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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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E**ls** L**** 85
[5] Otsego
John Lafferty 85 Daniel Phillips Farmersville Cattaraugus Philips
Henry Lake 73 Henry Lake Conajoharie Montgomery
Peter Lake 77 Jeremiah Johnson Pleasant Valley Dutchess
John C. Lake 85 Samuel C. Lake Pleasant Valley Dutchess
William Lake 80 William Lake Chester Warren
Hannah Lake 73 George Sawyer Sempronius Cayuga
Daniel Lake 73 Daniel Lake Greenville Green
John Laman 80
Orangeville Genessee
Johiel Lamb 84 Johiel Lamb Westerloo Albany
Israel Lamb 78 Israel Lamb Fort Ann Washington
Peter Lambert 84 Peter Lambert Canajoharie Montgomery
Simon Lambertson 83 Simon Lambertson Shawangunk Ulster
Cornelius Lament 85 Hiram Lament Virgil Cortland
William Lamont 84 William Lamont Pomfret Chatauque*
Ezra Lampher 83 Ezra Lampher Richland Oswego
Mehitable Landers 79 Moses Landers Providence Saratoga
Ebenezer Landers 82 Solomon Landers Bainbridge Chenango
Matthias Lane 81 Matthias Lane Farmersville Cattaraugus
Isaac Lane 76 Isaac Lane Decatur Otsego
Mary Langdon 77
Wethersfield Genessee
John Langdon 86 John Langdon City of Brooklyn-first ward Kings
Wheeler Lanphire 56 Wheeler Lanphire Seneca Ontario Lamphere
Ruth Laraby 75 David Laraby Paris Oneida
Elias Laraby 74 Elias Laraby Dryden Tompkins Larabee
Jacob Laraway 82 Jacob Laraway Bethlehem Albany
Isaac Laraway 78 Isaac Laraway Middleburgh Schoharie
Amon Larence 49 Amon Lawrence Lisbon St. Lawrence Laurence
John Larkin 80 John Larkin Schoharie Schoharie
Lorin Larkin 85 Elam Larkin Beekmantown Clinton Larken
Henry Larue 81 Henry Larue Oneonto Otsego
Joseph Lathers 83 Joseph Lathers Camden Oneida
Betsey Lathrop 78 Matthew Davidson Dickinson Franklin
Josiah Lathrop 83 Josiah Lathrop Sherburne Chenango
Elijah Laton 66 Elijah Laton Richmond Ontario
Jacob Laughton 74 John Laughton Lenox Madison
Samuel Laurence 80 George W. Laurence Lewisboro Westchester Lawrence
Jacob Lavport -- Jacob Lavport Charlton Saratoga Layport
Mason Law 75 Mason Law Granville Washington
Dulana Law 84 Hezekiah Marks Canaan Columbia
Jonathan Lawrence 78 Sidney Lawrence Moira Franklin Laurence
Elizabeth Lawrence 81 Hiram Lawrence Norfolk St. Lawrence Laurence
Jacob Lawson 87 Jacob Lawson, Sen. Marlborough Ulster
Edward Lay 78 Edward Lay Chatham Columbia
Sarah Lazell 69 Joseph Lazell Niles Cayuga
Samuel Lazendry 80 Elisha Lazendry Barre Orleans
Samuel Leach 84 S. Leach Centreville Allegany
Jeptha Lee 77 Jeptha Lee Ulysses Tompkins
John Lee 80 John Lee Plattsburg^ Clinton
Elisha Lee 76 Enoch Lee Kirkland Oneida
William Lee 74 William Lee Morristown St. Lawrence
Israel Lee 81 John S. Lee Catherines~ Chemung
Joel Legg 82 Stephen Taft Constantia Oswego
Abraham Legget 87 J. L. Smith City of NY, 17th ward

John Legrange 39 John Legrange City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
Philip Lemangon 85 Pardon Butts Manchester Ontario Burts
William S. Lemen 79 William S. Lemen Dansville Steuben
Isaac Lent 88 Daniel A. Collamer Milton Saratoga
Moses Lent 78 Moses Lent Savannah Wayne
Jacob Lent 74 John Marshall Hyde Park Dutchess
Jacob Lent 85 Jacob Lent Haverstraw Rockland
Olive Leonard 76 Isaac Hitchcock Berkshire Tioga
Noah Leonard 75 Noah Leonard Trenton Oneida
Solomon Leonard 81 Solomon Leonard Marion Wayne
Mary Leonard 79 F. B. Leonard Lansingburg Rensselaer
Robert Leonard 73 Robert Leonard City of NY, 13th ward

Jacob Leport 90 Jacob Leport Schenectady City--2d ward Schenectady
Mary Lepper 88 Jacob F. Lepper Amsterdam Montgomery
Simeon Leroy 85 Simeon Kelly Virgil Cortland Kelley
Guy Lester 79 Guy Lester Chatham Columbia
Nathan Lester 85 Elisha Curtis Austerlitz Columbia Curtiss
Esther Letlerts 86 Esther Letlerts Charlton Saratoga
James Lettis 86 Jacob Lettis Root Montgomery
Daniel Letts 78 Chester Letts Florence Oneida
John Letts 80 John Letts Shelby Orleans
Abigail Letz 78 Isaac Chase Monroe Orange
Noah Levings 76 John Downing Lockport Niagara
Jacob Levingston 53 Jacob Levingston Ulysses Tompkins Livingston
Justice Lewis 78 Justice Lewis Decatur Otsego
Martin Lewis 73 Martin Lewis Newstead Erie
Lemuel Lewis 79 William Lewis Johnstown Fulton
Morgan Lewis 85 Morgan Lewis Hyde Park Dutchess
Christopher Lewis 84 Oliver Lewis Newfane Niagara
Walt Lewis 85 Curtis Childs Pembroke Genessee
Reuben Lewis 86 Reuben Lewis Liberty Sullivan
Augustus Lewis 87 Augustus Lewis Petersburg Rensselaer
Mary Lezotte 80 Joseph Lezotte Chazy Clinton
George Lighthall 93 Giles R. Brown German Flats Herkimer
Moses Limon 78 Walter Chandler Orleans Jefferson
Stephen Lindsey 81 R. Waaliver Ellisburg Jefferson
Jacob Lints 90 Philips Lints Frankfort Herkimer
Samuel Liscum 78 Samuel Liscum New Windsor Orange
Solomon Livermore 78 Solomon Livermore Houndsfield Jefferson
Joseph Lobdell 79 E**elias Packett Fairfield Herkimer
Elisha Locke 79 Elisha Locke Sweden Monroe
Job Lockwood 84 Titus Dawson Danby Tompkins
Ebenezer Lockwood 80 Alfred Lockwood Mamakating Sullivan
Nathan Lockwood 81 Nathan Lockwood Cairo Green
John Loder 77 Henry Loder Broadalbin Fulton
Oliver Lommis 80 Willis Lommis Windham Green
John London 7* J**** L**** Middlefield Otsego
David Long 79 David Long Darien Genessee
Elijah Look 82 Elijah Look Stockton Chatauque*
James Look 86 Harrison Earl Kirkland Oneida Earle
Ezra Loomis 84 Alva Loomis Champlain Clinton
Samuel Loomis 78 Anson Loomis Florence Oneida
Elijah Loomis 79 Elijah Loomis Cicero Onondaga
Thomas Loomis 84 Charles Knapp New Berlin Chenango Knap
Epaphious Loomis 84 Joseph Langden Hannibal Oswego
Simon Loomis 82 Simon Loomis Groton Tompkins
Wm. Loundsberry 92 James Loundsberry Nelson Madison
Philip Loraway 82 Phipps Loraway Kingsbury Washington
William Lord 81 William Lord Readfield Oswego
Abraham Losey 73 Abraham Losey Cayuta~~ Chemung
John Lott 80
Florida Montgomery
Margaret Louk 80 Margaret Louk Lansingburg Rensselaer
Ebenezer Lounsbury 85 Ebenezer Lounsbury Thompson Sullivan
Thomas C. Love 50 Thomas C. Love Newstead Erie
Robert Love 85 Levi Love Hanover Chatauque*
Abner Lovejoy 79 Almond Lovejoy Conewango Cattaraugus
Lydia Low 72 Alvin C. Low Canton St. Lawrence Lowe
Jacob G. Low 81 Jacob G. Low De Witt Onondaga Lowe
Abraham Low 85 A. Low Ovid Seneca Lowe
Hannah Low 70 Hannah Low Neversink Sullivan Lowe
Abraham Lowe 82 James L. Lowe Guilderland Albany Low
Ivory Luce 82 Ivory Luce Shelden Genessee
Uriah Luce 77 Harry Kn*** Otsego Otsego
Enos Luddon 79 Enos Luddon Hinsdale Cattaraugus Ludden
John Luffman 90 Thomas Luffman Ghent Columbia
Cheney Luke 91 Samuel Luke Schuyler Herkimer
Samuel Luscombe 89 William Brown Pembroke Genessee
Peter Lutz 76 John Sharon Alexandria Jefferson
Mercy Lyans 74 Sidney Baldwin Nichols Tioga Lyons
Eleazer Lyman 74 Eleazer Lyman, Jr. Hampton Washington
Giles Lyman 75 Giles Lyman Mount Morris Livingston
Ezekiel Lyman 80
Le Ray Jefferson
David Lynes 76 Samuel Lynes Middleburgh Schoharie
John Lynn 88 John Lynn Clay Onondaga
Moses Lyon 78 Richard Lyon Masonville Delaware
Chloe Lyon 76 Eliphaz Lyon Nelson Madison
Mary Lyons 82 Isaac Lyons Marlborough Ulster Lyans

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