead Genoa Cayuga Meade
Jotham Mead 84 Jotham Mead Orangeville Genessee Meade
Amos Mead 84 Amos Mead Owego Tioga Meade
Comfort Meeker 76 Fanny Brown New Berlin Chenango
Ichabod Meeker 90 Elijah Meeker Veteran Chemung
Jonathan Melvin 89 Jonathan Melvin Phelps Ontario
Herman Menkler 84 Peter Van Aken Kingston Ulster Aiken; Aikin;
Catharine Mercellis 76 Catharine Mercellis Schenectady City-1st ward Schenectady
Joseph Merchant 80 Joseph Merchant Floyd Oneida
John Merriam 84 David H. Parham Adams Jefferson
Ira Merrill 81 Israel Merriman Wheatland Monroe
James Merrill 82 James Merrill Milton Saratoga
Mead Merrill 77 S. R. Hunter West Half Cortland Cortland
Sally Merrill 83 John Merrill Franklin Franklin
Ezekiel Merrill 84 Zenas Goodrich New Lebanon Columbia
Simeon Merrill 80 Simeon Merrill Butler Wayne
Asa Merrill 80 Asa Merrill Manlius Onondaga
George Merriman 84 Francis Kinsley Chazy Clinton
Molly Merritt 81 Molly Merritt Kirkland Oneida
Ezekiel Merritt 73 Ezekiel Merritt Eaton Madison
Joel Messenger 85 Joel Messenger Schoharie Schoharie
Solomon Midaugh 84 Solomon Midaugh Caroline Tompkins
Anna Miens 81 William Osborn Nichols Tioga Means, Osborne
James Miles 77 Isaac Miles Addison Steuben
Levi Miles 77 Levi Miles Franklin Delaware
Samuel Milikin 87
Clarendon Orleans
Stephen Millard 84 Stephen Millard Warrensburg Warren
Samuel Millard 79 Samuel Millard Webster Monroe
Nathaniel Miller 80 Nathaniel Miller Ticonderoga Essex
Jason Miller 77 John Miller Brookfield Madison
Alexander Miller 84 John Hopkins Groton Tompkins
Eve Miller 88 J. M. Hunter Montgomery Orange
Levi Miller 83 H*** N**** Burlington Otsego
Leisure Miller 81 Jeremiah Miller Windham Green
Jacob Miller 82 Charles Moray Troy--7th ward Rensselaer
Giles Miller 80 Peter Miller Ephratah Fulton
Samuel Miller 84 Samuel Miller Mount Pleasant Westchester
Eliakim Miller 77 Alva Miller Amesville Oneida
Ada Miller 86 Ada Miller Leyden Lewis
Samuel Miller 83 Joseph Teeks North Castle Westchester
Abner Miller 76 Abner Miller Poughkeepsie Dutchess
Elizabeth Miller 82 John Miller Bedford Westchester
Joseph B. Miller 58 Joseph B. Miller Sempronius Cayuga
Alexander Milliner 74 A. Milliner West Half Cortland Cortland
Banajah Mills 99
Amsterdam Montgomery
Samuel D. Mills 83 Samuel D. Mills Jamaica Queens
Jonathan Mills 75 Joseph S. Platt Bedford Westchester Platte
Samuel J. Mills 81 Samuel J. Mills Lyme Jefferson
Stephen Mills 89 Stephen Mills Barton Tioga
Peter Mills 62 Peter Mills Chenango Broome
Stephen Mills 87 Almshouse Mount Pleasant Westchester
James Miner 74 Thomas Miner City of NY, 13th ward

David Minor 83 Jedediah Minor Campbell Steuben
Thomas Mitchel 77 Thomas Mitchel Elizabethtown Essex Mitchell
Isaac Mitchell 80 Isaac Mitchell Lisbon St. Lawrence
John Mitchell 82 John Mitchell, Jr. Catherines~ Chemung
William Mitchell 83 William Sprague Sennett Cayuga
Hepsebah Mitchell 78 Horatio Mitchell Parishville St. Lawrence
Samuel Mixer 82 Grant Mixer Ellisburg Jefferson
Eli Moffitt 76 Eli Moffitt Troupsburgh Steuben
John Monk 89 John Monk Orleans Jefferson
Christopher Monk 82 Anna Monk Otisco Onondaga
Joshua Monroe 77 Joshua Monroe Barton Tioga
Joseph Monroe 77 Joseph Monroe Lewisboro Westchester
Abraham Monroe 75 Abraham Monroe Bridgewater Oneida
Ezekiel Montgomery 78 Ezekiel Montgomery Danby Tompkins
Placid Monty 74 Placid Monty Plattsburg^ Clinton
Joseph Monty 67 Joseph Monty Chazy Clinton
John Monty 66 John Monty Beekmantown Clinton
Ralecha Moor 79 Joseph L. Moor Barton Tioga Moore
Powls Moor 88 Powls Moor Fulton Schoharie Moore
Apollus Moore 75 Apollos Moore Rennselaerville Albany Moor
John Moore 82 Trueman Moore Potsdam St. Lawrence Moor
Timothy Moore 79 Benjamin Whitney Moriah Essex Moor
James Moore 81 James Moore Dansville Steuben Moor
John Moore 78 Greene Moore Delhi Delaware Moor
Ebenezer Moore 8* ***** Wilson Onondaga Onondaga Moor
John Moore 62 James W. Moore Canistro Steuben Moor
William Moore 79 William Moore Kingsbury Washington Moor
Savil Moors 51 Savil Moors Whitestown Oneida
Joseph Moors 79 Joseph Moors Winfield Herkimer
Alexander Moran 15 Jane Haight City of NY, 3d ward

Asa More 75 Joseph R. More Carroll Chatauque* Moore
Hannah Mores 88 Levi Mores Denmark Lewis
Noah Morford 89 Noah Morford Warwick Orange
Lucy Morgan 79 Lucy Morgan Lansingburg Rensselaer
Wm. Morgan 84 Elias Morgan Collins Erie
John Morris 81 John Morris Henderson Jefferson
John Morris 81 Dewalt Morris Marlborough Ulster
Chester Morris 71 Chester Morris Malone Franklin
Roderick Morrison 76 Orville P. Loomis Westmoreland Oneida
William Morrison 96 William Morrison Gorham Ontario
Ephraim Morrison 77 E. Morrison Rushford Allegany
David Morse 83 Eldad Nutting Johnstown Fulton
Isaac Morse 84 Orlando Morse Canandaigua Ontario
Asaph Morse 80 J. French Nanticoke Broome
Michael Morse 80
Orangeville Genessee
Nathan Morse 90 John Adams Canadice Ontario
David Morse 79 David Morse Truxton Cortland
Elihu Morse 81 Elihu Morse, Jr. Bristol Ontario
Deborah Morse 77 Sylvester Macomber Eaton Madison
Asa H. Morse 53 Asa H. Morse Kirkland Oneida
Joel Morton 87 E. Jones Virgil Cortland
Hezekiah Mosby 86 Hezekiah Mosby Tonawanda Erie
Catharine Moseley 72 Elizabeth Blood Little Falls Herkimer Mosely; Mosley
Seba Moses 78 Seba Moses New Lebanon Columbia
David Mosher -- Jabez Mosher Portage Allegany
Helen Mosher 82 John Snook Red Hook Dutchess
Josiah Mosier 84 S. Emerson Mosier Paris Oneida
Joseph Mosley 79 Joseph J. Mosley Dryden Tompkins Moseley
Simeon Moss 83 Simeon Moss Kingsbury Washington
Mary Mott 82 Mary Mott Pleasant Valley Dutchess
Mary Mott 92 Thomas Mott Rockland Sullivan
Stephen Moulton 78 Stephen Moulton Floyd Oneida
Salmon Moulton 82 Salmon Moulton Floyd Oneida
Moses Moultrup 76 Moses Moultrup Pompey Onondaga
John Mount 90 John Mount Stark Herkimer
John Mount 80 John Mount Glen Montgomery
Mathias Mount 84 Mathias Mount Danby Tompkins
Conrod Mowers 79 Henry Mowers Smyrna Chenango
Peter Mowers 75 Peter Mowers Amesville Oneida
Lodowick Moyer 79 Lodowick Moyer German Flats Herkimer
Christopher Moyer 89 Andrew C. Moyer Sharon Schoharie
Mathew Mulford 83 Charles L. Mulford Rennselaerville Albany
Daniel Mulholon 45 Daniel Mulholon Erwin Steuben
Philip Mullin 78 Philip Mullin Neversink Sullivan
Louisa Munger 79 Abner Munger Denmark Lewis
Lois Munn 85 Cady Howe Newport Herkimer
Catharine Munroe 80 John Munroe Thompson Sullivan
Samuel Munson 78 Samuel Munson Portland Chatauque*
Josiah Munson 75 Hiram Munson Butler Wayne
Orange Munson 76 John Munson Windham Green
Lucretia Murdock 79 John Murdock New Lebanon Columbia
Thomas Murdock 28 Jerome Suydam Flatbush Kings
Mary Murphy 82 Randall Whitman Brookfield Madison
Aaron Murphy 47 Aaron Murphy Locke Cayuga
Lucretia Murray 81 Benjamin B. Murray Western Oneida
Alexander Murray 78 Alexander Murray Leicester Livingston
Samuel Murray 84 T. Seely Palermo Oswego
Martha Murray 86 Catharine Murray Galway Saratoga
Lydia Myers 82 William E. Myers Steuben Oneida Meyers
Frederick Myers 85 Frederick Myers Shandaken Ulster Meyers
Ephraim Myers 81 John S. Myers Saugerties Ulster Meyers
Peter L. Myers 81 Stephen Myers Cobleskill Schoharie Meyers
Henry S. Myers 49 P. C. Marble Troy--6th ward Rensselaer Meyers
John Myers 78
Rotterdam Schenectady Meyers
Lemuel Mynard 91 Lemuel Mynard Perrysburg Cattaraugus
Saml. Myres 73 Abraham Myres Taghkanic Columbia Myers; Meyers
Brazilla Myrick 81 Brazilla Myrick Westport Essex

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1840 Census of Pensioners-NY
Created February 2, 2001
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