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SOURCE: 1840 Census of Pensioners Revolutionary or Military Services;
With the names, ages, and places of residence
Returned by the marshalls of the several judicial districts; under
The Act for Taking the Sixth Census

Typed and Reformatted By: Kathy Leigh, February 2, 2001

Town Notes:
    * Chatauque - should be Chatauqua
  ** Elery - should be Ellery
*** Villanovia - should be Villenova
    ~ Catherines - should be Catharine in Schuyler County
  ~~ Cayuta - should be in Schuyler County
    ^ Plattsburg - should be Plattsburgh
 [1] Ansable - should be Ausable
 [2] Corrict - unable to locate name; maybe Kortright
 [3] V - unable to read; maybe Victor
 [4] Conhocton - should be Cohocton
 [5] Two towns in the county of Otsego were illegible.

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Jason Eager 67 Jason Eager Ticonderoga Essex
James Eames 77 James Eames Lee Oneida Ames
Joseph Earl 83 Joseph Earl Florida Montgomery Earle
Cornelius Earle 81 Cornelius Earle New Lebanon Columbia Earl
Moses Earle 79 Moses Earle Durham Green Earl
John Earskin 88 John Earskin Richland Oswego
Asahel Eastman 76 Isaiah F. Eastman Pittstown Rensselaer
Joseph Eastman 81 Joseph S. Eastman Marshall Oneida
Anna Easton 69 Henry Easton Martinsburg Lewis
Benjamin Eaton 78 Jonathan Eaton Urbanna Steuben
Mary Eaton 87 David Eaton Portland Chatauque*
Cyrel Eaton 73 Cyrel Eaton Canandaigua Ontario
David Eaton 58 David Eaton Portland Chatauque*
Benjamin H. Eaton 77 Mary Brundage Newburg Orange
Peter Eaton 58 Peter Eaton Madrid St. Lawrence
Daniel Eccleston 85 Daniel Eccleston Preston Chenango Eckleston
George Ecker 79 George Ecker, Jr. Palatine Montgomery
Mary Eckerson 84 Abram Eckerson Clarkstown Rockland
Conrad Edder 78 Conrad Edder Frankfort Herkimer
Rhoda Eddy 89 Adolphus Eddy Lebanon Madison
Noah Eddy 80 William Eddy Hartwick Otsego
Thomas Eddy 50 Thomas Eddy Beekmantown Clinton
Reuben Eddy 86 Jesse J. Madison Campbell Steuben
Asa Eddy 74 Asa Eddy V*****[3] Ontario
Bryant Eddy 79 C. Boomer Ellisburg Jefferson
Gilbert Eddy 79 Gilbert Eddy Pittstown Rensselaer
Roger Edgarton 79 Roger Edgarton Coventry Chenango
Gilbert Edgecomb 78 G. Edgecomb West Half Cortland Cortland
Jacob C. Edick 77 Josiah Ackler Winfield Herkimer
George Edick 84 George Edick Manlius Onondaga
James Edmonds 79 James Edmonds Hartland Niagara
Eliphalet Edmonds 76 Eliphalet Edmonds Brighton Monroe
James Edmondson 80 James Edmondson Cornwall Orange
Seth Edson 79 S. Edson Colesville Broome
Benjamin Edson 81 Freeman Edson Otego Otsego
Daniel Edwards 83
Genesee Allegany
Oliver Edwards 83 Stephen Perry Lewis Essex
Joseph Efner 79 Joseph Efner, Jr. Middleburgh Schoharie
Peter Eggabroat 82 George Phillips Minden Montgomery Philips
Peter P. Egner 83 Henry Egner Cattskill Green
Peter H. Ehle 86 Peter H. Ehle Sullivan Madison
Catharine Ehle 88 John C. Young Sullivan Madison
Margaret Elder 76 Robert Elder Crawford Orange
Judah Eldred 86 Zenas Eldred Winfield Herkimer
Hulah Eldrege 74 Elisha Eldrege Groton Tompkins Eldredge Eldridge
John Elindorf 88 William Van Dusen Greenport Columbia
John Eller 77 John Eller Fallsburg Sullivan
Percy Elliot 79 Percy Elliot Conajoharie Montgomery Eliot
Gideon Elliot 77 Gideon Elliot Conajoharie Montgomery Eliot
Eleanor Elliott 82 William Elliott Scipio Cayuga Eliot
Asa Ellis 97 Daniel Ellis Westmoreland Oneida
Ezekiel Ellis 76 Ezekiel Ellis Chester Warren
John Ellis 69 John Ellis Niles Cayuga
Lyman Ellis 80 Lyman Ellis Ellisburg Jefferson
Jacob Ellise 82 Jacob Ellis Vernon Oneida
Francis H. Ellison 78 Francis H. Ellison City of Brooklyn-fifth ward Kings
John Ellsworth 89 John Ellsworth Milton Saratoga
Jon. Elmendorf 82 Jon. Elmendorf Olive Ulster
Joel Elmer 78 Joel Elmer Hume Allegany
John Elsworth 84 John Elsworth Bainbridge Chenango
Wells Ely 86 Irad Reeve Southold Suffolk
Andrew Ely 84 Andrew Ely Marlborough Ulster
Jabez Ely 85 Jabez Ely, Jr. Gainesville Genessee
Simeon Ely 78 Horace Ely Warren Herkimer
Wilhelmus Emerick 82 William H. Emerick Saugerties Ulster
Polly Emerson 77 Charles L. Emerson Otego Otsego
Stephen Emerson 88 Stephen Emerson Tioga Tioga
John Emmons 83 Amos Peterson Lodi Seneca
Catharine English 82 Ephraim Miller Ballston Saratoga
Sarah Enos 87 Alva Enos Russia Herkimer
Daniel Ensign 79 Daniel Ensign Canandaigua Ontario
Rhoda Ensign 85 Thomas Ford Verona Oneida
Otis Ensign, 1st 78 Otis Ensign, 1st Sheridan Chatauque*
Rachel Epner 82 Betsey Towls Jefferson Schoharie
James Ervin 87 John B. Ervin City of NY, 16th ward
John Erwin 59 John Erwin Madrid St. Lawrence Irwin
Jacob Esletyne 78 Jacob Esletyne Claverack Columbia
Nathan Estabrook 80 Joel Higley Potsdam St. Lawrence
Benjamin Esterbrooks 78 Benjamin Esterbrooks Middleburgh Schoharie
William Evans 8* ***** **ns Onondaga Onondaga
Samuel Evans 89 Silas S. Evans Fairfield Herkimer
Hannah Evans 78 Stephen Hill Arkwright Chatauque*
Asa Evans 87 William H. Baley New Lebanon Columbia Bailey; Bayley
Milla Evans 76 Tunis Moore Austerlitz Columbia
Daniel Everett 76 Daniel Everett Howard Steuben
Stephen Every 77 Stephen Every Manheim Herkimer Avery
Conrad Ten Eyck 83
Gainesville Genessee Ten Eyck

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